91 Percent Of American Conservatives Oppose John McCain

by James Buchanan

The Tea Party is the most active, well-informed part of the Republican Party. Some people tried to dismiss them as a “lunatic fringe” of the GOP, but they drove Arlen Specter out of the Republican Party. They got Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul a victory in the Republican primary for US Senator in Kentucky and the Tea Party candidate Raul Labrador won an upset victory in a Congressional race in Idaho against a “system” candidate with a lot more money.

The Tea Party is starting to look like it reflects the mainstream of the Republican Party, not the fringe and a new poll shows that 91 percent of Tea Party members oppose John McCain.

There’s a large overlap between the Tea Party and the anti-immigration movement, which of course just scored a gigantic victory in Arizona. Opinion polls in Arizona show 71 percent of the people support SB 1070, the new immigration law.

John McCain is attempting to change his colors like a chameleon caught in front of a plaid background. The same John McCain who co-sponsored the 2007 McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill is suddenly claiming that he fully supports the new Arizona law to crack down on illegal immigration.

It’s hard to believe that anyone with more than a room temperature IQ would trust McCain on the immigration issue. The 2010 primary is giving patriotic Americans a great opportunity to finally get rid of the Amnesty Traitor, John McCain. We finally get to pay him back for his 2007 Amnesty Bill.

The one big advantage McCain has over Hayworth is money. McCain is outspending Hayworth by six to one. Despite this advantage, McCain was only leading Hayworth by five percent in mid-April. The primary election will be on August 24th, giving Hayworth and the Tea Party a great deal of time to remind everyone about how John McCain teamed up with Ted Kennedy to try to give Amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens.

While we can’t all vote for J.D. Hayworth, his website can be found here and we can donate money to his campaign.

Dr. David Duke

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