Rothschild’s Money Laundering Matrix: The International Banking Cabalists ~ The Richest 1% Are Fascists!

Monday is here but I am six hours ahead of the US and it is morning here, so there’s no news to speak of yet. There will be. This is a little dated, by about a week, Max Keiser nails the situation; a little mellower than he has been of late. It’s clear as crystal that the root of all evil is exactly that and those in whom it is blooming are the enemy of humanity.

The bankers are the problem. The bankers manufacture recessions and depressions to exert a greater control over social and political structures. The bankers create and finance the wars on both sides of the conflicts.

The bankers orchestrate famine, poverty and want. The bankers control the policies that control the media and the education system that is operated to maintain ignorance in the public so that they can be shorn like sheep. The bankers launder the drug money and keep drugs illegal. The bankers are the problem.


(Reuters Owned By Rothschild) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an audience Friday “never waste a good crisis,” Sat Mar 7, 2009 The Banking Cabal’s NWO Campaign Is Doing Just That ~ They’re Making It Bigger!
  1. Obama: I Will Own The World For The Rich, The Left Wing Elite Hedge Funders – Just Ask Chelsea

Asked about his recent comments regarding how authorities in the United States were “setting the stage for violence in this country,” Presidential candidate Ron Paul elaborated on how the federal government was preparing for a “breakdown in law and order.”

  1. Obama Preparing For Civil Unrest In America: Obama’s Surreptitiously Built Concentration Camps

“They’re planning for any provision,” Paul told the Alex Jones Show, adding that the federal government is very much aware of history.

“You can have a breakdown of law and order so the people will unfortunately be begging for stabilization, and they’ll be inviting the federal government to come in and destabilize things, so I think they’re making plans along those lines,” said the Texas Congressman.

Responding to a question about whether such preparations were about a power grab on behalf of the federal government, Paul responded, “That’s their goal, it’s all about power.”


  1. Occupy Wall Street Journal Is Funded By George Soros, Tide Soap, Code Pink, and Michael Moore.

When pressed who the “they” were, Paul named the Federal Emergency Management Agency, who have come in for harsh criticism from the Congressman in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

Riots that emerged largely as a consequence of economic hardships have gripped Europe and the Middle East over the past 18 months, although little significant unrest has so far been seen in the United States.

However, many expect the situation to only become more volatile as America teeters on the brink of a double-dip recession.

With disapproval of Congress at an all time high as citizens are more disenfranchised with their political leadership than ever before, political commentators like pollster Pat Caddell have warned that many Americans are now “pre-revolutionary”.

Here’s The Guy In Charge Of The Banking War Waged Against The United States To Hide His Counterfeit Fiat Money aka; ‘Derivatives’ ~ Jacob Rothschild And He Lives In England!

Preparations for civil unrest in the United States have long been on the books, but those plans have recently been refreshed.

Immediately following the riots in the UK, the NYPD announced that it was training police to deal with disobedience, “should out-of-control riots break out here”.

As we reported three years ago, U.S. troops returning from Iraq were being re-allocated to occupy America, running checkpoints and training to deal with “civil unrest and crowd control” under the auspices of a Northcom program that revolved around deploying 20,000 active duty troops inside America to “help” state and local officials during times of emergency.

  1. Obama: U.S. Troops to Leave Iraq | Cato @ Liberty
  2. Nobel Peace Prize-President Surreptitiously Starts 8th US Battlefront In Uganda, Africa

The date set for the completion of this program was 2011.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, September 1, 2011


Only Thing To Watch Out For Is The 2012 Rothschild London Olympics!

In their arrogance, convinced that by 2012 Europe will have become that socialist-like superstate and the global NWO (European Union/North American Union (SPP)(EU/NAU) will be a fact, they will celebrate the London 2012 Olympics with the historical Venus rising and transit on Solar Maximum 2012 with a Nazi-Germany style Olympic Games (Berlin -1936) in order to demonstrate the power and reality of this Resurrected Old World Order aka; (New World Order) and their supporters to the entire world.

Please Remember, The British System Is DEAD and Below, describes the modus operandi of Rothschild, in their attempt to save their mafia banking system. This attempt is called New World Order Scheme, however, in reality it is nothing more than an attempt to hold onto their Old World Order Scheme! George Soros the convicted felon, is running all over America in attempts to establish (insider trading deals and buy off Judges and congress) in their vain attempts. But we cannot take this lightly, as they are putting our working class out of work and preparing us for socialism/centralization to funnel more money to their London banks.

Rothschild is an organized crime group (in the U.S., its the polarizing by democrats & rinos) that claims religious and racial persecution when attacked by conservatives….

So the first thing they will try, to defend their assets, is shutting down their opponants internet sites with charges of “anti-Semitism,” and accusations that their opponants are “White Supremists who are haters of all those who are non-White”.

If that doesn’t silence their critics, they will set up an incident that provokes a Black vs White race war and we will be too busy killing each other to chase them.

If that doesn’t work for them, they will do another phoney Muslim terror attack and Iran will get the blame, then their stooge, Obummer, will call for a draft and the government will force our young people to kill innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq for their enrichment. Again we will be too distracted to oppose them.

We need to find a Conservative Godfather (We The People Must Now Stand Up) and protect him with hundreds of (Constitutional Militias) armed men . Then we need to arrest the Rothschilds and their mafia and confiscate their stolen loot.


  1. H.R. 645: National Emergency Centers Establishment Act: Military bases
  2. Military Industrial Complex Prepares Mass Graves for U.S. Citizens – Arizona, Just South Of Nevada!
  3. British Central Banking Cartel : Orchestrating A Police State In America

There are of course all the coffins on leased land in other places. Economic collapse, rising fuel costs preventing food distribution bringing starvation and rioting of the unprepared and unsuspecting of what awaits the world. The rips in the ozone by use of HAARP brings increased tragedy to the pole shift. Get a UV indicator to watch for the time you need to remain out of the sun. Anyone that goes out during that time will die painfully but relatively quickly from the radiation.

You need independence in power generation, food, & seeds, water, a safe room away from the radiation of the sun, emergency medical supplies including for radiation from the coming chain of nuclear accidents across the US too. I expect the planned accidents to happen at a later time after the false peace. This is a recycling of the same processes used during WWII. The commies are well prepared against us this time, and have brought the war to our own doorstep. Even the term “(Homeland) Security” is germanic, like all the indoctrination in the US military.

You need to teach the public also about that. Go to the interviews on youtube; “Kay Griggs talks”. This abomination has entered the catholic church too. Fortunately a great many of the good people of Germany have turned to God. The bad guys are allowing (under the UN flag of course), many foreign armies to make beachead use of military bases.

They are amassing troops and their supplies, logistics etc…in mexico too, to prepare for entry into the US, as the debt allows them to finance their own preparations for the ploe shift and collapse. Our own sons and daughters will police us and end up assisting foreign military to put temp survivors into FEMA death camps.

  2. Bombshell Drops From Child Actor: “The No. 1 Problem In Hollywood Was And Is And Always Will Be Pedophilia” : Demon’s Kiss!

With starvation comes diseases.

Anyone getting on the trains in chains will enter the camps as in the last war, and the cross contamination and needles taken, will do the rest, as work and living conditions will kill millions.

David Maccullum

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