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Media Mogul William Hearst’s Reefer Madness Propaganda: Medical Cannabis Becomes Law

Senate Bill 1035, a proposal to legalize cannabis extracts for medical purposes in South Carolina, has been signed into law by Governor Nikki Haley.sc Under the new law, those with epilepsy will be authorized to possess and use cannabis oil that’s low in THC (tertahydrocannabinol), and high in CBD (cannabidiol), given they receive a recommendation […]

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Cannabis The Most Medicinal Plant on the Planet: Nicknamed Marijuana!

More than a dozen U.S. states have now completely decriminalized the act of possessing marijuana and both Colorado and Washington have made it legal to possess, sell, transport and cultivate the plant. In a historic and significant moment in American history, last November, Colorado became the first US state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. […]

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Tennessee Nullifies Obama’s Marijuana Ban: You Bluff & I’ll Call.

NASHVILLE, April 16, 2014 – Today, the Tennessee state senate gave final approval to a bill which some supporters consider the strongest pro-hemp legislation in the country. After a 28-0 vote, the bill will now go to Gov. Bill Haslam’s desk for a signature. With the house having approved the bill by a vote of […]

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