More Shocking Evidence of CNN Hate Speech Hiring Policy

New World Order's Propaganda Henchman Piers Morgan
New World Order’s Propaganda Henchman Piers Morgan

More Shocking Evidence of CNNs Faulty Hiring Policy

How did CNN fail to spot the danger signs when they hired a Fatah activist?

HonestReporting exposed the political agenda of former CNN employee Nidal Rafa including shocking video footage of her verbally abusing Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, calling him a “fascist” at a media event.

We demonstrated how Haifa-born Rafa injected her own personal politics into her “professional” life, manipulating foreign journalists dependent upon her role as a Palestinian translator and fixer.

The evidence presented was disturbing enough. Now, one sharp reader has brought to our attention an article from the September 2005 edition of The Atlantic Monthly (before Nidal Rafa was hired by CNN).

In a feature examining Yasser Arafat’s destructive legacy, David Samuels writes:

Most of my official meetings are arranged for me by two local translators, without whom I am often as helpless as a child. The going rate for a translator with decent contacts is $150 to $200 a day.

N., a hard-core supporter of Fatah, speaks seven languages, including German, Italian, Arabic, and Hebrew.

She was born in Haifa and carries an Israeli passport. She was recommended to me by a Palestinian functionary in Ramallah who welcomed the opportunity to monitor my movements and contacts.

N.’s loyalty to Fatah means that she has connections that more neutral translators lack; when she hands off unmarked packages to men who dart out of storefronts and alleyways near al-Manara Square, in Ramallah, I decide that it is best to play dumb.

Her favorite game is to drive the wrong way through oncoming traffic at checkpoints as the soldiers draw their guns and order us to stop. “Sahafia – journalist!” she will shout, leaving me to plead our case.

A female Palestinian fixer born in Haifa with a politicized background. Sound familiar? We think so. It is becoming even clearer that Nidal Rafa has a long history of Palestinian activism that precludes providing objective and neutral support for the foreign press.

So why did CNN (and other media outlets) hire her as a producer? It’s time that CNN and the rest of the foreign media working in Israel put in place proper safeguards to prevent infiltration by Palestinian activists.

Too much reporting from the region is already tainted by politicized agendas without adding the likes of Nidal Rafa into the equation.

via More Shocking Evidence of CNNs Faulty Hiring Policy.


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