Breitbart (ACORN Sting Video Producer) Unveils ‘Big Journalism’ to Combat Organized Crime’s Strangle Hold on USA Media => The ‘Democrat-Media Complex’


Battling the “Democrat-media complex” is hard work, but Andrew Breitbart shows no signs of letting up. He announced today in an interview with Mediaite that he will launch a new site entitled “Big Journalism” in January designed solely, in his blunt words, to “fight the mainstream media.”

Big Journalism will be the latest addition to the prominent network of Breitbart’s sites, which include aggregator, video site BreitbartTV, and center-right blogs Big Government and Big Hollywood. After Big Journalism, he told Mediaite, will come Big Education, Big Tolerance, Big Jerusalem, and Big Peace.

As for Big Journalism, Breitbart says he is determined to combat liberal media outlets “who have repeatedly, and under the guise of objectivity and political neutrality, promoted a blatantly left-of-center, pro-Democratic party agenda.”

[Big Journalism editor Michael] Walsh and Breitbart share a similar distaste for the day-to-day work of “institutional journalists.” In an interview, the new editor of Big Journalism boiled down the mission of the site thusly: “Our goal at Big Journalism is to hold the mainstream media’s feet to the fire.  There are a lot of stories that they simply don’t cover, either because it doesn’t fit their world view, or because they’re literally innocent of any knowledge that the story even exists, or because they are a dying organization, short-staffed, and thus can’t cover stuff like they did before.”

“Big Journalism will be the go-to site for solidly backed-up stories, sharp points of view, and really great writing,” he said. “We are defenders of the First Amendment and resolute enemies of political correctness. That’s the key to the site’s philosophy.”

Breitbart feels that “if these traditional media outlets can’t be shamed into telling the truth, diverted for doing the wrong story, for simply running defense for one party, and mocked away from creating journalistic rules that only hold those on the right accountable, then it puts us in a position to do more than we’ve done in the past with talk radio and web aggregation. The market is wide open to go on the offensive, to tell truths that aren’t being told. The center-right alternative media has been playing a passable prevent defense, constantly saying ‘that’s not right’ for consistently biased reporting. Now we aim to offer more aggressive journalism and to give the mainstream media a little dose of its own medicine.”

Breitbart hopes to channel the tremendous success he has enjoyed this year after producing the ACORN sting videos that exposed the community organizing group’s occasionally criminal doings. In doing so he has gained fame on the right, notoriety on the left, and scorn from many journalists who consider his guerrilla journalism tactics unethical.

But Breitbart is on a mission, and is determined to demonstrate to the nation that there are still watchdogs out there, they just may not operate from newsrooms or television studios.

“Our audience is comprised of normal, mainstream people: blue-collar workers, actors, students — black, white, straight, Jewish, Hispanic,” Breitbart told Mediaite. “They are at wit’s end and want to go to war with the Democratic-media complex.”

By Lachlan Markay (BioArchive)


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