Obama Will Face An Inescapable Eligibility Crux.

The concern over President Obamas eligibility to be president under the U.S. Constitutions demand that the office be occupied by a “natural born” citizen is spreading, with additional writers conceding questions remain about the dispute.

President Obama

“Yes, there were ambiguities about Obamas birth certificate that have never been satisfactorily resolved. And the embargo on Obamas educational records remains troubling,” wrote Camille Paglia, a progressive author and columnist at Salon.com.

Her commentary addresses Obamas “painful missteps,” and she addressed charges that Obama has suffered from poor advice.

“The buck stops with the top executive. But we all know how little executive experience Barack Obama has had. He was elected for his vision and his steady, deliberative character, not his résumé. For better or worse, Obama is learning as he goes – and surely most fair-minded people would grant him reasonable leeway as he grows into the presidency, one of the hardest jobs in the world,” she wrote.

“At a certain point, however, Obama will face an inescapable administrative crux. Arriving at the White House, he understandably stayed in his comfort zone by bringing old friends and allies with him …. But these comrades may not have the practical skills or broad perspective to help Obama govern,” wrote Paglia.

Citing “one needless gaffe after another,” including the “embarrassing incident” in which Obama bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, she wrote about the “ambiguities” about his birth certificate and the “troubling” status of Obamas concealed educational records.

“Obama will need to cut the umbilical to his hometown posse, whose inefficiency and poor decision-making took the shine off his honeymoon and brought the dispirited Republicans back from the dead,” she advised.


Previous Salon articles addressing Obamas eligibility largely were penned by Alex Koppelman, who heaped scorn on the plaintiffs and lawyers involved in dozens of cases across the nation seeking verification of Obamas eligibility.

“You might think these rumors would have died off after Obama produced proof in June that he was, in fact, born in Hawaii to an American citizen, his mother, Ann, or after Hawaii state officials confirmed in October that he was born there. You might think the rumors would have died off after he was elected by a comfortable margin. Instead, theyve intensified,” he wrote.

Talk radio host and Newsmax columnist Barry Farber has questioned whether Obama is hiding his birth certificate.

Polish News Reporting On Obama’s eligibility.

via Doubt about Obama eligibility spreads.

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