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Obama’s Deadly Ebola Failure: Gross Negligence Of A Federal President That Is Assigned By The States ‘To Quarantine Our Borders’ Are Being Abnegated.

Bird Flu Swine Flu Ebola

Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola, etc. etc.

Oct 15, 2014

RUSH: You probably have heard by now the second medical worker at the Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola. And, ladies and gentlemen, the newest Ebola patient flew Frontier Airlines the day before her diagnosis. Not Air Africa. Not Air Liberia not Air Nigeria. Not Air Sierra Leone, but Frontier Airlines.

“The second Dallas health care worker who contracted the Ebola virus was on a flight the day before her symptoms,”

According to the wizards at the Centers for Disease Control. It was Frontier Airlines, flight 1143, Cleveland to Dallas. The CDC is asking all 132 passengers who were on the flight to call the CDC phone number. Those 132 passengers will be monitored for symptoms and interviewed about the flight.

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Ebola One Big Fat Lie: Following The Fear Mongering Money Trail: Ebola Virus Was Patented By The Corrupt NWO Feds In 2009.

Bull Dike Janet Napolitano

Bull Dike Janet Napolitano ~ Mentally Compromised Are Vassals For The Banking Cabal. Click image for more.

In “WHO: 21,000 Ebola cases by November if no changes” (AP/USA Today), 9/22, there is this:

“CDC scientists…also predict that the two countries [Sierra Leone and Liberia] could have a staggering 550,000 to 1.4 million [Ebola] cases by late January.”

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CDC Violates Its Duty To The People ~ Big Pharma Vaccine Hoax Exposed: 30 Years Of Coverup To Abscond Money From The Public!


Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have:

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Nationwide Mass Revolt Accelerates Against Swine Flu Vaccination: Produces Narcolepsy!


Czechoslovakia Blocks H1N1 Vaccine From Entering The Country – Not Safe

The nationwide revolt against government plans to implement a mass swine flu vaccination program in the United Kingdom has picked up steam, with a poll revealing that a third of NHS nurses will refuse to take the shot.

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Usurper Obama Sends 34 Warships From US Harbors To India: Obama Was In Mexico For Swine Flu Outbreak ALSO! How Rue!

  1. Obama announced only 3 days.
  2. Time to mobilize 34 warships in vicinity.
  3. Show of force to China?
  4. Just to piss our money away?
  5. Scheduling of Nuke for America?
  6. To keep America dumbed down on ‘View’ mode?
  7. All of the above?

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Military Industrial Complex Prepares Mass Graves for U.S. Citizens – Arizona, Just South Of Nevada!

Part 1

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