Ice Age Commeth : Weather From Other Parts of the World – 2010

Unexpected Snow Causes Havoc In Australia – 17 Sep 10 – Heavy snow and ice are causing problems in the state of Tasmania, leaving thousands of homes without power and loads of closed roads, leaving people stranded.

“It’s spring in Australia, so the snow is very unexpected!”
Thanks to John Brown in Ardrossan, Scotland
“The CBBCs website is actually for children,” says John.
“However some news articles appear there before being
in the mainstream news.”

  • Canada Chilling Fast – 16 Sep 10 – Cold Arctic air is sweeping out of the north and is chilling Canada fast! Especially Western Canada where tonight’s overnight temps are expected to fall to freezing and below! In Alberta where crops are still to be harvested, Fort McMurray will see temps plunge to -2C (28.4F), Prince Albert will see OC (32F), Calgary 1C (33.8F), and Moosejaw, Saskatchewan 0C (32F). Temps will not improve much over the next 10 days with the Calgary area to see temps at freezing or below on 3 nights at least.     – C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, MB
  • Snow forecast for Calgary – Bad news for farmers – 14 Sep 10 – “One year ago Thursday the temperature soared to just over a blistering hot 30 C,” says writer Sean Myers. “On the same day this year, meteorologists are forecasting a high of 5 C and a chance of snow.”Frost is a possibility later this week, and snow could fall as early as Thursday and more probably on Sunday,” says Myers.  “That’s bad news for farmers, many of whom planted late because of heavy spring rains.”
    See entire article: ast.html
    Thanks to Craig Adkins for this link
  • UK – Unusual September chill, snow possible – 9 Sep 10 – It’s not often in September that we mention snow, but those who read TWO buzz will know we’ve been talking about the possibility of unusually early cold affecting Britain during the second half of September. Our 14 day forecast mentions snow for a time over high ground in northern regions.We first mentioned the chance of a September chill in mid August and again in ourautumn forecast. It looks a good call at the moment.We’ll be speculating about whether this could compare to September 1919 when snow fell even over high ground in the south.
    Thanks to Emma Corry for this link
  • Record cold across Canada – 6 Sep 10 – From Ontario to British Columbia to Alberta. The places that broke records were:
    Cobourg, Ontario at 7.6 C (45.68 F)
    Cardston, Alberta at 0.7 C (33.26 Ft)
    Creston, B.C. at 5.8 C (42.44 F)
    Thanks to C. Peter Davis in Winnipeg for this info
  • Early snowfall in China – 6 Sep 10 – Though winter is several months away, up to 10 cm of snow has already fallen across northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Snow blanketed parts of the 303 Regional Highway in the city of Hami, stranding many vehicles. The region’s agricultural industry has also been affected, with 46-thousand hectares of wheat crops damaged by the snow.The weather bureau says a cold front is forecast to sweep across northern China, causing temperatures to drop by up to 8 degrees Celsius. Temperatures, in areas like Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang could drop by up to 10 degrees.
    Thanks to Neville Kettle and Bill Sellers for this link
  • Killer Frost in Alberta? – 3 Sep 10 – E-mail from a reader from Canada
    There is another threat to a massive amount of Wheat, Barley and especially Canola. Frost! Alberta’s vast crop fields are 2-3 weeks behind schedule due to the unusually heavy amounts of rain this summer and with temperatures dipping dangerously close to freezing most nights the crops are at huge risk. The Wheat and Barley can take some frost but the Canola would be killed outright by it. Farmers are keeping their fingers crossed in hope that a killing frost doesn’t happen.I don’t hold out much hope for that, knowing the direction things are going. It will be just another reason for skyrocketing food prices and indeed, food shortages. I’m sure you agree that we should all make like squirrels and be storing long-lasting foodstuffs.                          – C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Scotland – First snowfall of winter … in August – 2 Sep 10 – “There were snow showers across the Cairngorms,” said Geoff Monk of Mountain Weather Info Service. “They lasted a couple of hours, it was almost ongoing. On some places the snow remained on the ground.”“It is something that happens about once every two decades,” said Monk. “There can be snow in the Cairngorms any time of year, even July can have a snow shower. But it is very unusual.”Heavy falls of snow and prolonged spells of freezing temperatures were a feature of the winter just past as sub-zero temperatures and snow blew into the UK from mid-December.
    Thanks to Andrew in Scotland for this link
  • More flooding in Mexico – 100,000 affected
    2 Sep 10 – E-mail from a reader in Mexico
    It just doesn’t seem to stop.  Now the south is being deluged and flooded. TheVanguardia headline reads “100,000 Tabasqueños Affected by the Rain.”
    See More flooding in Mexico – 100,000 affected

  • Knee-high snow in Poland’s Tatra Mountains
    31 Aug 10 – Harvest stalled due to terrible weather –
    30% of crops remain on water-logged fields
    E-mail from a reader in Poland
    See Knee-high snow in Poland’s Tatra Mountains
  • Never before so much rain in Germany
    E-mail from readers in Germany
    31 Aug 10 – Germany received more rain in August than
    in any August since records began in 1881.
    Never before so much rain in Germany

  • Snow in the Alps a month earlier than normal
    You MUST read the Google translation  :-)
    30 Aug 10 – Snow in Voralberg, a month earlier than “normal”. Many farmers still had their cattle in the fields! It’s in Dutch, but you can use an online translator to get the gist of it.
    See Snow in the Alps a month earlier than normal
  • August turns to November in Germany – 30 Aug 10 – E-mail from a reader in Germany. My calendar tells me its still August, well at least for another day, but here in Southern Germany it is like November!!!
    See August turns to November in Germany
  • Half a meter of snow in Norway – 29 Aug 10 – E-mail from a reader in Norway
    The winter just arrived – half a meter of snow in several places in the mountains – it is still only August.
    See Half a meter of snow in Norway
  • Record cold in Canada – 29 Aug 10 – Issued by Environment Canada
    Coronation – Temperatures dropped to -0.3 this morning.
    The previous record of 0.0 was set in 1937.High Level – Temperatures dropped to -1.9 this morning.
    The previous record of -1.2 was set in 1982.
    Thanks to Lance Appleby for this info
  • One Third of Pakistan Under Water – Destroys
    $1 Billion Worth of Crops – Area the size of UK
    15 Aug 10 – Pakistan’s worst floods in 80 years have left 20 million people homeless and six million without food, medicine, or shelter.
    See One Third of Pakistan Under Water
  • Argentina – Colder Than Antarctica 3 Aug 10 – Argentina is importing record amounts of energy to combat the coldest winter in 40 years. Temperatures in parts of
    Argentina fell below those of Antarctica on July 15.
    See Argentina – Colder Than Antarctica
  • Peru declares state of emergency amid plunging temperatures
    1 Aug 10 – Temperatures across much of the South American country
    plummet to 50-year low – predicted to fall further in coming weeks.
    See Peru declares state of emergency amid plunging temperatures
  • Worst floods in Pakistan History – 1 Aug 10 – Pakistan’s impoverished northwest has been wracked by the worst floods in the country’s history, wiping out entire villages, including houses, shops, vehicles and crops, and leaving families clinging to the tops of collapsed houses in the hope of being rescued.
  • Pakistan flood: Thousands trapped – More than 1500 dead
    Entire villages washed away
    1 Aug 10 – Tens of thousands of people are still stranded and waiting for help. Such flooding has not been seen since 1929.
    See Pakistan flood: Thousands trapped – More than 1500 dead
  • July – Rainiest Month in Mexico History – E-mail from reader in Mexico
    31 Jul 10 – It is incredible. The headline in Vanguardia says “July, The Rainiest Month in History.” second paragraph states: “The director of the National Water Commission, Jose Luis Luege Tamargo, indicated that in agreement with the measurements and forecasts, this month; July, 2010 would be the rainiest in the whole history of Mexico.”This month has been WET with rivers and dams overflowing throughout the country;  roads and railways severely damaged, bridges washed out, tens of thousands of people displaced, homes destroyed or severely damaged, crops destroyed and on it goes … massive water damage.

    As you have said several times, ice ages are all about large quantities of precipitation.

    Best regards, Alan Stover

  • Peru Declares Cold Wave Emergency in 16 Regions
    25 Jul 10 – More than 400 dead. The decree covers all districts
    more than 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) above sea level, as well as
    three regions in the Peruvian jungle that have registered “strangely
    low temperatures” in the last few weeks.
    See Peru Declares Cold Wave Emergency in 16 Regions
  • Cold now extends to Amazon jungle
    Email from a reader in Chile
    21 Jul 10 – Here in Chile, we don’t know to cope with under
    zero (°C) temperature….. but the problem is bigger in tropical
    Bolivian zone…..the things are worse… Each year is worse.
    See Cold now extends to Amazon jungle
  • South America – Longest Cold Streak in 17 years
    21 Jul 10 – More than 200 deaths. Snow downs power
    lines. Record low temperatures.
    See South America – Longest Cold Streak in 17 years
  • Death toll reaches 175 in South America – 21 July 10 – The cold was worst in southern Peru, where temperatures in higher altitudes of the Andes dropped to minus 23 degrees Celsius (minus 9F).
    Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link
  • Brutal and historic cold in South America – Thousands of animals perish
    20 Jul 10 – A brutal and historic cold snap has so far caused 80 deaths in South America, says this article on”Temperatures have been much below normal for over a week in vast areas of the continent. In Chile, the Ayesen region was affected early last week by the worst snowstorm in 30 years. The snow accumulation reached 5 feet in Balmaceda and the Army was called to rescue people trapped by the snow.””It snowed in nearly all provinces of Argentina, an extremely rare event … even in the western part of the province of Buenos Aires and Southern Santa Fe.” Some areas in Northern Argentina saw snow for the first time in living memory, others saw snow for the first time since 1921.

    Thousands of cattle also froze to death on their pastures in Paraguay and Brazil. There are no stables for the animals as temperatures usually do not drop that low.

    See entire article and many photos:
    Thanks to Joe d’Aleo for this link

    See also:
    Thanks to Bill Pojedinec and Jim Stoffaire for this link

  • Killer Cold In Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia -18 Jul 10
    Extreme cold weather has brought ice and snow to much of Argentina, killing at least nine. Deaths have also been reported in Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia.Argentina has stepped up electricity imports and restricted the use of natural gas by industry to accommodate domestic heating needs.”Bolivia’s education ministry ordered schools to close until 21 July because of the cold.

    “Low temperatures have also affected Chile, southern Brazil, and eastern Peru.

    “The unusually cold winter weather in South America follows one of the coldest winters for years in many parts of the northern hemisphere.”
    Thanks to John Brown in Ardrossan, Scotland,
    and Joe Kraig in Kentucky for this link

  • Record Cold in Argentina – Terrible energy crisis – 16 Jul 10 – “The data for South America is false. In Argentina we are having record cold temperatures. This July is a repetition of the 2007 July when it snowed in Buenos Aires for the first time since 1918. It snowed again yesterday. It even snowed in the province of Santiago del Estero where it has never snowed!”Today was the coldest day in 10 years in the entire country, in all places. It keeps snowing in Tucumán, Salta and Jujuy, northern provinces close to the border with Bolivia, north of the Tropic of Capricorn. And not only in the mountains but at low altitudes (300-500 m asl).”A temperature graph for my nearest city Alta Gracia updated to July 15th: AltaGracia-15-JUL-2010See more at Eduardo Ferreyra says: July 16, 2010 at 9:21 pm
    Thanks to Walter Schneider for these links
    “Any newspaper in Argentina is speaking about this unusual cold
    weather and the terrible energy crisis it has imposed on the country,”
    says Walter.

    Record Cold At Antarctic Station
    15 Jul 10 – “Not a sign of climate change, but rather it is a local regional weather phenomenon (only warm events are signs of climate change).”
    SeeRecord Cold At Antarctic Station
    • Argentina in Antarctic cold snap – ‘Southern Hemisphere is freezing’
      15 Jul 10 – People in Buenos Aires are panic-buying heaters as the mercury stays between a daytime 10C and a nighttime 1C.
      Thanks to Marc Morano for this link
    • South Africa’s Frost will see vegetable prices rocket– 15 Jul 10
      “We think more than 20% off all new crops have had total damage.” ” We think September prices will explode because there is not enough time to plant another crop.” rocket-so-much-for-global-warming/
      Thanks to Marc Morano for this link
    • Temperature hits record low in Brazil – 15 Jul 10
      Thanks to Marc Morano for this link
    • Alberta Walloped with Heavy Snow – In mid July! – 13 July 10
      “To receive this much snow in July and have it stay on the ground is unheard of,” says Megan Gibson from the Marmot Basin Ski Resort near Jasper, Alberta.
      See Alberta Walloped with Heavy Snow – In mid July!
    • New Zealand – Mercury plunges to record lows – 14 Jul 10 –  The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) said the past few days had seen some of the lowest temperatures on record.Te Kuiti and Turangi had their coldest July nights on record, and in the South Island, Blenheim experienced its second-coldest July temperature yesterday morning.Niwa climate scientist Georgina Griffiths said a deep low to the north had dragged exceptionally cold Antarctic air over the country that lingered for weeks.The cold air had also stayed for a remarkably long time, with Dunedin getting air frosts on each of the past 20 days.* -7.2C in Queenstown, the third-coldest night in 139 years.
      * -6.8C in Taumarunui, in the central North Island, the coldest since 1947.
      * -5.4C in Christchurch.
      * -3.3C in Hamilton.
      * 1.5C in Wellington.
      * 2.4C in Auckland.
      Thanks to Chris James and Michael Dickisonfor this link
      “Thanks for your website,” says Chris. “Helps me explain my
      theories to friends!!”
    • Canada – Terrible Times to Come
      8 Jul 10 – Flooding affecting grain and cattle farmers across the prairies
      See Canada – Terrible Times to Come

    • Manitoba’s Interlake Continues to Flood – 7 Jul 10 – About 250 people have been evacuated to Winnipeg from the flooded Peguis Reserve in Manitobas Interlake. A dozen roads are washed out and a great many homes are flood damaged.                                      – C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Disaster in Mexican States (Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas)
      7 Jul 10 – Email from reader – “Incredible! The magnitude of the damage caused by all of the rainfall from Hurricane Alex is only just starting to be realized and sink in with people. In Monterrey, the cleanup alone is expected to take at least six months. Reconstruction is optimistically expected to take two years.”
      See many headlines: Disaster in Mexican States
    • Australia cold “cutting through the homeless like a silent disease”
      2 Jul 10 – “With Sydney’s minimum temperatures dipping towards record lows, cold and death can be pretty much the same thing for many of the thousand or so people estimated to be sleeping rough each night.”The director of the St Vincent’s Hospital Emergency Department, Gordian Fulde, said the cold snap was cutting through the homeless like a silent disease.”Fulde said the hospital had been busy since the weekend issuing death certificates for people who had died in their homes, probably from the cold.

      The mercury at Observatory Hill sank to 4.3C (39.7F) on Wednesday, the lowest June minimum since the 3.9 degrees of 1949.
      Thanks to Doug Mc… and Marc Morano for this link
      “Sydney had it’s coldest June morning since 1949,” says Doug. “Alice
      Springs coldest day on record, Adelaide coldest week since 1982, etc.
      More here:

    • Mexico – Incredible damage from Hurricane Alex – 2 Jul 10
      Monterrey freeway in chaos. Dramatic drop in temperature. Scary videos.
      See Mexico – Incredible damage from Hurricane Alex
    • 100-year rainstorm swamps Saskatoon
      2 Jul 10 – Nearly one meter (three feet) of water rush down city streets.
      See 100-year rainstorm swamps Saskatoon

    • Canada – Weird World Weather Continues – 4 Jul 10 – Email from reader
      Yorkton, Saskatchewan declared a State of Emergency July 01 after a month’s worth of torrential rain and large hail was dumped on the town. Many residents had to be rescued by small boat or canoe as basements completely filled in mere minutes. Roads were impassable in the city of 17,000. One hjundred families  no longer have a home. If Yorkton gets hit by rains like that again the entire town may be destroyed as the surrounding area has already been saturated.

      Saskatoon and Price Albert streets turned into rivers after more torrential rains on  July 02. There has been flash flooding in Saskatchewan and Western Manitoba and more storms are expected. Peguis Reserve in Manitoba is flooded and families are being evacuated.                – C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, MB

    • Danube reaches record level in Romania
      2 July 10 – Today, the level reaches… 666 centimeters (21 feet 10 inches). e-reaches-record-level-galati.htm
      Thanks to Marius Vintilescu in Campina, Romania for this link
    • Global warming my backside – Coldest day in Australia in almost 100 years
      1 Jul 10 – Isisford, Queensland, warmed to just 10 degrees, the town’s chilliest day since before records began in 1913.
      See Global warming my backside-Coldest day in Australia in 100 years
    • Huge cold snap in Australia – Coldest June morning in Sydney since 1949
      30 Jun 10 – People across south-east Australia are complaining about unusually chilly temperatures and experts say their complaints are justified. Most areas across the south-east are experiencing temperatures well below average.Sydney recorded its coldest June morning today since 1949, with temperatures diving to 4.3 degrees just before 6:00am (AEST).”It’s definitely quite unusual to see such widespread cold weather in June,” says ABC weather specialist Graham Creed. “It would be more typical in July and August.”He says Queensland is in for a particularly rough few days, as widespread rainfall will see the conditions change from cold and sunny to cold, cloudy and wet.

      Yesterday, an icy blast through Adelaide brought enough rain to supply the city for a month, with a hail storm capping off the exceptionally wintry day.
      See entire article by AmySimmons
      Thanks to Kacper Cerny in Germany and John Lacon in Australia for this link

    • Canadian Prairies More Lake Than Prairie!
      22 Jun 10 – Twelve million acres of Manitoba farmland are under water, ten
      million acres of Saskatchewan farmland are under water, and we are waiting
      to hear how many millions of acres of Alberta farmland are under water.
      See Canadian Prairies More Lake Than Prairie!
    • Record rainfall in France kills 25 – 17 Jun 10 – Throughout the day Tuesday and into the night, precipitation broke all records for this time of year and sometimes for any month. With 200 mm (7.9 inches) of rainfall, Hyères has never had so much rain in one day. The previous record was set October 2, 1973 with 152 mm. This situation is unique, because normally the heaviest rains occur in the autumn. Here are some 24-hour rainfall totals:

      – 399 mm (15.7 inches) in Les Arcs
      – 305 mm Comps-sur-Artuby
      – 293 mm Luc-en-Provence
      – 292 mm Vidauban
      – 221 mm Gonfaron
      – 200 mm in Hyères and Entrecastaux
      – 198 mm in Bormes-les-Mimosas
      – 146 mm Collobrières–… _7392_2010-06-15.php
      Thanks to Emmanuel Robert for this link
    • Just two days later: another record in France – 19 Jun 10 – Storms in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques area yesterday dumped 109 mm of rain on Biarritz – more than one month of precipitation in 24 hours! There is also a record of precipitation for the month of June since the previous record was dated June 17, 1988, with 79 mm. There were also 96 mm in Bayonne, 101 mm in Saint Pee sur Nivelle and up to 120 mm in Hendaye.The combination of heavy rains and high tide caused flooding on the Basque coast and along rivers. Firefighters had to respond a hundred times on Thursday. In Bayonne, Clinique Saint-Etienne has been partially flooded, as well as the industrial area Gleize. InBidart, an industrial zone has been affected and evacuated the factory Kokolo. The Toulouse-Bayonne area has been cut off by a mudslide and trains have been diverted.Several roads have also been cut…_7431_2010 -06-18.php
      Thanks to Emmanuel Robert for this link
    • Cold weather kills 500 penguins in Cape Town
      15 Jun 10 – With only 700 breeding pairs of African penguins on Bird Island,
      the death of over half the populations’ chicks – in just 24 hours –  presents an
      “added threat” to the dwindling numbers of penguins.
      See Cold weather kills 500 penguins in Cape Town
    • Killer snowstorm in India – 14 Jun 10 – An American mountain biker was killed in a snowstorm in Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh where authorities rescued nearly 30 tourists, including foreigners. Jewel Edward (56) was separated from other members of his mountain biking team during the snowstorm and died at Chhatru near 14,000 ft high Kunzam Pass in the district, 200 km from here last evening, a member of the group identified as Paterson said.
      Thanks to Brian Payne for this link
    • Heavy snow in South Africa – 15 Jun 10 – Heavy snow is wreaking havoc on Eastern Cape Province roads, with several accidents and road closures reported.”People in Cradock say it has not snowed like this in 21 years,” said provincial traffic spokesman Tshepo Machaea.Roads closed because of heavy snowfall are:
      • the Nico Malan Pass between Seymour and Whittlesea;
      • the R61 between Graaff-Reinet and Cradock at the Wapadsberg Pass;
      • the N9 between Graaff-Reinet and Middelburg at the Lootsberg Pass;
      • the N6 between Jamestown and Queenstown at the Penhoek pass; and
      • the R58 between Elliot and Barkly Pass.
      Thanks to Jon Wells in South Africa for this link

    • Record rains continue on Canadian Prairies – 14 Jun 10
      Hi Robert, I thought you might like to know that Manitoba farmers are facing the wettest spring in 40 years and Saskatchewan farmers are facing the wettest spring in 110 years. There will be a lot of crops that will go unplanted in the Western Canadian grain belt again this year. With this same scenario being played out in the U.S.A., can food shortages be far behind? With a cooling planet and snow staying longer in the mountains each year, how long before these cool, rainy springs turn into cold snowy “springs”?                         – C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • 140,000 houses collapse in China Floods – 12 Jun 10 – Some 140,000 houses have collapsed and more than 1.3 million people have fled, according to the Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters.Water levels in lakes along the mighty Yangtze River were higher than in 1998, when catastrophic flooding killed about 4,000 people.
      Thanks to Stephanie Relfe for this link
    • More cold, snowy winters for Europe, eastern Asia
      and eastern North America
      11 Jun 10 — “Cold and snowy winters will be the rule, rather than
      the exception,” says Dr James Overland of the NOAA/Pacific Marine
      Environmental Laboratory in the United States. See
      More cold, snowy winters for Europe, eastern Asia and eastern North America
    • Rains washing out Canadian wheat –
      Lowest seeded acreage since 1971
      11 Jun 10 – So much rain has fallen across much of the Canadian
      Prairies in recent weeks that it has become impossible for farmers
      to navigate tractors in muddy fields.
      See Rains washing out Canadian wheat

    • Winter arrives early in the Andes
      7 Jun 10 – Four storms rolled in across Chile’s Valle
      Nevado in early May blanketing the resort in more than
      a metre of fresh snow – almost a month early.
      See Winter arrives early in the Andes
    • Slovakia – Worst flood in centuries
      One-20th of Hungary’s arable land under water
      7 Jun 10 – Warsaw braced Monday for a new flood crest on the mighty
      Vistula river, while Slovakia reeled from its worst flood in centuries.
      See Slovakia – Worst flood in centuries

    • 90 percent of eastern Croatia farmland under water
      Thousands evacuated as more floods hit central Europe
      5 Jun 10 – Poland, Hungary and Slovakia have launched major operations
      to move thousands of people from houses threatened by rising water.
      See 90 percent of eastern Croatia farmland under water

    • Sweden – Snow cover sets new record
      Snow cover still increasing in the Alps
      Sweden – Record number of sub-zero days
      Austria’s Sonnblick sets new June snow-depth record
      4 Jun 10 – See Sweden snow cover sets new record
    • Record-breaking June freeze in Korea – 4 Jun 10 – The mercury dipped to minus 1.7 C (29 F) yesterday morning in the Daegwallyeong region in Pyeongchang County, Gangwon, the lowest temperature in June since record-taking began in the region in 1971, the Korea Meteorological Administration said.The cold wave began at the end of last month. According to the state-run agency’s statistics, the average temperature of the East Sea regions was 15.4 degrees, 2.8 degrees lower than the average for this time of year.
      Thanks to “BopShop” for this link
    • Record rainfall could leave 1 million acres unplanted –
      Conditions among wettest ever on the Canadian Prairies
      3 Jun 10 – “About 30 percent of northeastern Saskatchewan, or more
      than 1 million acres designated for wheat, canola and barley, might go
      unplanted this year.”
      See Record rainfall could leave 1 million acres unplanted
    • “Unprecedented” snowstorm in Pakistan
      2 Jun 10 – Several nomad families in the upper reaches of Kishtwar
      are reportedly missing since untimely heavy snowfall and rain struck
      the Pir Panjal mountain ranges last week. Officials estimate loss of
      livestock at over 10,000.
      See Unprecedented snowstorm in Pakistan
    • A fifth of Mongolia’s livestock dead after brutal winter
      31 May 10 – More than 8.2 million animals, nearly a fifth of all livestock
      in Mongolia, have died in a winter of snow, cold and gales so severe
      Mongolians have a special term for it — “dzud.”
      See A fifth of Mongolia’s livestock dead after brutal winter
    • Four inches of summer snow – Scottish ski area remains open
      31 May 10 – “Scotland’s main ski resort is to remain open in June – the first time it has done so in 18 years,” says this article in MailOnline.”The snow is so good that operators say they plan to open next weekend, and at other times in June if there is the demand.””Conditions have been so good this year that some skiers have even switched from going to the Alps.”
      See entire article:
      Thanks to Emma Corry for this link
    • Alberta snowstorm – May 28
      Hi Robert, yes, Southern Alberta is once again in the middle of a snowstorm. Up to 20cm (7.87 inches) expected by day’s end May 28, 2010.
      C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, MB
    • Snow in the Canadian Prairies – 25 May 10 – The unofficial start to summer this weekend didn’t feel summer-like at all in many parts of the Canadian Prairies. The weekend got off to a snowy start with residents in Grande Prairie, Alberta, digging out from 18cm of snow on Friday. Around 10cm fell in Cypress Hills, along the Alberta-Saskatchewan border.
      UnsettledBC_mayse venteen_17_05_2010?ref=ccbox_weather_bottom_title
      Thanks to Brent Mayhew for this link
    • Record Cold in Paris – 11 May 10 – The temperature did not exceed 7.6°C (45.7F) in Paris which is a record cold for a May 11, beating the record cold of May 11, 1984 where the temperature did not exceed 8.4°C (47.1F).
      This is the translated web page : e%2Fmeteo%2Frecord-de-froid-a-paris…_6836_2010-05-12.php&sl=fr&tl=en&hl=& ;ie=UTF-8
      Thanks to Abid Mohamed for this info
    • UK – Coldest winter in a lifetime – Freezing in May– 12 May 10
      Snow and frost bring winter chill to May. Snowflakes fluttered down on Tyneside, with more snow forecast for the Scottish highlands.”Snow in May is not unheard of but it is cold for this time of year,” said Tiffany Curnick, a forecaster with the Press Association’s MeteoGroup.The prolonged cold weather is a nightmare for the Chelsea flower show, which opens in 13 days. Organisers have already warned that the coldest winter in a lifetime, followed by a very late spring and the present cold snap, could affect some of the plants.
      Thanks to Stephanie Relfe for this link
    • May?  It feels more akin to March in the UK
      10 May 10 – Email from reader in Scotland
      Hi Robert, May?  It feels more akin to March…
      As far as the UK goes as a whole the average daytime temperature is 15c (59F) and night time temperatures 7c to 9c 44 to 48F).  However, in Scotland as well as the north of England there is a frost warning with wintery showers expected for the highlands and the north of Scotland with the possibility of sleet or snow flurries to lower levels. We are experiencing quite a stiff arctic airflow at the moment which cuts right through you.                                  – John Brown, Ardrossan, Scotland
    • Snow in “sunny” Spain – Coldest May since records began – 6 May 10 – After a warm spell at the end of April, old man winter made a comeback in May.The State of Catalonia, Spain, experienced the coldest temperatures for the month of May since records exists.Provincial capitals registered the following minima: 0ºC in Salamanca, 0.3ºC in Ávila, 0.8ºC in Burgos and Segovia, 1.8ºC in Soria, 2ºC in Guadalajara and Valladolid, 3ºC in Cuenca, 3,3ºC in Teruel, and 3.7ºC in Albacete. This was accompanied by snow in many parts of Northern Spain.
      Thanks to Joe D’Aleo for this link
    • Snow In Southern France – 5 May 10 – Snow on the city of Carcassone and in South-Western France – “a rare phenomenon this time of year”.1ºC was registered at the airport of Tarbes-Lourdes, a record low for a 4th of May since measurements started in 1946.Across South Western France, temperatures dropped 20ºC within a couple of days. ml
      Thanks to Joe D’Aleo for this link
    • Again? Yet another Alberta snowstorm!
      5 May 10 – Email from a reader in Canada
      Hi Robert, I just wanted to let you know that yet another snowstorm has hit Alberta, Canada, May 3rd and 4th. The 3rd in 3 weeks and 4th in just over a month! Winds have been clocked at 109 Kilometers per hour causing widespread whiteout conditions. The storm may have played a part in a multiple fatality collision between a car and a train in Edmonton, Alberta.
      C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Snow in the south of France… in May ! ! ! !
      4 May 10 – Email from reader in Toulouse
      Hi Robert,
      Today temps dived to 1°C in Carcassonne, with big flakes à noon ! ! IN MAY ! ! annee2=2010&envoyer=OKHere in Toulouse it is very, very cold too (5°C), it may snow tomorrow, but it is not sure.Your website is one of my everyday’s reading.
      All the best,
      Emmanuel Robert
    • “Very rare” snow in 18 municipalities in Mexico – 2 May 10
      Email from reader in Mexico
      I´m Carlos Rosan, from northern Mexico. I want to inform you about a very rare May snowfall in many municipalities of the State of Chihuahua (18 to be exact, in a territory bigger than the U.K.) including the capital city of Chihuahua, where more than 15 centimetres of snow and sleet fell. That is something so rare and has been happening with more frequency. This winter we had the coldest temperature in my city since 1996; the thermometre dropped all the way to -5C. And in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila, just a few hours south it dropped to -7C with snow.Where I  live is a city called Laredo, Tamaulipas, about 250 kms from the gulf and just 150 metres above sea level, and snow is sporadically common across many parts of northern Mexico during the months of December and January, but not in the middle of Spring (almost Summer) and not at elevations as low as the capital city of the state of Chihuahua.Curiously, there´s very little media coverage of this event, I wish there was news sites with more pictures of it but they just give a brief description of the event. Here are some links…
      1272735932&archi ve=&start_from=&ucat=16&go=AlNorte

      Thank you for having such informative web site. I read it since about 3 years ago almost daily.

    • Snow in Chihuahua, Mexico - in May! - 2 May 10
      Email from reader in Mexico.
      Today it fell snow in Chihuahua Mexico. It's
      the first time it happens in 30 years
      (snow in May). It  fell on at  least 10 small
      towns in the mountain area.
      Thanks for your  great site!
      Best Regards, Juan Carlos
    • Third major snowstorm in Calgary this month – 26 cm by tonight – 28 Apr 10 – Forecasting 26 cm (10.2 inches) of snow by tonight, Environment Canada warned of “dangerous winter weather conditions” for Calgary and surrounding areas, with up to 40 cm of snow expected along the southern Foothills and in the Lethbridge and Cardston areas.The RCMP said Highway 533, west of Nanton from Highway 2 to 22, is not recommended because of heavy snow and poor road conditions, and more than a dozen flights have been cancelled at the Calgary International Airport.Many people are taking the third major snowstorm in the Calgary area this month in stride.
      Thanks to Brent Mayhew and C. Peter Davis in Winnipeg for this info
    • Back to Ice Age?- Coldest in Korea in 100 years – 28 Apr 10 – The entire Korean Peninsula is shattering its previous cold-weather records. Seoul reported a midday highhigh of 7.8 C (46 F) today, while Daejoen, 170 kilometers to the south, recorded a mid-day high of 6.7 C (44 F), the lowest for late April since 1908, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA).With farmers already struggling with growing losses, temperatures are forecast to decline even further on Thursday, and snow if forecast for mountainous areas of Gangwon Province.”The unusual chill is likely to continue until mid May,” the state weather agency said. “Rain and accompanying wind made people feel much colder.”The previous lowest mid-day temperature for late April in Seoul was 10.1 C, set on April 27, 1962.
      Thanks to Bop Shop for this link
    • Snow in eastern Japan in Mid April – More like February than April
      8 Apr 10 – Hi, I am living in Japan and we got about 1-2 inches of snow here in the mountains and even on the plains something that is very rare for mid April. Many other parts of Japan have also had snow and temps that are on average 6oC below normal for this time of year. In fact the last few days have been more like February than April!                                     – Michael B., Yamanashi, Japan
    • Another snowstorm hammering Alberta – 14 Apr 10 – Hi Robert, I just wanted to let you know that another snowstorm is hammering southeastern Alberta, Canada today April 14, 2010. Lethbridge was completely shut down and tens of thousands were left without power in the city of 90,000 after 18 cm (7.1 inches) overnight. Another 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) along with high winds are expected through today. The hospital was only accepting emergency surgery and all elective surgeries were cancelled. Residents of Lethbridge were asked to dramatically reduce water consumption as no new water can be produced due to the power outage.
      – C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, MB
    • More SNOW for northern England and Scotland – 13 Apr 10 – The coldest winter in 31 years has a final sting in the tail. Positive Weather Solutions senior forecaster Jonathan Powell said: “It will turn decidedly cold for northern England and Scotland from the weekend and into next week with a chilling blast of northerly air.”–forecasters-say-SNOW-way.html
      Thanks to Emma Corry for this link
    • Highway 2 reopens as Calgary recovers from spring storm, power outages
      9 Apr 10 – A spring snowstorm clobbered Calgary and surrounding communities late Thursday afternoon leaving downed power lines, multiple vehicle crashes and delayed flights in its wake. More than 51,000 customers were without power for about an hour at the height of the storm, and another 5,000 were still without electricity in the community of Ogden at press time.
      See photo:
      Thanks to Tom McHart for these links
    • Spring storm slams central Alberta (video & 8 photos)– 9 Apr 10 – Edmonton  A spring storm left roads slick with ice and caused major traffic tie-ups and road closures on provincial highways Thursday night. The storm hit central Alberta particularly hard. On the Queen Elizabeth 2 Highway, there was a 54-car pileup near the Olds overpass. Also on the QEII, a tanker truck full of propane that overturned near the Highway 72 overpass, forced the highway to be closed for several hours overnight.
      Thanks to Tom McHart for this link
    • Cars abandoned at malls, stores and offices – Canada Spring Blizzard
      11 Apr 10 – Email from reader in Winnipeg
      Hi Robert. I am a regular reader of your GREAT Ice Age Now website. I am surprised that you have not posted any info on the snowstorm/blizzard April 09, 2010 in Alberta from Calgary to Fort McMurray, in Central-north Saskatchewan and snow in northwestern Ontario. McMurray Alberta received over 30 centimeters(1 FOOT) in just 24 hours. The roads were so bad that cars had to be left at malls, stores, work and offices until streets were plowed.
      C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Siberia – 2nd harshest winter in 110 years … Perhaps ever – 9 Apr 10 – “The winter of 2009-10 was one of the most severe in the European part of Russia for more than 30 years, and in Siberia it was perhaps the record-breaking coldest ever,” said Alexander Frolov, head of state meteorological service Rosgidromet.While statistics for the coldest eastern part of Siberia have not yet been thoroughly analyzed, western areas received the second-harshest winter in 110 years.
      Thanks to Tom McHart for this link
    • Rio de Janeiro in caos (chaos) and red alert – 6 Apr 10 – From reader in Brazil – 300mm (11.81 inches) rainfall in less than 24hours
      See Rio de Janeiro in caos and red alert
    • Record snow base at Mt Washington, BC
      3 Apr 10 – So much snow that they’ve extended their ski season.
      See Record snow base at Mt Washington, BC

      Heavy Snow in Ireland
      31 Mar 10 – Email from reader.
      We have had a harsh snowstorm in Ireland yesterday. Indeed, before sundown there were blizzard-like conditions.  Between 1 inch and 15 inches of snow were observed. On Glenshane Pass, 300 people had to be rescued from their stranded vehicles.
      See Heavy Snow in Ireland
    • Easter Misery for the UK – Arctic Blast on the way – 29 Mar 10 – “The U.K.’s MET office, after having blown their winter forecast for 2009/2010 with predictions of mild weather, are now warning Britons of arctic weather for Easter,” says reader Becky Khan.Britain will be hit by an Arctic blast today bringing freezing conditions and travel chaos across the country for Easter. Temperatures will plummet to as low as minus 11C.Much of Britain will be colder than Moscow all week with the Met Office issuing severe weather warnings that up to 12 inches of snow could fall on higher ground. This after the UK suffered its coldest winter in 31 years.
      Thanks to Becky Khan for this link
    • Disruptive Snow for the United Kingdom – 27 Mar 10 – The calendar may say it’s the end of March, but a disruptive snowstorm – heavy at times – will move through the United Kingdom, including London, on Monday and Tuesday.Several centimeters (a couple of inches) of snow will likely accumulate over the Midlands, North East England, and portions of Wales leading to widespread travel disruptions and power outages. Snow will mix with the rain over Southeast England, including London.
      Thanks to Tom McHart for this link
    • Europe Endures Harshest Winter in 31 Years – Includes video
      (After Britain’s Met Office forecast a mild winter.)
      22 Mar 10 – The wettest summer on record in Britain was followed by the harshest winter in Britain and Western Europe in 31 years. January was the eighth coldest on record and the U.K.’s worst since 1987.London and parts of Scotland saw record snowfall. In one 16-hour storm Perth, Scotland, received 13 inches of snow, and London remained paralyzed for days by heavy snow.The Channel Tunnel or “Chunnel” train’s lines froze due to heavy snow and cold, stranding thousands of passengers.

      Spain, France and Italy saw unseasonable snowfall in March, now melt and rising waters once again plagued Venice, France reported daily widespread power outages dues to the wintry weather, the death toll in Poland from the cold reached into the triple digits, and businesses lost billions of dollars.

      All this after Britain’s Met Office forecast a mild winter.
      See entire article and video
      Thanks to Tom McHart for this link

    • Shamrocks hit hard by severe winter– 17 Mar 10 – A severe shamrock shortage is threatening St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland and the “wearing of the green,” according to leading botanist  Dr. Declan Doogue of the Royal Irish Academy. The national plant was “hit hard” by the severe winter weather and “won’t  be easily found” this week, said Doogue.
      See entire article:–87631932.html
      Thanks to Jeff Evan for this link
    • Germany stuck in winter’s icy grip
      So let’s talk about global warming
      12 Mar 10 – Many regions in Germany can expect at least another foot of
      snow this weekend. Even traditionally warm holiday escapes came to a frozen standstill with up to 3.5 feet of snow. “Despite some speculation that perhaps global warming is somehow to blame…”
      See Germany stuck in winter’s icy grip
    • Extremely rare – Heavy snow in southern France – 8 Mar 10 – Heavy snow in southern France has stranded hundreds of cars and made road travel impossible for trucks and buses. The airport at Nîmes has been closed. In some parts of the Rhone valley, up to 40 centimetres of snow has fallen. Meteorologists say this is extremely rare for March.
      Thanks to Tom McHart for this link
    • Scotland – One of the coldest winter in 100 years – 12 Mar 10 – Hidden beneath the innocent-sounding title “Winter disruption to be reviewed,” and not divulged until the 4th paragraph, the BBC admits that “Scotland as a whole suffered some of the coldest winter months in almost 100 years, the Met Office confirmed last month.”It’s almost as if they don’t want you to know, but now they can say, “Oh, but we were honest, we did publish that information.”
      See entire article:
      Thanks to Tom McHart for this link
    • 5.49 meters of snow on Mt. Washington, B.C. – 12 Mar 10
      Mt. Washington, Vancouver Island, B.C., now has a base of 5.4 meters  (18 feet)
      of snow, with almost 1/2 meter of fresh snow in the last 48 hours.
      Thanks to Steven Rowlandson for this link
    • Venice blanketed by snow – French island of Corsica buried beneath three feet of snow – 12 Mar 10 – Snow and rain battered Italy yesterday. Torrential rains brought floods and mudslides to the south of the country, and a snowstorm shut Bologna airport further north.Heavy snow trapped several hundred people in their vehicles on a road between Rome and L’Aquila, and Venice was blanketed by snow.The French island of Corsica was also badly hit, with mountain villages buried up to a metre (three feet) in snow and more than 6,000 homes being left without power.Meanwhile snow storms in Turin meant London club Fulham were unable to train at the Stadio Olimpico on Wednesday ahead of Thursday’s Europa League clash with Juventus.
      Thanks to Tom McHart for this link
    • Snow forecast down to 600 metres Catlins New Zealand – 11 Mar 10
      Hi Robert – Here we are in New Zealand at the end of Summer and not even yet at the equinox and snow is forecast for tomorrow down to 600 metres for the Catlins, which admittedly is at the bottom of the South Island. Still it is probably signalling that it is not only the Northern Hemisphere that is going to get a good clobbering from Nature over the winter.
      Anthony Andrew, Auckland, New Zealand
    • Spain – Third serious white winter in a row – By Mark Duchamp – 10 Mar 10 – Spring is around the corner, yet it was minus 6ºC last night in Madrid. The region of Catalonia had the worst snow storm in 25 years. Barcelona received enough snow to cause a collapse in traffic, and its beaches were covered in the white stuff. It is worse in the rest of the region, which is struggling under up to 60 cm of snow (more in the mountains).
      See Spain – Third serious white winter in a row
    • Barcelona hit with heaviest snowfall in 25 years – A foot of snow in France
      8 Mar 10 – Snowfalls of up to 50 cm (20 inches) were forecast for the worst affected areas of Catalonia, prompting cancellation of classes for more than 142,000 students at 476 public schools.The blizzard left roads blocked, bus and train service suspended, and power knocked outover northeastern Spain and neighboring south-central France.Spain’s border with France at La Jonquera was closed because of the snow, leaving some 4,000 trucks stranded.

      With snow falling at the rate of one to two inches per hour at times, upwards of a foot of snow fell at Perpignan, France.
      See: -snowfall-in-25-years.html
      Or see
      Or see:
      Thanks to Steven Woodcock, Benjamin Napier, Bill Sellers Thomas Loher and Kenneth Lund for these links

    • Heavy Snow Strands Train Passengers in Southern France – 9 Mar 10  PARIS — Local media report that about one hundred passengers on board a train from Spain to France have been stranded in following heavy snowfall.The local prefect said that the stuck passengers would spend the night on the train at the station in the southwest town of Cerbere, until the weather improves as roads to better accommodations were likewise blocked by snow.Moreover, traffic between Perpignan and Narbonne, two cities in southern France, have been suspended as of 2 p.m. Monday, as the snowfall in the area reportedly reached 40 centimeters.The cold snap prevailing over northeast Spain and southwest France has brought heavy snow, and the resulting traffic suspension on roads and railway services has affected thousands of people on the borders of the two nations.
    • Heavy snowfall in Germany – 7 Mar 10 – Heavy snowfall in parts of Germany triggered a deadly avalanche and caused thousands of accidents, leaving at least seven people dead and dozens more injured, police said Sunday. The region got 15.75 inches (40 centimeter) of fresh snow over the weekend, DDP reported.
      Thanks to Tom Meyer for this link
    • Hailstones the size of grapefruit pummel Melbourne – 7 Mar 10 – (Excerpts)  Bloodied festival-goers, spooked racehorses, smashed windows and torrential rain inside major buildings were just some of the surreal scenes unfolding across Melbourne in one of the most intense storms in years.The Bureau of Meteorology reported severe wind gusts and hailstones up to 10cm wide (the size of a grapefruit). The hail made horse racing look more like a snow sport at Flemington, where Super Saturday events were abandoned.Rain and hail ripped large holes in the roof of Southern Cross Station, leading to its evacuation and forcing metropolitan and country trains to by-pass the station. Major shopping centres, including Chadstone, Spencer Street, Highpoint and the Jam Factory, were evacuated.Cars ground to a halt in the city centre. Water on the Kings Road ramp in South Melbourne was at one stage almost as high as the roofs of cars.The SES had received more than 2500 calls, mainly from people whose roofs had collapsed, or whose homes were flooding.See entire article by Natalie Craig and Stephan Cauchi
      Thanks to Eunice Farmilant for this link
    • Coldest UK Winter in 30 years – 1 Mar 10 – The UK has had its coldest winter in over thirty years, according to statistics just released by the Met Office. Ireland had its coldest winter in 50 years. Unless you’re of a certain age this winter has been a real shock to the system.
      Thanks to John Brown in Ardrossan, Scotland and Dr. John Kampen in Granada for this link
    • Extreme winter spells disaster for Mongolia – 25 Feb 10 – About 2.5 million livestock have perished after weeks of persistent snow and temperatures below minus 50C (minus 58F). The government estimates three million more will die before the cold weather ends in June.
      See Extreme winter spells disaster for Mongolia
    • Hundreds stranded on roads as blizzard hits Scotland – 26 Feb 10 – Drivers were stranded in snowdrifts, power lines collapsed and road and rail routes ground to a standstill as snowfall caused chaos across Scotland yesterday.Hundreds of car, van and lorry drivers were stranded in Perthshire on the A9, the main road between Perth and Inverness, and south of Perth… after being caught out by the sudden heavy snowfall.Eleven roads in the area were closed, including the A939 Cockbridge to Tomintoul and the A95 between Aberlour and Grantown-on-Spey. For several hours the A96, the main road between Aberdeen and Inverness, was blocked on two stretches, between Colpy and Huntly and between Keith and Fochabers.Inverness was almost cut off from the south. The snowgates on the A9 at Drumochter and the A82 at Glencoe were shut. There was also widespread disruption in the Auchterarder area of Perthshire after 2ft of snow fell overnight.Several roads were closed in the Highlands, including the A939 Grantown to Dava, A835 Aultguish to Ullapool and the A889 Laggan to Dalwhinnie roads.
      See entire article:–
      Thanks to Rhys Jaggar for this link
    • Major snowfall in Scotland – Coldest winter in 30 years – 25 Feb 10 – With more than a foot of powder already, parts of northeastern Scotland could see another foot or more of snow through tomorrow evening.Blizzard conditions were reported further inland as heavy winds and snow stranded more than 80 motorists Wednesday night in Aberdeenshire. Snowfall in Aviemore jumped from 4 inches to 19 inches since Wednesday.MeteoGroup in the UK reported that England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all had their coldest winter in more than 30 years.
      Se entire article:
      Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link
    • Record snowfall blankets Moscow- 17,000 snowplows removing snow
      22 Feb 10 – With heavy snowfall since Friday, the Russian capital was blanketed with a record-breaking 63cm of snow yesterday, the regional weather centre said, breaking the record 62cm set in 1966.So far this month, almost 50cm of snow has fallen, three times the monthly average.More than 17,000 snowplows worked to remove the snow yesterday, Andrei Tysbin, the city official in charge of snow clearing, told the RIA Novosti news agency. The plows were backed by 8,500 dump trucks and about 5,500 street-sweeping personnel.

      See also:
      Thanks to Clay Olson, Steven Woodcock and Jimmy Walter for these links

    • Record snowfall in Taiwan – 20  Feb 10 – The season’s largest snowfall yesterday dumped 50cm to 60cm of snow on Hehuanshan, a 3,416-meter  (11,207-ft) mountain in central Taiwan.”While last month brought only about 60cm of snow on Hehuanshan, yesterday’s snowfall dumped nearly an equivalent amount of snow in less than a day,” said this article in the Taipei Times. About 9cm of snow was also recorded on Yushan, bringing the total to nearly 24cm this week.See entire article::
      Thanks to Clay Olson for this link
    • Snow returns – Britain prepares for coldest February in 24 years – 19 Feb 10 The Met Office said if temperatures fail to pick up towards the end of the month, it will be the coldest February since 1996, when temperatures averaged 2c (36f).But a slight drop in average temperatures would leave the UK with the chilliest February since 1986, when the average was -1.2c (30f).This comes after last month, the coldest January in Britain in 23 years.The latest blast of wintry weather led to problems for travelers today, with snow shutting down Birmingham Airport’s runway and closing many roads, including sections of the M40 in Warwickshire, the M5 in Worcestershire, the A14 in Cambridgeshire, the M55 in Lancashire and the M62 in West Yorkshire.The snow extended to many parts of the UK, especially Wales and central England, where some areas saw several inches.Forecasters warned that there is the risk of a heavy area of snow on Sunday from Wales into the Midlands, and a 60 per cent chance of heavy snow affecting the whole country north of the Thames Valley on Monday.

      Thanks to Emma Corry for this link

    • Deer in Scotland dying of starvation – 17 Feb 10 – Thousands of deer in Scotland are at risk of starving to death because of this year’s cold winter.Deer mainly munch on grass and purple heather, but this year their food is buried beneath the snow and ice, so huge numbers are dying of hunger. If there’s a cold spring, wildlife experts worry that even more could be lost.
      Thanks to Eddie Mertin and Becky Khan for this link
    • Worst cold snap in 20 years turning Britain’s lawns PINK – 17 Feb 10  Gardens from Surrey to Scotland have been ruined by the worst outbreak of snow mold in 20 years. Lawns require air movement to prevent the fungus from developing, but the snow suffocates the air and allows the disease to grow.

      Thanks to Emma Corry for this link
    • Cold fells 1200+ yr Welsh Oak spared by Henry II – 10 Feb 10 – Ice apparently formed around the base of the tree – which had a circumference of 34 feet! – and caused it to split.
      Thanks to William Sellers for this link
    • Rome’s heaviest snowfall in nearly a quarter century – Cold snap grips Italy 12 Feb 10 – Italy’s capital was blanketed in white, closing Ciampino airport and slowing the city’s normally chaotic traffic to a crawl in many areas.One meteorologist said the steady snowfall through Friday morning was the heaviest seen in the Italian capital in 24 years.
      See entire article:
      Thanks to Benjamin Napier for this link
    • Blizzards and snowstorms paralyse Romania, Bulgaria– 9 Feb 10 – Blizzards and snowstorms lashed Romania and Bulgaria, trapping people in their vehicles and cutting power supplies, as a weekend avalanche death toll across Europe rose to 11, authorities said yesterday.In Romania heavy snowfalls caused the cancellation of about 60 train services and closed 17 national roads.In Calarasi, about 300 people spent the night in a hospital and the town hall after being forced to abandon their cars because of the weather.In Bucharest, roads linking the capital to the southern city of Pitesti and the Black Sea port of Constanta were closed.In Bulgaria, authorities shut roads and declared a state of alert in five northern villages cut off by snow, while the airport in the capital Sofia halted operations.
      Thanks to Charles Patrick for this link
    • Fiercest winter in living memory grips Mongolia –
      Up to 20 million farm animals may die
      8 Feb 10 – “Local experts have told the Red Cross half the entire country’s livestock could be wiped out,” says this article in Australia’s Herald Sun.
      See Fiercest winter in living memory grips Mongolia
    • Norway:  Heap ice sends more than 100 boats to the bottom – 7 Feb 10
      Email from a reader:  Hi Robert,
      An interesting story from Norway where it is reported the during the last seven weeks more than 100 boats have ‘gone to the bottom’ because of the severe winter weather. I’m not sure how bad this is compared to other years but I would imagine if this happened regularly that people would take precautions, which they appear not to be doing in this instance. Here’s a few quote:- “It is difficult to keep the ice away when winter is so cold, “says Bjorn Jansson.
      – “Pack ice, ice that are jammed together in heaps, have in winter sent several boats right to the bottom, because the owners have not cared for.”Here’s the link. However the translation isn’t that great: ;sl=no&tl=en&hl=&ie=UTF-8
      Thanks to Andrew in Scotland for this link
    • Coldest January in Dublin in more than 45 years – 2 Feb 10 – “Last month was the coldest January for more than 45 years in Dublin and for at least 25 years across the State,” says this article in the Irish Times.”The first 10 days of January were the chilliest of the month and with the second half of December formed part of “the most extreme cold spell over Ireland since early 1963”.Air temperatures during these 10 days averaged 6 degrees below normal with daytime sub-zero temperatures in many areas. Ground frosts (when the ground temperature falls below zero) were double normal, with between 22 and 28 frosts in most places.
      Thanks to Tom McHart for this link
    • Mongolia winter crisis – More than 1.7 million animals killed – 2 Feb 10 – “Thousands of Mongolian nomad families face food shortages and severe poverty after a bitter winter killed off at least 1.7 million animals including sheep, camels and cattle, the United Nations said on Tuesday.”Without assistance the disastrous weather pattern is likely to spark mass migration to cities later this year, the UN report warned.Temperatures plunged to their the lowest in three decades – as low as minus 50C (-58F), with 21,000 families losing over half their herds of 100 to 300 animals.
      Thanks to Joseph Rubenstein in Beijing for this link
    • Scotland – Coldest Winter Since 1914 – Coldest in Ireland since 1962
      2 Feb 10 – Scotland has suffered some of the coldest winter months in almost 100 years, the Met Office has confirmed.  It has been the coldest since 1914, the year data started being logged.Elsewhere, it was the coldest December and January in Northern Ireland since 1962/63 and the coldest in England and Wales since 1981/82.
      Thanks to John Brown in Ardrossan, Scotland, for this link
    • Fishing boats frozen at port in China – 1 Feb 10 – “More than 200 fishing boats were frozen at a port in Dongying Village in the Jiaozhou Bay. Fishermen said the ice sheet could be20 cm to 30 cm thick.”In the waters near Liaodong Bay and Laizhou Bay, floating ice was reported in an area of 65 to 75 nautical miles, with ice measured more than 50 cm thick, threatening ship navigation, anchoring and operations at ports.”
      See entire article:
      Thanks to “bopshop” for this link

      • Bloomberg News: China’s Worst Sea Ice in 40 Years
        26 Jan 10 – “The ice pack that had stranded ships and disrupted oil production in northern China continued to thaw in Bohai Sea as ports 150 miles south began to recover from the region’s worst freezing in 40 years.” (China ships half of its seaborne coal from Qinhuangdao in Bohai Bay.)
        See entire article:
        Thanks to “bopshop” for this link
      • Severe sea ice threat in China – 1 Feb 10 – “Satellite photos show the Bohai Sea and the northern regions of the Huanghai Sea are suffering their worst icy weather in three decades,” says this video on CCTV.In Liaodong Bay, nearly 100 kilometers of surface water off shore has frozen, with ice thickness in some areas measuring more than half a meter. “The icy conditions threaten ships’ navigation, anchoring and operations at ports.”Ships are also having trouble reaching the eastern city of Tianjin, the country’s third largest port.”
        Thanks to “bopshop” for this link
      • Extreme cold and snow across central Europe – 25 Jan 10 – In Turkey, where 528 villages have been cut off  in the east, heavy snow is now causing chaos in the city of Erzurum. Temperatures dropped to minus 10, flights cancelled and no electricity in the city center.In Poland, the big freeze has left more than 10,000 households without heating and lighting.In Romania, the cold has killed 11 people in the last 24 hours, 22 in five days. The outlook remains bleak, with nighttime temperatures expected to plummet to below minus 30.
        Thanks to Tom McHart for this link
      • Coldest in Bulgaria since 1933 – 26 Jan 10 – Dobrich saw the mercury dip to -26C while 17 other municipalities across Bulgaria reported temperatures below -23C. Some towns in the north – Pleven, Rousse and Elhovo – saw temperatures drop to their lowest since 1933, while the mercury reportedly plummeting to a record -32C in the north east.The seaside town of Kaliakra reported -18.8C and negative temperatures prevailed along the entire coast, while Sofia fell to -15C.
        Thanks to Tom McHart for this link
      • Most China ports sea ice in more than 30 years – 26 Jan 10 – In an alert to its members, the American P&I Club says significant amounts of sea ice are building up in some major northern Chinese ports, the most in more than 30 years.The problem is centered around Bohai on the northern Yellow Sea coast, affecting ports such as Bayuquan and Dalian. At Bayuquan, patches of ice 500-600mm thick have formed in some places, while lesser patches have been seen in the immediate vicinity of the port.Three icebreakers are working to avoid delays to ships. .
        Thanks to Tom McHart for this link
      • Turkey – Heavy snowfall blocks access to more than 550 villages
        24 Jan 10 – Snowstorms, heavy rains, and extreme weather affected large parts of Turkey on Saturday. Heavy snowfall in the north blocked road access to more than 550 villages, while temperatures plummeted to -15C. Continuing snowfall is expected to last until next week.Over 30 ships trying to pass through the Bosporus Strait anchored due to winds blowing up to 90 kilometers per hour. The Bosporus, which connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, is temporarily closed to maritime traffic.
        See entire article
        Thanks to Tom McHart for this link
      • Raging snowstorm in eastern Bulgaria, Hemus Highway Closed
        23 Jan 10 – A snowstorm is raging in eastern Bulgaria, with Suvorovo and Valchidoll municipalities being hardest hit. The Hemus highway is closed in both directions, and the port of Varna is shut down due to high winds and low temperatures. Varna airport remains open, working under winter conditions.The Bulgarian Red Cross has warned against unnecessary travel over the weekend because of the extreme cold.
        See entire article:
        Thanks to Tom McHart for this link
      • Harshest winter in decades – 800,000 animals lost in Mongolia
        100,000 homes flattened or damaged in China
        18 Jan 10 – Storms in far western China have flattened or damaged
        about 100,000 homes and killed more than 15,000 head of livestock
        since Sunday night. It’s even worse in Mongolia.
        See 800,000 animals lost in Mongolia
      • First summer snowfall on record in parts of Australia– 18 Jan 10 – Flurries hit southeast Australia as the towns of Bombal and Cooma, both in New South Wales, recorded their first summer snowfalls on record.Snow fell to 3,000 feet (900 metres) above sea level Monday in parts of New South Wales and Victoria states, Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Jane Golding said. “Any time of year, it’s unusual to have snow down that far,” said Golding.
        See entire article:
        Thanks to David Bronzich for this link
      • Floods in Kenya kill 38 – 14 Jan 2010 – Drought in Kenya? Let’s blame “global warming.” Floods in Kenya? The drought is ending? Oh, that’s caused by El Nino.
        Thanks to Stephanie Relfe for this link
      • Record snowfall brings northern Germany to a standstill – 11 Jan 10 – Many rural villages near the Polish border already cut off, with more snow in the forecast. Seven-foot snowdrifts trap motorists in their cars – they can’t open their car doors.
        SeeRecord snowfall brings northern Germany to a standstill
      • How cold is Europe? Even Norway’s buses can’t take it – 8 Jan 2010 – “Bus engine oil is freezing in Norway,” says this article on Yahoo. “Ireland reports the lowest temperature in 50 years, (and) satellite imagery shows the UK swathed entirely in snow, looking like a baby Greenland.”
        See entire great article:
        Thanks to Steven Woodcock for this link
      • Snowing all over Portugal
        10 Jan 2010 – Email from reader
        Hello,Like last year, it’s snowing again, what didn’t happen for decades.Best Regards
        Daniel Melo.

        The link is for Portuguese newspaper website, but is in Portuguese.

        Some Stream Video for you to see:

      • Mercury Dips to New Record Lows in Finland – 7 Jan 2010 – The temperature in Finland reached a record low for this winter on Thursday, when the  temperature at the Kevo research station in Utsjoki, northern Lapland, fell to -36.7 degrees Celsius.This winter’s previous record low was held by Kuusamo, northern Finland, where the temperature dropped to -36.6 degrees Celsius last weekend.–_barely_135281 7.html

      • 8 Jan 2010 – The mercury dropped down to a frigid 37.1 degrees Celsius at Kuusamo airport Friday morning, marking a new record low for the winter.
        Thanks to A.J. for these links
      • Frozen Europe – Several villages completely cut off  – 9 Jan 10 – Germany, Britain, France; heavy snow and freezing cold. Longest cold snap in three decades in Britain. Hundreds of flights canceled, hundreds of trucks stuck for hours, hundreds of accidents on icy streets, supplies of salt and sand running low, roads impassable along northeast Germany’s Baltic coast, several villages completely cut off,  snow so high “that even the snow plows get stuck,” heavy snow snaps power lines in southeastern France, near the Mediterranean, Baltic Sea ice 16-inches thick in places, in Berlin, even the mice seek refuge.
        See entire article:
        Thanks to Guy A. Sloop for this link
      • Britain won’t be prepared for the oncoming cold
        6 Jan 10 – The truth is becoming easier and easier to see, this year i moved back to britain and here in Northern Ireland it december was its coldest for 30 years. The average temperature for the month was 1.5C, way below normal. Some temperatures plummeted to -16C, breaking records. In addition, there are towns that have had snow since before christmas and through to the new year, which is extremely rare. Pipes are bursting and britain has been at a stand still due to this cold. If this continues Britain wont be prepared for the oncoming cold in later years.
        -William Hamill
      • Sweden braces for near-record cold – 5 Jan 10 – According to forecasts by Swedish meteorological agency SMHI, temperatures in the town of Särna in Dalarna, central Sweden, are expected to drop to minus 44 degrees Celsius on Wednesday night, with a daytime high of around 36 degrees below zero.The lowest January temperature ever recorded in Sweden is minus 49 degrees Celsius, most recently in Karesuando, on Sweden’s northern border with Finland.Icy cold temperatures are expected to remain in place for the next several days.
        Thanks to A.J. for this link
      • Record low temperatures in Cuba – 8 Jan 10 – If you want to go to Cuba, take a coat, gloves and scarf, says this article on Ciego de Avila had its lowest ever temperature recorded in January, 5.2C (41F), beating the old record of 6.0C set in 1997. Caibarien had an all-time record low for any month of year with 10.7C, breaking the old record of 10.8 set in 1996.
        Thanks to Joe D’Aleo for this link
      • Deep freeze to continue across Europe – 7 Jan 10 – Last night was one of the coldest nights in decades across northern Europe as temperatures plunged to as low as minus 41C. This after days of heavy snow.Severe winter weather continued across much of the UK Thursday. Parts of the UK remained buried under 40cm of snow, causing transport chaos. Flights were canceled, motorways were closed, and yet another Eurostar train was delayed in the Channel Tunnel. Temperatures dropped to -18C in some areas.The Arctic blast is forecast to continue over much of northern Europe for the next few days.
      • Blizzard set to paralyze southeast Europe
        6 Jan 10 – “German news is warning of a major paralyzing blizzard
        to begin Friday and is urging people to stock up on their emergency
        supplies. Most of Germany will be buried under snow ranging from
        20 to 60 cm with snow drifts several meters high!!”
        See Blizzard set to paralyze southeast Europe

      • Weather panic: UK shoppers empty shelves in rush to stock up – 5 Jan 10  Shoppers yesterday were panic-buying everything from salt and shovels to anti-freeze and wellington boots; comfort food, thermal underwear, hotpots, casseroles, flasks, even cat litter. The last snowfall caught many people by surprise, so this time they’re stocking up just in case.

        Thanks to Steven Woodcock for this link
      • Britain paralysed by snow and freezing weather – 5 Jan 10 – The renewed wave of bitter weather comes as experts predicted that Britain is facing the coldest winter in 100 years, and fears that Britain could be confronted with a shortage of gas. The north of England  is expected to receive more than 6 ins (15cm) of fresh snow by the end of the day
        Britain-paralysed-by-snow-and-freezing-w eather.html
        Thanks to Eunice Farmilant for this link
        “A dose of reality for global warming believers,” says Eunice.
      • Record cold grips Europe, North America and Asia
        4 Jan 10 – The US, Britain, the Swiss Alps, Germany, China, India.
        See Record cold grips Europe, North America and Asia
      • Peru – Mountain people face extinction due to cold –
        Article tries to blame global warming
        3 Jan 10 – Climate change is bringing freezing temperatures to poor villages
        in the Peruvian Andes. Now some families “must choose whether to save the
        animals that give them a living, or their children.”
        SeePeru – Mountain people face extinction due to cold
      • Record snowfall in Beijing could push up food prices – 4 Jan 10 – Up to 30cm (12 inches) of snow fell in Beijing and the neighboring port city of Tianjin over the weekend, leaving more than 30 highways in and around the capital impassable. “Authorities warned that the conditions could push up food prices.”
        Thanks to Icewoman for this link
      • Record snowfall in Seoul – worst since 1951 in Beijing – 4 Jan 10 – Heavy snow and biting cold pummelled North Asia on Monday. The “unusually harsh winter weather” snarled transport across north China and South Korea.Snowfall in Seoul broke a one-day record of 25.6 cm (10 inches), with more in the forecast. And with up to 20 cm (7.8 inches) of snowfall in the city’s far north, the weekend snowfall was the biggest since 1951 in Beijing.
        Thanks to Clay Olson for this link
      • Heavy Snowfall Brings Beijing To A Standstill – 3 Jan 10 – Heavy snow – which is expected to turn still heavier – has blanketed the Chinese capital Beijing, closing major roads and stranding air travelers.Snow is also affecting other areas of northern and north-eastern China, including the port of Tianjin, Inner Mongolia and the provinces of Hebei and Shandong.
        Thanks to John Brown in Ardrossan, Scotland, for this link
      • Dublin airport suspends flights due to snow – 1 Jan 09 – All flights to and from Dublin were suspended on Friday after heavy snowfall on New Year’s Eve. Dublin Bus cancelled services until further notice due to the harsh weather, and Irish rail reported disruptions at major stations.
        Thanks to Steven Woodcock for this link

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