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Out Of This Second Temple That Was Destroyed 70 A.D. ~ The Only Remnant Is The Western Wailing Wall In Rothschild's State Israel ~ Never To Be rebuilt

Will Donald Trump Condemn The Barbaric Human Rights Violations By NWO State Of Israel In 2016?

In the month of December 2016 Staat van Beleg could list 726 human rights violations (and 186 reports/analyses). The highest number we could document so far since the start of Staat van Beleg in July 2015. Neocons & Neolibs Are In A Panic President-Elect Trump’s Battle Begins Against Planned Parenthood Donald Trump Demonstrated A NeoCon […]

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Zionist Netanyahu Freezes Catholic Bank Accounts In Israel: Resurrects Talmudic Christian Hatred.

Msgr. Marcuzzo speaks to AsiaNews about attacks on Church property by some municipalities. They want to impose a fictitious administrative tax. Accounts have even been blocked. “We are worried about the decline of the pilgrims in the Holy Land”. The prelate stresses that the local Christian community needs to feel supported. Lenten works of mercy […]

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Whats A Christian Zionist?

Catholic Online (www.catholic.org) JERUSALEM (Catholic Online) – Christian Zionism is a false and extreme theological and political philosophy that is has become a corrupting influence in the politics of Israel and the United States, said a Catholic patriarch and three other religious leaders here, urging Christians churches to break their silence. What is Zionism? Alex Jones […]

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Andrew Klavan – Barack Obama, Talking Crap II: Mainstream Media Glossary

more about “Andrew Klavan – Barack Obama, Talking…“, posted with vodpod “How To Behave During An Islamic Massacre”: Andrew Klavan’s “Sensitivity Training”

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Netanyahu Grants Construction In Jerusalem: Hillary Clinton Says Its ‘Disturbing’ ~ NWO Gangbusters Want Subversion Instead!

The Prime Minister’s Office on Monday issued a statement following Sunday’s demolition of the Shepherd Hotel in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, denying any connection to the event in a bid to curb global criticism. “Yesterday’s activities at the Shepherd Hotel were conducted by private people in accordance with Israeli law. The Israeli […]

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United Nations: Giving Birth To World Slavery

Look at the nations that have populated the United Nations Human Rights Commission over the last five or six years. Libya. Iran. China. Venezuela. Zimbabwe. The United Nations promotes terror. Look who has been appointed to serve on the Security Council: Nigeria! Ever been to Lagos? I have. Surrounded by a security cortege at all […]

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