Iceland For 2nd Time: Refuses To Bailout Banksters For Their Gambling Debts ~ Shows United States How!

Unlike Americans, the people of Iceland were allowed to vote on bailing out the banksters. They voted overwhelmingly against the proposal on Saturday despite the intimidation tactics of the globalist loan sharking operation, the International Monetary Fund.

Iceland did something unthinkable in the United States — it went after the banksters and their minions.

Way to go Iceland. The people should not have to pay back the bankster’s gambling debt.

Before the Global Economic 911 (inside job) Tsunami hit – Iceland was presumably “sovereign” – This IMF card trick has been played before in Central, South America, Africa, Asia, and is now coming home to roost in Europe, and the Americas. It is the engine of One World Govt.

Just after the “implosion / collapse” of 2008 – Iceland applied to join the European Union (on 16 July 2009). The application was accepted by the European Council on 27 July 2009. Iceland’s government has (had) a target date of 2012 for joining the bloc, which will be subject to a referendum in Iceland. BUT…. As part of the European Economic Area, Iceland is already a member of the EU’s single market. It is also a member of the Schengen Area which removes border controls between member states. Say goodbye to sovereignty, and autonomy.

* Now we can see what happens to Centralized economies by analyzing the situation in Greece! Unable to make currency corrections, and reset the national economy… Greece was handcuffed by the International Cabals. These globalists use their financial pressure to steal from the people to funnel GDP’s into their own pockets, thereby consuming REAL wealth in exchange for fiat loans.

Before all of this, Iceland was set to become the world’s leader in Alternative Energy by using natural Geo Thermal means to produce, and stockpile Hydrogen Cells. Did this threaten the current power structure and NWO Control? Will Iceland be the next Libya?

Now that Iceland is threatening to quit its cooperation with the IMF (and the others MF’s) punishment cannot be far behind. We can speculate on what that might be, “Weather Wars” (as noted in the video below) Al CIA duh (False Flag Terror) Economic terror, riots, mass inflation, stealing of Resources, famine, and war… All of these methods have been used against citizens and nations for decades. (To learn more check out Greg Palast’s works, and Former World Bank Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz’s whistle blowing about the IMF PLAN.)