United Nations: Giving Birth To World Slavery

U.N. Wants NWO Legalized Prostitution
U.N. Wants NWO Legalized Prostitution

Look at the nations that have populated the United Nations Human Rights Commission over the last five or six years. Libya. Iran. China. Venezuela. Zimbabwe.

The United Nations promotes terror. Look who has been appointed to serve on the Security Council: Nigeria! Ever been to Lagos? I have. Surrounded by a security cortege at all times because it is so dangerous, and kidnappings of foreigners are the rule rather than the exception. Not to mention the absolute absence of law and order in the Delta region of Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country that is famously corrupt and cannot police itself, and someone thought it would be a real good idea to include it on the Security Council?

Or Spain. What about Spain? How many Basque nationalists has the Spanish government murdered in cold blood? HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. (Hell, if the UN wants to characterize Palestinian terror as “nationalist aspirations,” then SURELY the Basque deserve similar treatment. Although I note for the record that the Basque people do not have a United Nations observer. And the Basque have never rejected an independent state; it just hasn’t been proffered. On the other hand, an independent Palestinian state has been offered to the various Palestinian terror organizations, and has been rejected no fewer than three times.

The United Nations a bad joke. I think Israel should simply withdraw unilaterally. That gaggle of terrorists, miscreants, and forked-tongue “diplomats” — who ignore some true tragedies that have been going on for decades — while focusing on Israel. They should be allowed to have their party without us. Any and all resolutions passed against Israel — and there have SO many, each more ludicrous than the last — thus become instantly null and void.

Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to the Congo.
Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to Chechnya.
Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to Indonesia.
Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to Dharfur.
Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to the Ivory Coast.
Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to Somalia.
Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to the genocide of the Kurdish people by Turkey.

Israel — and all other normal countries — would do well to distance themselves from the nest of vipers that calls itself the United Nations.

Sarah B , New York / Saviyon


Arab attrocities which they deliberately target Israeli civilians.
This is why Israel targets Arab killers who then hide among civilians.

No32A bus, mainly carrying Israeli schoolchildren, Patt junction, Jerusalem
19 dead, 70 injured

Sbarro Pizzeria, Jerusalem
15 dead, 130 injured

Snooker club, Rishon Letzion
15 dead, 55 injured

Student cafeteria, Hebrew University , Jerusalem
10 dead, 85 injured

Park Hotel Passover meal, Netanya
30 dead, 140 injured

Teenagers on pedestrian precinct, Jerusalem
11 dead, 180 injured

No2 bus carrying Jewish worshippers back from the Western wall
23 dead, 130 injured

Shopping precinct, central Jerusalem (triple suicide bombing)
23 dead, 150 injured

Moment café, Jerusalem
11 dead, 54 injured

Shopping centre, Netanya
5 dead, 100 injured

Matza restaurant, Haifa
15 killed, 40 injured

Dolphinarium discotheque, Tel Aviv
21 dead, 120 injured

Port facilities, Ashdod
10 dead, 16 injured

Petrol station, Ariel
3 dead, 20 injured

Beachfront bar, Tel-Aviv
3 dead, 60 injured

Hitchhiking post, Tzfirin
9 dead, 30 injured

Café Hillel, Jerusalem
7 dead, 50 injured

Suicide bombings of Israeli passenger buses

Number 11 bus, Haifa – 16 dead

Number 960 bus, Haifa – 11 dead

Number 361 bus, Meron – 9 dead

Number 4 bus, Tel-Aviv – 6 dead

Number 20 bus, Jerusalem – 11 dead

No 37 bus, Haifa – 17 dead

No 6 bus, Jerusalem – 7 dead

No 14A bus, Jerusalem – 17 dead

No 18 bus, Jerusalem – 49 dead (the same bus route attacked on successive weeks)

Two buses following each other in Beersheva – 16 dead
Ken Jurist (10.16.09)

United Nations

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