Media Mogul William Hearst’s Reefer Madness Propaganda: Medical Cannabis Becomes Law

William Randolph Hearst Went to great lengths to slander Cannabis to protect the timber using Newspaper Industry from the competition of the superior cannabis plant.
William Randolph Hearst Went To Great Lengths To Slander Cannabis. Why? To Protect HIS Timber Using Newspaper Industry From The Competition Of The Superior Cannabis Plant.

Senate Bill 1035, a proposal to legalize cannabis extracts for medical purposes in South Carolina, has been signed into law by Governor Nikki
Under the new law, those with epilepsy will be authorized to possess and use cannabis oil that’s low in THC (tertahydrocannabinol), and high in CBD (cannabidiol), given they receive a recommendation from a licensed physician. The Medical University of South Carolina will distribute the medicine to patients.

Three Types Of Cannabis. Sativa is energy ~ Indica is sedation ~ Ruderalis is hemp.

Only applied heat causes cannabis into eliciting mild healing psychoactive properties of relaxation. If no heat is applied, a person can eat a whole cannabis plant without any psychoactive effects. In fact, juicing of the most medicinal plant in the world aka; ‘cannabis herb’ is extremely healthy!

Cannabis is just like any other herb in the world when talking about titration. That is the amount thereof to use. Small amounts feels like perhaps 2-3 aspirin, then if you take more the effects increase. Its all common sense, but Billionaire media mogul William Hearst has caused great damage to the most synergistic medically healing herb in the world. This propaganda is now being neutralized for the welfare of  mankind.

In addition to legalizing cannabidiol, the proposal will establish a clinical trial at the Medical University of South Carolina, which will study the effects of cannabidiol in controlling seizures.

The measure was passed unanimously by the Senate, and was approved 92 to 5 in the House.
With Senate Bill 1035 becoming law, South Carolina joins Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Iowa, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Kentucky as states that have legalized cannabidiol in 2014.


truth propaganda

The Top 10 Studies Of 2013 Proving The Medicinal Power Of Cannabis.

In the early days of our nation, the hemp plant (a.k.a. cannabis) proved a valuable resource for hundreds of years, instrumental in the making of fabric, paper and other necessities. This changed during the Industrial Revolution, which rendered tree-pulp papermaking and synthetic fibers more cost-effective through the rise of assembly line manufacturing methods.

A more efficient way of utilizing hemp was a bit slower in coming. It was not until the early 1930’s that a new technique for using hemp pulp for papermaking was developed by the Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with the patenting of the hemp decorticator (a machine that revolutionized the harvesting of hemp).

These innovations promised to reduce the cost of producing hemp-pulp paper to less than half the cost of tree-pulp paper.

OOOPs, there goes William Randolph Hearst’s Timber Profits!!

Why didn’t ole Billie Hearst just kick over to cannabis? Well we know Billie was into selling trees and newspapers made from trees ~ so he wanted things his way and the other guys needed to take the highway.

So his printing presses went into full gear barking out the reefer madness mantra ~ Cannabis Bad ~ Timber Good.


 How many things inside our trees if heated, would induce psychoactive effects either mild or strong? Would it be emotionally healing and or detrimental?

Point is, if ole Billie was a cannabis farmer and then ‘tree pulp’ came onto the scene competing for a share of the cannabis market place ~ could he have orchestrated a reefer madness from trees? Who knows? The point is, Cannabis has been used medicinally for 1,000s of years. The powerful HEALING psychoactive properties of the THC components has been negatively distorted to turn people away from cannabis by the man known as William Randolph Hearst in his battle to control the ‘pulp’ industry. Sadly, mankind has been in a state of prohibition because of another man’s greed.

Since hemp is an annually renewable & sustainable source, which requires minimal chemical treatment to process, the advent of hemp pulp paper would allegedly have been better for the environment than the sulfuric acid wood-pulping process.

Hemp had many champions, who predicted that its abundance and versatility would soon revitalize the American economy.


William Randolph Hearst
William Randolph Hearst


William Randolph Hearst, media mogul, billionaire and real-life model for Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, had different ideas.

The events of 1849 had many effects:
It created an elite whose wealth was based on mining that ruled San Francisco
It revolutionized the mining industry, with inventions such as the mineshaft
The mineshaft in turn affected cities:
At the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, the concept of the mineshaft was inverted and the skyscraper was born
Offices in skyscrapers take mining principles and apply them to human labour
In skyscrapers, instead of mining the earth, you mine people
It created William Randolph Hearst

Hearst was from a family whose wealth had come about from mining; he was a child of the ‘49ers
Hearst mines are responsible for large amounts of environmental devastation:

  1. 8 out of 10 “Superfund Sites” that are too expensive to clean up
  2. Many environmentally devastated mine in Latin America
  3. In addition to the deleterious effects of its mines, Hearst is also responsible for The Spanish-American War, a conflict “engineered by Hearst“
  4. The sinking of the U.S.S. Maine [the “False Flag Conspiracy Hypothesis”]
  5. The takeover of the Philippines
  6. The prohibition of cannabis was also engineered by Hearst
  7. Hearst owned many wood pulp-based paper mills
  8. The production of paper using hemp was cheaper and was a threat to his business
  9. Funded Adolph Hitler And Rothschild’s Second Attempt At His Totalitarian NWO ~ WWII.
Cannabis nicknamed by propagandists as marijuana.

His aggressive efforts to demonize cannabis were so effective, they continue to color popular opinion today.

  1. In the early 1930’s, Hearst owned a good deal of timber acreage; one might say that he had the monopoly on this market.
  2. The threatened advent of mass hemp production proved a considerable threat to his massive paper-mill holdings — he stood to lose many, many millions of dollars to the lowly hemp plant.
  3. Hearst cleverly utilized his immense national network of newspapers and magazines to spread wildly inaccurate and sensational stories of the evils of cannabis or “marihuana,” a phrase brought into the common parlance, in part due to frequent mentions in his publications.
  4. The sheer number of newspapers, tabloids, magazines and film reels that Hearst controlled enabled him to quickly and to effectively inundate American media with this propaganda.


DuPont’s Attorney -> Mellon -> Mellon’s nephew-in-law ->  Harry J. Anslinger, appointed to Commissioner of the newly created Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

All this ‘federal bureau of narcotics’  was made up to hyperventilating hysteria to protect Dupont & Hearst’s Timber investments.

So now we know where the real hidden terrorists come from ~ greed

This is called Stupid vs Critical Thinking ~ Cannabis was/is superior.

Cab Calloway – Video Song “Minnie The Moocher” [Girl Lured Into Drugs] High Quality
You May Remember Cab From “The Blues Brothers Movie #1 Fame”

When this video finishes playing, Click the small square boxes
at the very bottom of this player. & You can listen & watch more
“Reefer Videos” from him & other singers from his era.

Hearst preyed on existing prejudices by associating cannabis with Mexican workers who threatened to steal American jobs and African-Americans who had long been the subject of [orchestrated] white American venom.

An ironic side-note: much of this racism had already been perpetrated by the propaganda of Hearst, an unabashed racist. The American people had already developed irrational hatred for these racial groups, and so readily accepted the ridiculous stories of their crazed crimes incited by ]Hearst’s] marihuana use.

John McCain Went To Ukraine And Stood On Stage With A Man Being An E.U. Neo-Nazi.
John McCain Went To Ukraine And Stood On Stage With A Man Being An E.U. Neo-Nazi.

1934-41: UNITED STATES. War monger and media mogul William Randolph Hearst puts the massive propaganda weight of his media empire of nineteen newspapers plus magazines such as Reader’s Digest and his International News Service, behind Hitler and the Nazis, promoting a favorable view of Nazism in the U.S. Space in Hearst’s publications is made available to such worthies as Luftwaffe head Hermann Goering for op-ed pieces. Hearst is reported to have received as much as $400,000 a year for his role in promoting Nazism and Hitler in the U.S.

Arizona Censures McCain For Organized Crimes Of ‘Liberal’ Record: Corrupt Senators Attend Rothschild’s Mafia Davos!

Rothschild Gangsters

Hearst was not alone in his scheme to destroy hemp production.

The new techniques also made hemp a viable option for fabric and plastics, two areas of manufacturing which together with paper seriously threatened DuPont chemicals, which at this time specialized in the chemical manufacturing of synthetic fiber and plastics, and the process of pulping paper.

In fact, Hearst and Lammont DuPont had a multi-million dollar deal in the works for joint paper-making 

So these two moguls, together with DuPont’s banker, Andrew Mellon, bravely joined forces to stave off the bitter onrush of bankruptcy. They combined Hearst’s yellow journalism campaign (so called because the paper developed through his and DuPont’s methods aged prematurely) and the appointment of Mellon’s nephew-in-law, Harry J. Anslinger, to Commissioner of the newly created Federal Bureau of Narcotics in order to successfully stamp out the threat of hemp production.

Reefer Madness

Lincoln Temperance Prohibition

History Museum Of Marijuana Cannabis Propaganda.
80+ Years Of Reefer Madness Propaganda & Lies That Were Used.

Bromidea Is Cannabis Prescription For Inmate At The Oklahoma City April 5, 1924.
Bromidea Is Cannabis
Prescription For Inmates At Oklahoma City ~ April 5, 1924. Click For More Info.
  • Today in Oklahoma City, — if you’re caught with Medical Marihuana, they put you in the county jail.
  • But there was a time before The Marihuana Tax Act Of 1937, if you went to jail for whatever, there they gave you Medical Marihuana.


  1. All Original 1930’s-1950’s Reefer Madness Propaganda Radio Programs
  2. Watch Online Original 1920s thru 1970s Reefer Madness Propaganda Movies
  3. Documented Egyptian Writing About Medical Marijuana Dated From 1,550 Years BC.
Cannabis Most Medically Used Plant In The World.
Cannabis Most Medically Used Plant In The World.

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