73% Of Americans Agree : Obama Should Shut His Mouth And Plug The Hole In The Gulf If He Wants To Keep His Job!


I do not want to see you on TV anymore. I do not want you to keep telling me “make no mistake”. I did not make a mistake, I did not vote for you.

Stop talking and start acting. The few workers in charge of cleaning up the Gulf are not trained in anything at all, when they are stepping on pelican nests, etc. You are the commander in chief, so start acting like you are supposed to act.

Stockton , CA

It has been six weeks since the explosion; the only things Obama has to offer is words and “boots on BP’s throat”. He needs to put the best minds of the best engineers and scientists in the world to resolve the problem. American people do not need the blaming games; it is enough of stupidity already.

For some reasons, Obama wants to be in partnership with the terrorists, but he cannot be in partnership with the free world to resolve a potential biggest human catastrophe. He should resign if he cannot handle one problem. His science czar said that American domination in science should not be forever, but we are still dominating, so use it!

Why did we put an idiotic community organizer in the White House?


NOBODY asked Obama to stop the leak!

BUT… contain the oil so it doesn’t destroy the marshland and hit the beaches OR destroy the sea-life!!!

The Danes offered skimmers ON DAY 3 to help contain the spill… and the “Union Tool” Obama said “no thanks”… WHAT!?!??!?

Jindal wanted to build berms to soak up the oil BEFORE it destroyed the marshlands… Obama said WE’LL THINK ABOUT IT (for WEEKS while the oil approached the shores)!!!

And for those of you talking about a comparison with Katrina, think about this…
The difference between Obama now and Bush during Katrina is simple:

Bush was pleading with the INCOMPETENT Gov. Blanco and INCOMPETENT Mayor Nagin to let the Fed move in and take over as they dilly-dallied in the beginning of the crisis. Bush HAD to invoking the Insurrection Act because he couldn’t wait for the “moronic duo” to officially request National Guard for N.O.

NOW: Gov. Jindal has been begging Obama to let him build berms to soak up the oil BEFORE they destroy the marshland… and Obama dilly-dallies and plays Golf, goes on vacation, date night, goes hiking, concerts, parties and get’s basketball jerseys at the WH.

PS: For those who are still obsessed that Katrina was Bush’s fault, ask yourself ONE question:
If Mayor Nagin had evacuated EVERYONE as he was told to do by Max Mayfield, Director of the National Hurricane Center, HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD HAVE DIED?

I’ll answer for you: ZERO!!!!!

Cleophis FlyJuice

The president may say he’s “furious” about the spill, but he sure doesn’t show it—and he’s managed to hang out with Paul McCartney and Kelly Clarkson in the meantime.

Meghan McCain

Americans are angry at BP for their risky actions that caused the oil spill period. We were just as angry at the banks a few months ago.

I find it hypocritical that anger towards a company for such a large disaster is generalized into claims of xenophobic Americans. Isn’t generalizing what xenophobes do?

The UK itself is fairly mentioned in reference to the fact that the dispersant being used in the gulf is banned in the UK.

A Hilton

Not a socialist? Puh-leeze! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it ain’t a chicken.

Clyde S

The President, time after time again, tried to become Barack Obama the beloved candidate. He talked about future policy and said that we need a long-term Gulf restoration plan “ASAP.” No — we don’t need a long-term plan ASAP, we need to clean up the spill ASAP. Once again, this President is not governing, he is campaigning.

Russ Ferguson

Barack Obama has received more money from BP than any other candidate in the last twenty years, but yet he has gone on record as saying that the cozy relationship between the federal government and the oil industry had to end, apparently he was not talking about himself when he made that statement. Again with the doublespeak from this man.

I think that it is time he looked into the mirror for once. Barack Obama’s reaction to this crisis was slow at best– and remains woefully inept– and we are left to wonder if this is because of all the money he has accepted from BP in the past.

Steve Dennis

Under the law, the President was required to ask BP if they had the resources and capability to stop the leak and clean up the spill.

If they said no, then the President had a duty to federalize the cleanup effort, which means he calls all of the oil companies and all of the states all of the the federal agencies and obtains all of the resources that he needs.

This never happened

Adirondack Patriot

I wonder if those who are still swilling the kool aid realize that when BP gets penalized or wants to recoup their loses, it will be the American people who loose with higher gas prices, and higher consumer good prices.


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