British Petroleum And Obama Ponzi Scheme!

First of all, let’s define a “Ponzi” scheme. The term itself originated from the escapades of a master swindler by the name of Charles Ponzi, an Italian Mafioso who began luring investors by promising large financial returns based on bogus international “postal credits” during the “roaring 20’s”.

Ponzi quickly became a multi-millionaire, living a lavish lifestyle on other people’s funds. He was a master at “robbing Peter to pay Paul” – basing his entire “pyramid” on non-existent international “credits” that he alone invented and accounted for.

To be completely successful, a modern “Beyond-Ponzi Scheme” must have the following components: 1. A Smooth-talking salesman who appears totally credible in every way. 2. Complete control over the “credits” that is the basis for the scam 3. Authoritarian figures placed in government (i.e. police and regulators) that have been bribed to never investigate, nor ever to prosecute the swindlers, and 4. Total control over all INFORMATION and PROPAGANDA released to the media.


Friends, nothing better fits the description of a “Ponzi Scheme” than the so-called “Cap and Trade” program.  It is based on a lot of questionable and cooked data about anthropogenic climate change, which was exposed last Fall.

It’s not that humans don’t have an impact on the environment or shouldn’t take care to live sustainably, for obviously they do and should.  But much of this science has become politicized, twisted and exaggerated in order to give impetus to garnering adequate support for such drastic measures.

“Cap and Trade” legislation, (most notably the Waxman-Markey bill, H.R. 2454 which passed the U.S. House last year) is very close to becoming LAW! All that appears to be needed for clearing the Senate is a final, camel-breaking straw in the form of a massive ecological disaster to convince gullible Americans that such an extreme measure as cap and trade is necessary to speed our recovery from our oil addiction — a false solution to a true problem.


The architects of “cap and trade” include Mr. Ken Lay, ENRON CEO, and “Lord” John Browne, the “Baron Browne of Madingley“; the CEO of British Petroleum (who was forced out of BP in 2007 following a scandal over committing perjury in testimony concerning his young homosexual partner/lover Chevalier.) In August, 1997, Lay and Browne met with President Bill Clinton and VP Al Gore in the Oval Office – and therein conspired and developed “official U.S. administration positions” for the Kyoto Japan “summit”. Of course, the Kyoto summit resulted in an international treaty to “regulate greenhouse gas emissions” by means of “carbon credits” issued by Browne, Lay, and Goldman Sachs!! The U.S. Senate voted 95-0 NOT to ratify the Kyoto Treaty in 1997, but the cap and trade proponents have persisted..

Remember what Charles Ponzi did back in 1920? He created a false “postal credit” system that he “sold” to investors. (Taking money from Peter, to pay a portion out to Paul.) So-called “carbon credits” issued by Browne, Lay, and promoted by lackeys such as Al (inventor of the internet) Gore are no different.

Here’s basically how BP, Obama, and Gore’s “Cap and Trade” Ponzi-scheme is designed to work. The conspirators convince the federal government to enact legislation that places a ceiling or “Cap” on PRIVATE-SECTOR EMISSIONS OF CO2 as well as other “greenhouse gases”. Each private business, and citizen, would then be given a FIXED QUANTITY of something called “carbon credits” based on the make and model of car driven, or the type of A/C or furnace in the home, or the type of factory equipment utilized. For instance, one “credit” would be issued for a small, fuel-efficient “hybrid” vehicle as the benchmark. If somebody preferred to drive an older SUV, then that person would have to purchase additional “credits” – or face paying stiff fines or even jail sentences for “non-compliance”. This is all in the name of “saving the planet” of course.

What this Ponzi-scheme does is create a false, artificial scarcity in the right to produce energy. You see, the “carbon credits” sold by government-sanctioned “brokerage firms” will then be transferred to companies in payment for their “green products” such as solar panels, natural gas (which BP controls) and wind turbines. The “green companies” will literally earn TRILLIONS in windfall profits.

Of course, Goldman-Sachs will be the controlling “carbon credit” brokerage house – and will earn a hefty commission for each “credit” sold or traded.

Following his meeting in the Clinton/Gore White House, Lord Browne delivered a bombshell speech at Stanford University on May 19, 1997. There, BP employees arranged BP-made solar panels (BP is the largest manufacturer of solar panels and wind turbines in the world) in a massive circle around the open-air Frost amphitheater. Browne then proudly declared to the world: “On this day, a Big Oil company broke ranks with the rest of the oil industry. We took our first tentative steps to going green.” Soon thereafter, with a huge splash of publicity, Lord Browne launched a massive “rebranding” campaign. What used to be British Petroleum became merely BP – as Browne declared means “Beyond Petroleum“. The corporate logo then went from the classic Masonic shield, to a “helios” symbol – a green and yellow sunburst. (The HELIOS is a figure of Greek mythology meaning, literally, THE SUN GOD.)

Writing in his book, Beyond Business, the Lord Browne declares: “The new helios logo and the line ‘Beyond Petroleum’ expressed the new identity of the company. They gave a strong message that BP was intent on becoming a new type of global energy enterprise. We meant to tell people that we were ready to do more than they would expect when it came to confronting the difficult issues, such as the conflict between energy and environmental needs.”

Yes indeed. Cap and Trade is BP’s baby and they are uniquely positioned to make TRILLIONS of dollars as soon as it is adopted worldwide. It has taken them 13 years to accomplish this – but all they needed was a massive “spill” of epic proportions to finalize their “plan”. In his book, Lord Browne admits: “In order to know WHERE to reduce carbon emissions, we wanted to develop a simple EMISSIONS TRADING SCHEME within the company. It would become the first of its kind. And the person instrumental in helping us set this up was Fred Krupp, head of the Environmental Defense Fund, an environment NGO (non-government organization). We had come full circle. This NGO had virtually single-handedly halted the construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline in the early 1970’s.” Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) finally was forced to sell its holdings to BP – who now owns the T.A.P. Clearly, Lord Browne and BP – the world’s 4th largest multi-national corporation, is a well-camouflaged viper hiding in the tall grass.


Follow BP’s “green” money folks, and things start to become a bit more in focus. What good is a corporate “rebranding” as a wonderful “green company” without a PR firm to sell it? BP and Lord Browne spent over $200 million to PR firms including Greenberg Quinland Rosner that brags on its website that they helped BP “remake itself as a company focused on transcending the energy-environment paradox.” It is also very interesting that Stanley Greenberg enjoys a very cozy relationship with Obama and his chief of staff, Raum Emanuel.

Shortly after Obama’s inauguration, Andrew Malcolm of the L.A. Times reported: “Eyebrows rose slightly upon word that, as a House member, Emanuel had LIVED FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS RENT-FREE in a D.C. apartment of Democratic colleague Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and her husband, Stanley Greenberg —– a PRIME ARCHITECT OF BP’S REBRANDING DRIVE AS A GREEN PETROLEUM COMPANY.” Malcolm also notes: “BP and its folks were SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTORS to the record $750 million dollar war chest of Barack Obama’s 2007-2008 campaign.” Moreover, according to Politico, “Obama is the top recipient of BP PAC and INDIVIDUAL MONEY over the last 20 years.”

Little wonder then, that after touring the oil-contaminated beaches of Louisiana on June 15, Obama declared to the nation: “The time to embrace a CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE IS NOW.” Of course, a “clean energy future” is synonymous with “Cap and Trade” legislation.

I submit that there is nothing the socialist Cap and Trade shysters (Lord Brown, Al Gore, George Soros, Maurice Strong et. al.) love more than a nice, juicy, oil-spill disaster to further their agenda. Also, as Raum Emanuel has often stated, they will never let a “perfectly good disaster go to waste” but will milk it to the max. Thus, logic demands that the bigger the disaster, the more powerful will be the impact (and thus the eventual profits) on ALL ASPECTS of “Cap and Trade”. This is little more than a monumental SOCIALISTIC TOOL designed to redistribute the world’s wealth and place more of it into the pockets of a select group of world elitists.

While BP apparently is poised to benefit handsomely from a move away from oil, the other conspiratorial players who have used oil as their tool for control, might not be so happy about this move; and we could see some in-fighting among the power brokers as they vie for control over the planet — all while losing their grip as their days are numbered.

A new day is dawning, in which such corruption will not be tolerated, but enlightened people will embrace technologies that truly reduce our footprint on the planet — and increase our individual empowerment by providing power at the point of use — free energy, abundance, true sustainability.  The rising generation will not persist in raping the planet in order to enjoy comforts today, but will seek to live in harmony with nature, while living comfortably from her replenishable wealth.

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