91.5 Million Americans Not Working Who’s Unemployment Benefits Have Expired: This Number Is Not Allowed In Obama’s Unemployment Calculations Which Is Not Broadcasted For Public Knowledge!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released Octobers numbers for people not participating in the workforce at 91,541,000 people. This is an increase of 11 Million people since Obama took office who are not in the labor force. Obama was going to be laser-focused on creating jobs and prosperity. Where are those jobs?

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Criminal Aliens Stealing Identities Of U.S. Citizens: 8 Arrested For Identity Employment Theft!


Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his Criminal Employment Squad conducted their 59th employer sanction/identity theft raid by serving a search warrant at a west valley construction business yesterday morning.

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2012 Worst Year In U.S. History For Citizens Leaving The Work Force: Obama’s Magic Unemployment Numbers Manipulation!


When we look at broad measures of jobs and population, then the beginning of 2012 was one of the worst months in US history, with a total of 2.3 million people losing jobs or leaving the workforce in a single month.  Yet, the official unemployment rate showed a decline from 8.5% to 8.3% in January – and was such cheering news that it set off a stock rally.

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Obama’s Banker’s Policy Strategy Is To Put All Of America Into Jail: Barry Taught “Destroy Middle Class”!

If America Gave Up Their Rights To Decide For Themselves, Then Barry Will DO It For You!! Like Serving The Bankers!!

Remember 1776?

Barack Obamais desperate to make people believe that he really cares about “the middle class.” After four years, his actions speak louder than words. Some 85% of the middle class say they are worse off today than they were ten years ago. Continue reading

Wall Street Journal: The REAL Unemployment Rate Is Near 20%.

The unemployment rate is much, much higher and more than double the 8.1% we’re being told by the liars in the Obama regime and their media lapdogs. This Wall Street Journal op-ed by U.S. News And Business Report editor Mort Zuckerman says it’s nearing 20%!

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Kaiser Family Foundation: Obama’s Health Care Legacy Currently A $3,000 Premium Increase ~ Yet 23 Million People Remain Without Coverage!

The most important story in health care today involves the release of the Kaiser Family Foundation‘s annual survey of employer-sponsored health insurance premiums.  According to the survey, premiums rose by $56 per month, or $672 per year, for the average family health insurance plan — that’s an increase of more than 4 percent, more than twice the rate of inflation.

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Employment Report Undercuts Democrat Convention: Report Reveals Obama U.S. Economy In Double Dip Depression.

No Sign Of A Long Slow Recovery!

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SAVE THE BANKS ~ SPREAD THE DEBT: Labor Force Participation Plummets by 63.7% ~ Government Food Stamps Increases To 46.5 Million Citizens ~ But Unemployment is only 8.3%? ~ Here’s His Trick!


Collapse Coming–Not Recovery

  1. Why Angelina Jolie Needs To Go To Prison: Why McCain’s Council On Foreign Relations Use Hollywood.
  2. True Cost Of Debt Ceiling Alone By ‘Too Big To Fail Bailout’ ~ From $700 Billion TARP To $12.8 Trillion TARP.

Silver Update: Kavakoli ~ Expect Thousands Of Felony Indictments!

Earlier in February, President Barack Obama came to the podium to announce

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