Convicted Felon George Soros: Buying Off Corrupt Politicians To Destroy Elections For America’s Judicial System:

Corrupt Billionaire Soros’ campaign to kill judicial elections

If Americans have it and it is good, George Soros will destroy it.

This monster has become a one-man wrecking crew of anything that represents morality or conservatism- everything from Capitalism to Catholicism to the Tea Party movement.

Strangely enough, he’s done it all with money, the very entity that he wants to steal from the rest of us. Far Left liberals like Soros tell us that money is “Greed”, success is overrated, and wealth must be redistributed. Instead of using his wealth to pay off the government debt or house the homeless, Soros prefers to use his wealth to destroy our freedom, our way of life.

How’s he doing it?

Well, Soros and his billions are the genius behind, the organization which funds political candidates with a far-left ideology. We all know that money wins elections. Funding these candidates not only gives Soros the help they need to succeed, it gives Soros the power he craves.

When Soros talks, liberals listen. was the main funding machine behind the Secretary of State Project, a concerted effort to get far-left candidates into the office of Secretary of State in 7 major swing states where close elections were common.

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This “project” worked beautifully in Minnesota, a state that elected Mark Ritchie– a radical who worked for ACORN and is on the steering committee of the Apollo Alliance (the far-left organization which wrote the Stimulus bill). Ritchie is the reason that Al Franken is a U.S. Senator. He allowed ACORN to do their dirty work, turned his head as felons voted in droves, created chaos through the absentee ballot system, and refused to push Voter ID in the state. Richie not only gave us Franken, he gave the dems the 60 votes needed to push through any bill they wanted, including the Health Care Law.

We have George Soros to thank for socialized health care.

I somehow think that old George won’t be sitting on a “death panel” anytime soon….

Soros is also the brains behind the Center for American Progress, a radical left-wing think-tank which is currently headed by John Podesta and is a constant force in Obama’s ear. CAP is the organization that wrote the script for handling the BP oil spill, pushing for a moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf.

Why is this important? Because their founder, Soros, had just invested millions into deep-water drilling in Brazil. When the oil rigs leave the Gulf, they will go to Brazil and make Soros a ton of money.

Then he can use his new fortune to get more American radicals in office.

Oh, but there’s more…

As reported by WND: “A new report released today by the American Justice Partnership reveals that radical progressive billionaire George Soros has spent some $45 million in recent years on efforts to make sure voters have little or no say in which candidates become judges.

He’s spent $45 Million to influence our judiciary?

Yup, that’s right. Soros has plugged the cash into left-wing action groups which are attempting to “remake the judiciary and fundamentally change the way judges are selected in the United States.” It seems that 39 states have some form of ballot judicial elections- which hold these judges accountable to the people. Soros wants to see a “merit” selection process instead, one in which there is a special panel that makes a list of judicial candidates from which the governor would choose to appoint.

The power to elect judges would be transferred from the American people to this panel, a group of individuals who are not elected and who would be accountable to no one. Soros is working to rid all conservative leaning justices from consideration by getting individuals on these panels who represent left-of-center ideology such as members of trial lawyers associations and other legal elites.

Control the special panel and you control the judiciary.

The rationale of Soros’ plan is explained this way: The public is too stupid to make informed decisions about judges, therefore, using a “merit system” would ensure that judges who are appointed are qualified. Sandra Day O’Connor is a proponent of this “merit system”. She claims that voters are “too unsophisticated to evaluate judges”.

Face it folks, the Left thinks of us as “Useful Idiots”.

Hey, didn’t Lenin have useful idiots?

Soros set up The Open Society Institute ($2B in assets) which is funding organizations hell-bent on destroying the values of the Catholic Church. In the wake of the 2004 elections, groups fraudulently claiming to be “Catholic” sprang up to deceive practicing Catholics into voting for pro-choice candidates. Many liberal bishops have been complicit in this deceit, walking in lock-step with the dems. “Catholics For Choice”, “Catholics In Alliance for the Common Good”, and “Catholics United” are all examples of organizations funded by Soros. They promote anti-Catholic values, in essence, skewing average Catholics into thinking that Catholic doctrine includes things like abortion.

The Open Society Institute also funds organizations that promote global warming, wealth redistribution, and socialism.

Soros is now taking on the Tea Party with a new website called “” It is supported by the NAACP and Soro’s-funded organizations like the Center for American Progress and Media Matters. It’s designed to overthrow the grassroots political efforts of the Tea Party. The website fraudulently portrays Tea Partiers as racists, people who use the “N” word, spit on congressmen, and portray hate.

They obviously threaten old George.

It seems Soros has ties to another group called, a PAC that claims to be “bipartisan” but supports mostly democratic candidates. It’s trying to elect Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to office “regardless of party”, but in the past 4 years has given $228,700 to Democratic Party candidates and only $15,100 to Republican candidates.


Oh, and did I mention that endorsed Barack Obama in the last election, not John McCain, the war veteran?


We don’t know exactly why George Soros is spending his fortune on destroying America, but if we look to his own words, we may find part of the answer:

“The Main Obstacle to a stable and just World Order is the United States.”

Convicted Felon – George Soros

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It seems that the main obstacle to freedom in the United States may just be a man named George Soros.

True North

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