Tea Party Candidates Celebrate Big Primary Wins!

The tea party movement is celebrating a major victory in Delaware. Conservative Christine O’Donnell has pulled off a stunning upset over nine-term Rep. Mike Castle in the Republican Senate primary. She’ll face Democrat Chris Coons in November.

WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) – The reports are filling the internet, the first line of the media these days. Of course, the old media sources will parse and pontificate about the meaning of all of this throughout the day tomorrow. They will vie for ratings while saying nothing of real value.

Pro-Life, Pro-marriage and family candidate Christine O’Donnell trounced Congressman Mike Castle,  an establishment Republican who does not support the Right to Life, in Delaware’s closely watched Republican Senate primary.

The main stream press is spinning Christine’s win as a “tea party” win. You can read the talking points in the early reports which will sound for days to come. The pundits are predicting that her upset win means the Anti-Life Democratic candidate will win in the General election.  They have a surprise coming in November.

In her victory speech, Christine O’Donnell said “A lot of people have already said that we can’t win the general election…It is those same so-called experts who said we had no chance of winning the primary. It will be hard work, but we can win.” Reports after the election are that the National Republican Senatorial Campaign will not assist her with any funds in the General election.

There is no doubt that the dynamism of the tea party movement helped her insurgent candidacy. However, there is another story here. Just when Mitch Daniels and Haley Barbour are joining with other establishment Republicans and trying to dissuade Pro-Life and Pro-Marriage voters from standing strong, these voters are saying, “Not this Year”!

The story of this Delaware upset is that the old school dualism of the establishment Republican Party which seeks to divide so called “social” and “economic” issues has lost the wind in its sails. Christine is a Catholic Christian and a consistent conservative who gets it.

An insistence upon recognition in the positive law of the fundamental Human Right to Life is not about one political issue; it is about the very foundation of freedom itself.

Human rights – such as the Natural Law Right to Life – and human freedoms such as the freedom to be born – are goods of human persons. When there is no human person to exercise them all the rhetoric extolling them is nothing but empty air and sloganeering.

Nor is a Pro-Life position simply a matter of adherence to “religious” beliefs. It is a response to the truth revealed by the Natural Law and confirmed by medical science. The Child in the womb is our neighbor. It is always and everywhere wrong to take innocent human life. The child in the womb is innocent human life.

The embryonic human person, the child in the womb, the disabled, the needy and the elderly are all members of our human family. We can never condone their intentional killing as some kind of exercise of the freedom to choose. It is never a moral choice but a crime, whether the positive law prosecutes it or not.

Rights are not ethereal concepts floating around in the cosmos somewhere. Rights are endowed by a Creator not conferred by the State. They are goods of the human person. Our opposition to the judicial manufacture of a “right” to take innocent human life in the womb must never take a back seat to any other concern in the public policy arena. Freedom must be exercised with reference to what is true and good in any just and moral society.

This “political dualism” being touted in establishment Republican circles is being rejected by a growing number of voters. We are being asked to quiet down and let the “economic issues” win the election. We will not be silenced! The reason we care about expanding economic opportunity is because we respect the dignity of every human person, including our smallest neighbors.

The reason we want to ensure the application of the principle of subsidiarity to keep government at the lowest level is because we respect the primacy of marriage, the family and the society founded upon it. We know that the two parent marriage bound family is the first government and first cell of society and that to protect and defend this truth serves the real common good.

We reject the very idea of dividing “economic” and “social” spheres. Rejecting big government solutions doesn’t mean rejecting our obligation in solidarity. It means building a ground up model of economic opportunity which expands opportunity and participation to all.

Catholics are not one more “interest group” which can be polled, pandered to and bought. Our social obligation is to promote the true common good, not just use the slogan to sound “catholic” as happened in the last political cycle.

The surprising election of Christine O’Donnell in Delaware signals a change which the mainstream Press better pay attention to.This is a new day and the stale analysis of the past will not suffice.

Catholic Online

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