British Operative Obama : Breaking The 10th Commandment – Thou Shalt Not Covet!

Thous Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s House….” But the Greek pagan moralist writer Aesop had Obama’s character pegged in his Dog in the Manger fable 2,500 years ago.

Why be a dog in the manger? One who prevents others from enjoying what one has, but has no use of it themselves

If you run a campaign on the argument you are an unprecedented natural-born leader, despite utter inexperience—can you afford to let anyone else outshine you? The notion that an exemplar, par excellence, will fall full-born, like Athena from the head of Zeus is appealing. This concept is seductive probably for the same reason Jesus has unmitigated attraction to this day: A young man who has never sinned arises to lead His people to the promised land of enlightenment and salvation.

Question: Could Barry O still be savior of the world? The project of turning Barack Obama into a Jesus-like Messiah presents an impassable gulf. First, Jesus was an ultra-pure idealist teaching His followers they should so closely follow His Father’s Word that earth would be turned into God’s Kingdom. But Obama merely riffs upon vague, pleasant-sounding generalities, “hope,” “change,” et al, while using these empty phrases as an excuse to launch innumerable elaborate Chicago-styled scams. Second, Jesus spent an apparent 3 decades studying the Tanakh, aka Old Testament, and quite probably memorized the whole, based upon His peerless knowledge and ability to improvise off the cuff. Yet, Barack seems relatively untutored in any subject, but especially biblical traditions. Third, Obama seems positively Pharisaical, being a holier-than-thou, smug, sanctimonious, hypocritical finger pointer who positively scoffs at unenlightened non-liberals. Ironically, these were exactly the types Christ most harshly condemned. And it was the Pharisees who finally had him eliminated because His purity was a constant remonstrance against their greed, arrogance and corruption.

In fact, the ancient personality Barack most resembles is not Jesus, but the Dog in the Manger—a fable by the Greek Aesop. It is the story of moral failure born by incompetence and jealousy. The fable is as follows:

A Dog looking out for its afternoon nap jumped into the Manger of an Ox and lay there cozily upon the straw. But soon the Ox, returning from its afternoon work, came up to the Manger and wanted to eat some of the straw. The Dog in a rage, being awakened from its slumber, stood up and barked at the Ox, and whenever it came near attempted to bite it. At last the Ox had to give up the hope of getting at the straw, and went away muttering:

Ah, people often grudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves

A Dog in the Manger Presidency

Obama transparently fails as a leader in several remarkable ways. First, he lacks leadership ability by any traditional criteria. Second, the leadership that he has imparted has roundly failed by objective consensus. Third, he attacks the genuine acts of leadership by others as if they were a krypton stake ready to be plunged into his abdomen. Obama has the crafty and evasive character of a natural-born fraud. The fake is always the enemy of the real, and will battle to destroy the actual—regardless of the costs to others.

Attacks Upon True Leadership:

An instance of Dog in the Manger assault occurred when the US Coast Guard stopped Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal from running barges with water vacuums sucking up oil. This was another in a list of shutdowns Obama threw at Jindal. He also stopped him from erecting barrier islands to sop up the oil, which supposedly must be vetted for “environmental impact.” (analogy: testing a hangman’s noose to make sure it doesn’t cause excessive rope-burn). Here is a classic example of Barack “Manger Dog” Obama stymieing a real leader from doing something proactive, clever and effective to help his state.

Other examples include Barack refusing aid from thirteen European nations within days after the Gulf oil leak. For instance, the Dutch offered four skimmers that could have taken 20,000 gallons of oil out of the water a day. And the British offered chemical oil dispersant, which Obama refused on the spot. The UK Times reported on this: “Top officials in the British Cabinet offered assistance to help clean up the oil spill a few days after the explosion. The Obama Administration turned them down becausethey did not have the correct paperwork.” These types of reports sicken the spirit and make clear that Obama not only refused to lead, but even blockaded the help from others.

Obama has an inability to accept any help that would make him look weak, derivative, or not the source of all earthly good. What possible reason could Barack have for refusing assistance other than personal vanity or the aggrandizement of power?

In fact, Foreign Policy magazine had this to say about the foreign offers to help the US:

Late Wednesday evening, the State Department emailed reporters identifying the 13 entities that had offered the U.S. oil spill assistance. They were the governments of Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United Nations.

“These offers include experts in various aspects of oil spill impacts, research and technical expertise, booms, chemical oil dispersants, oil pumps, skimmers, and wildlife treatment,” the email read.

“While there is no need right now that the U.S. cannot meet, the U.S. Coast Guard is assessing these offers of assistance to see if there will be something which we will need in the near future.”

Failed Leadership Instances

There are several different species of failed leadership. One type is to direct followers into an undertaking that is ill-advised or doomed. The second type is leadership that seems to bring the followers into a successful course but which later collapses. An obvious example is when Obama smugly gave fellow Democrat candidates his blessing and campaigned for them, only to watch them fail in their races, as happened to Jon Corzine, Creigh Deeds, and Martha Coakley.

On a deeper level, one can argue that all of Obama’s completed tasks are failures on a timed-release schedule. For example, his near-trillion-dollar Stimulus bill is already reckoned an utter failure for what it was designed to do—creating quality, longterm jobs. And as these funds go down the toilet with all the interest payments as well, so do many wonderful options which this massive amount of cash could have been spent upon. For a trillion dollars, we could have funded: half the Obamacare costs for a decade; a national high-speed rail; wind farms across America; a slashing of income tax for a year to reboot the economy; a rebuilt NASA; etc etc etc

Obamacare will be an open ulcerated sore on the American economy for all its years until it is (hopefully) repealed. Studies have already come out revealing half US employees will shortly be on Obamacare, that the costs will be much higher than the WH advertised, and that the negative unintended consequences will be massive. Likewise, Obama’s unnerving habit of proposing spending to answer all problems—even the growing deficit, is producing toxic fruit, to say the least.

In foreign policy, Obama’s instinctual and frankly bizarre habit of bowing to alien potentates, apologizing to despots, and giving aid and comfort to enemies while punishing our allies enrages US patriots. In general, the combination of Obama’s trite rhetoric in concert with a toothless response to bad players has opened the floodgates on evil deeds. But imagine how our situation might be different today, for example, if Obama had merely supported the Iranian election uprising, instead of pretending this spontaneous mass demand for real democracy was lawlessness. We might not be trying to sanction Iran for their nuclear weapons program today! Talk about feckless.

Here is the UK Telegraph’s Nile Gardener’s list of Obama’s Top Ten Foreign Policy Blunders:

  1. Surrendering to Russia over Missile Defence;
  2. Appeasing the Mullahs of Iran;
  3. Ending the War on Terror;
  4. Announcing a Surge while Declaring an Exit;
  5. Apologising to France for America‚Äôs “Arrogance”;
  6. Giving DVDs to the British Prime Minister;
  7. Siding with Marxists in Honduras;
  8. Bowing to Emperors and Kings;
  9. Embracing Genocidal Killers in Sudan;
  10. Throwing Churchill out of The White House.

An Incipient Failure of Leadership Ability

If one is a socialist or Marxist, who then are your role models? Much like a photo-negative of normally successful people, Marxism dotes upon failures, ne’er-do-wells and hopeless rebels. Such misfits are heroes, and such people collapse when placed upon the greatest pinnacles of success, like a presidency. It should surprise no one the socialist idea of leadership is merely contained to speechifying and making insulting and critical comments about those whom the tyrant despises.

Lenin’s absurd statement: “Any cook should be able to run the country,” shows the utter contempt that Marxists have for the nuances of democracy and capitalism. Does Obama share this absurdly condescending opinion of Western leadership? The shattering lack of real world knowledge, training, or responsibility for the consequences of decisions the “leader” makes is a recurring theme in communist dictators who believed they will recreate humanity itself upon their own image.

Why Did Obama Turn Down Gulf Oil Spill Help?

Why did Obama turn down help from those offering it who had the most experience with oil catastrophes, especially when he and his team have none? Further, why does he block those leaders, such as Governor Jindal who are making sound decisions to lessen the impact of the crisis on their states? Really, only two reasons make any sense: Either Obama is completely intimidated and angered by real leaders making good choices on his watch, while he himself fearfully sits on his hands. Or, he is trying to magnify the impact of the disaster to meet his own goals of aggrandizing power, as regards stopping more oil exploration or passing Global Warming and Cap’n Trade initiatives. Also, it has been reported that Obama simply would not harm the unions by breaking the Jones Act, regardless of the costs to American wetlands, fishing fleets, and tourist resorts. Or as Rahm Emanuel says, … “never let a crisis go to waste.”


The premise principally remains the same. Hanks plays a sneaky academic who rents a room from an elderly woman (Hall) who never suspects that her new tenant’s associates – fellow members of a make-believe musical ensemble – are instead using her quiet domestic safe haven as HQ for a heist. Of course she’s ready to thwart whatever they’ve got going anyway.

In terms of a natural ability to inspire and direct—could Barack Obama even lead Mama Cass to a Burger King? Obama is reminiscent of the lead character in the movie The Ladykillers—the pretentious Prof. Goldthwait Higgins Dorr, PhD., played by Tom Hanks. The Professor assembles a group of criminal misfits to rob a riverboat casino, but fails spectacularly. Here, Obama is the pompous professor full of ridiculous verbosity, while the criminal gang boasts David Axelgrease, Rahm “Beau” Emanuel, and other dishonest buffoons. At least in the movie, each gets the comeuppance he richly deserves.

Has Obama permanently lost his mojo over his misplayed response to the Gulf oil spill? Has the Theater of the Absurd now cast him as a full-fledged, emasculated castrati, doomed to warble his last few year’s speeches in a permanently high-pitched voice, like a Flaccido Domingo? In any event, fate or something approximating it, has conspired to unveil the full-bloomed imbecility of the former Messiah’s White House. His political suicide impulse seems to have kicked into overdrive, and we can only hope he will leave willingly, and without a peep when his first term thankfully comes to a whimpering conclusion.

By Kelly O’Connell

Canada Free Press

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