Moral Corruption Of U.S. Military

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NWO~ In Front Of Our Flag And Children.

Apologetics in the Age of the Seven-Second Attention Span



Sec. Gates and Adm. Mullen should be fired by the American people for abetting Obama’s radical plan

TAKE ACTION: Call your U.S. Representative and Senators [House: 202-225-3121; Senate: 202-224-3121;] and urge them NOT to allow President Obama or Defense Secretary Gates to unilaterally stop enforcing the existing law banning homosexuals in the military.

Urge your Congressman and Senators to OPPOSE HR 1283, a bill that would implement a pro-homosexual “nondiscrimination” policy in our Armed Forces, thus eviscerating the current law banning homosexuals.

For the best information on the dangers of homosexualizing the U.S. military, go to the:

At a time of recession and a potentially long-lasting jobs crisis, a two-front war and an ongoing national security threat from Islamic radicals who would just love to see a planeload of Americans be bombed into smithereens, I doubt that a top priority in the minds of most Americans is to promote open homosexuality in our military.

And yet that is the course that President Barack Obama — and apparently some of his sycophantic military advisers — have chosen.

WithDefense Secretary Robert Gates‘ pledge today to draw up plans to implement President Obama’s goal of homosexualizing our military — and to remove a key means of identifying violating homosexual servicemembers — America now faces the spectacle of another grinding (and unnecessary) Left-driven policy debate.

The problem for Obama — and Gates — and every liberal that celebrates the prospect of sexual perversion gaining a stronger foothold in the Armed Forces of the greatest nation on earth– is that the American people have a say in stopping this latest “gay” capitulation.

Make no mistake: the downsides of effectively putting a “Welcome” sign up for open homosexuals at every military recruitment center have hardly been contemplated. Allowing/encouraging homosexuals in the military would:

  • devastate morale in our Armed Forces;
  • lead to a drop in enlistment and retention of good soldiers;
  • discourage moral-minded and religious men and women of high character from seeking military service;
  • violate the privacy concerns of sexually normal servicemembers: will new “Gays-Only” showers be constructed at U.S. bases the world over — or will there just be special showering hours for men-who-are-sexually-attracted-to-other-men and lesbian-practicing women? And what about the bisexuals? (“Transgenders” have been left off the list for now — as even giddy pro-homosexual activists realize that is going too far at this time.);
  • subject hundreds of thousands of small-town, traditionally-minded recruits to Orwellian, government-run brainwashing “diversity” propaganda training, as the military becomes officially part of modern man’s effort to erase God’s law and wisdom on this issue. Such pro-homosexuality “diversity” training dulls the mind and corrupts the spirit — two results that surely will not find their way onto retooled U.S. military recruitment brochures;
  • further alienate the United States of America from the Muslim world; believe it or not, Mr. Obama, but the celebration of homosexuality that is all too common between our shores is nothing to brag about.

This radical, anti-military, left-wing policy adventure must be stopped in its tracks by the American people standing up and shouting a collective “NO!” to the Democratic/Obama plan to homosexualize the military. 

If Secretary Gates (who also served as President George W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense) were truly a man of courage and principle, he would offer to resign rather than consent to be the designer and manager of a sexual experimentation plan that will damage our troops’ effectiveness, cohesion and morale.

Instead, he adopts “gay rights” euphemisms (see below) and becomes complicit in theescalating degradation of the homosexual exclusion law under his new boss Obama.

To add insult to injury, Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, his announced support for the homosexualization of the Armed Forces in the name of “integrity.”

No, Admiral Mullen, there is no integrity — and no honor — in advancing immorality and destructive sexual agendas in our Armed Forces.

The Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force exist to defend our nation and win wars — not to propel politically correctness agendas like the obnoxious crusade to turn homosexuality (changeable, immoral and unhealthy misbehavior) into a “civil right.”

TAKE ACTION: Call your U.S. Representative and Senators [House: 202-225-3121; Senate: 202-224-3121;] and urge them NOT to allow President Obama or Defense Secretary Gates to unilaterally stop enforcing the existing law banning homosexuals in the military.

Oppose HR 1283 — the “Homosexualize Our Military” bill otherwise called the “Military Readiness Enhancement Act.”

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