Los Angeles Communist City Council, Put Onto Hot Seat By L.A. Citizenry! 93.4% Of L.A. Citizenry Agree With Arizona!

The cactus in the photo at right planted along the Arizona border with California gives a pretty good indication of the reaction of that state to the boycott directed at them by the Los Angeles city council over the new immigration law. However, what is the opinion of folks in California? If a Los Angeles Times poll showed overwhelming support for the boycott, do you not think this would be front page news? Well, the results were overwhelming…97.6% of the respondents to this L.A. Times poll were opposed to the boycott of Arizona. The poll question: “Was the L.A. City Council right to pass a boycott of Arizona?” Here are the results:

Yes. Arizona needs to feel the consequences of enacting a bad law. 2.1% (378 votes)

Yes, though the boycott should be more of a symbolic gesture than an official measure. 0.4% (64 votes)

No, but only because doing so is probably illegal and not in L.A.’s interest. 4.2% (771 votes)

No. The city should mind its own business. 93.4% (17,030 votes)

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