Remember P51 Pilot And Vietnam Ace Pilot ‘Duke’ Cunningham? Was He Given A Chance For Payback? : Remember Geithner, Clinton, & Daschle?

“The truth is I broke the law, concealed my conduct and disgraced my office,” he told reporters, his voice strained with emotion. “I know I will forfeit my reputation, my worldly possessions — most importantly the trust of my friends and family.” (Watch: ‘Now I know great shame’ — 2:16)


adjusting to life at North Carolina


Asked by U.S. District Judge Larry Burns if he had accepted cash and gifts and then tried to influence the Defense Department on behalf of the donors, Cunningham said, “Yes, your honor.”

Cunningham’s plea agreement with federal prosecutors stemmed from an investigation of the 2003 sale of his California home to a defense contractor for an inflated price.

Under the agreement, Cunningham acknowledged a conspiracy to commit bribery, mail and wire fraud and tax evasion. He also pleaded guilty to a separate tax evasion violation for failing to disclose income in 2004.


Tim Geithner

In 2006 the Internal Revenue Service discovered that Geithner had not paid he had failed to pay taxes in 2003 and 2004 because he had incorrectly believed they were deducted at source by the IMF, where he had moved after serving the treasury in the Clinton administration. He duly paid about $17,230 in back taxes and interest.

After he was selected to lead the treasury in November, it was discovered as part of his vetting that he owed a further $25,970 for 2001 and 2002 as well. That was the point Obama should have dropped Geithner, instead he has championed him as the only man fit for this major job in dire times.


Impeachment Of Billy C.

According to the current edition of the New Yorker, magazine, Beverly Hills billionaire Haim Saban donated $7 million to the Democratic National Committee for its new headquarters shortly after former president Bill Clinton personally lobbied the president of Brazil to approve a private business deal that netted Saban $1.5 billion in capital gains.

Starr delivered a report to Congress on September 9, 1998, citing eleven possible impeachable offenses arising from efforts by Clinton personally or through his associates to cover up his indiscretions with Lewinsky or sidetrack the investigation. They involved perjury, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power. On December 19, the House of Representatives, voting largely along party lines, impeached Clinton on two articles—perjury before the grand jury and obstruction of justice—by votes of 228 to 206 and 221 to 212. Republican House members, including Representative Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, prosecuted the impeachment articles before the Senate early in 1999. On February 12, after hearing a dramatic closing argument for Clinton by former Arkansas senator Dale Bumpers, the Senate rejected the perjury article 45–55 and the obstruction of justice article 50–50; both needed a two-thirds majority, or sixty-seven votes. Clinton subsequently admitted giving false testimony in the proceedings and surrendered his license to practice law in Arkansas.

The active investigation ended in 2001, but the independent counsel office did not close until May 2004. The Whitewater investigation cost more than $70 million.

Whitewater widened the partisan divide and hardened American political discourse. In Arkansas, it destroyed the career of a promising young politician, Jim Guy Tucker; catapulted a young Republican, Mike Huckabee, into national prominence; and dramatically altered the lives of scores of men and women who were friends and associates of the Clintons, mere acquaintances of the couple, and a few strangers who were swept up in the investigations.


Tom Daschle

WASHINGTON — Congressional Democrats moved Monday to shore up Tom Daschle’s nomination to become President Obama’s secretary of Health and Human Services as the former senator apologized publicly for not paying more than $128,000 in income taxes.


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