Remembering Obama’s OWN Wikileaks: Releases Bush’s War On Terrorism Planning Documents. Refuses To Release His Own Birth Certificate

2853343332_a8fe0f362d1Colonel slams Obamas release of Bush memos

A former Army colonel says President Obama gave all the terrorists planning to do “bad things” to the United States a huge assurance today when he released memos from the Bush presidency regarding interrogation techniques for such suspects.

The actions were “bad form, bad tactics, bad strategy until this war is over,” according to retired U.S. Army Col. Bob Maginnis.

He spoke with Greg Corombos of Radio America/WND. The audio of the exchange is embedded here:

“Were at war,” he continued. “Its a strategic mistake on the part of the president to release the details on how we will address would-be or confirmed terrorists who may have information that could lead us to stop pending attacks.

“I find it unacceptable completely.”

The officer noted theres “a distinction between knowing for certain what your enemy is going to do and suspecting what your enemy is going to do.”

Media speculation has given terrorists enough information to “suspect.”

Obama now has “removed any doubt.”

“Terrorists who are preparing to do terrible things to our country, and their minions, now can steel their minds to potential techniques,” Maginnis said.

He also said the techniques – ranging from waterboarding to sleep deprivation and slapping – “seem to be rather benign given what goes on the world.”

America soldiers now are dedicated to keeping their country safe, he said. Politicians should not “take away actual tools or implied tools” they need.

via Colonel slams Obamas release of Bush DOCUMENTS.