Murder At Fort Bragg North Carolina, 3 Days Before The Murder Of Judge John Rolls And The Wounding Of Gabrielle Giffords: U.S. Intelligence Officer Found Dead From Single Gunshot Wound.

ERIK PETERSEN/CHRONICLE The procession for Capt. Jeremiah Sipes moves through Lindley Park toward Sunset Hills Cemetery Monday morning.

U.S. Army criminal investigators believe the shooting death of a Belgrade soldier at Fort Bragg, N.C., on New Year’s Day was a homicide.

A hunter found Capt. Jeremiah Sipes, 33, dead from a single gunshot wound, investigators said in a prepared statement released Wednesday.

The Army agents are “treating this as a homicide investigation and have no evidence or reason to believe at this time that the death was self-inflicted,” they wrote.

Although all possibilities are being explored, one theory is that Sipes was shot by a hunter while he was jogging on a running trail at Fort Bragg.

An autopsy has been conducted but authorities did not release details of the report.

Sipes graduated from Belgrade High School in 1996 and received a bachelor’s degree in business from Montana State University in 2006.

After graduating college, Sipes worked for MSU Army ROTC for about a year, military sciences department liaison Maria McKinney said Wednesday.

Officials with the 82nd Airborne Division said Sipes was the squadron intelligence officer for the 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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The trail is usually closed during hunting season, which ended New Year’s Day. The army has yet to officially rule the death an accidental shooting pending a further investigation.

Governor Brian Schweitzer ordered U.S. and state flags to be flown at half-staff on Monday in honor of Fort Bragg soldier Jeremiah Sipes. His funeral will be held at the Dahl Funeral Chapel in Bozeman, Montana. He will then be laid to rest in Sunset Hills Cemetery, reports the Belgrade News.

Murder Tragedy in Arizona–Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot

A murderer in Tucson Arizona shot 19 people, and killed 5. One of the people shot in the head was U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. At the time of this writing she is alive.

Judge John Roll Overturned The Unconstitutional Brady Bill. Judge Roll Was Murdered In The Gabrielle Gifford's Shooting.
Judge John Roll Overturned The Unconstitutional Brady Bill. Judge Roll Was Murdered In The Gabrielle Gifford’s Shooting.

U.S. Federal Judge John Roll was killed. Like all of you, I am in a state of shock trying to make sense of the absolutely senseless. The only thing we need to do right now is send as much love and many prayers to all of the families. We don’t know why this occurred, and any theorizing without facts would be irresponsible and compound the tragedy.