New Evidence of Obama Document Fraud: New Lawsuit Being Filed in Hawaii

In our last press release, we stated that we had been doing some investigative work, but could not detail our location, due to the sensitive nature of the work we were doing. At this point, The Birther Summit is able to state that our investigation encompassed the greater Honolulu area, where, for two weeks, we were able to uncover key pieces of evidence regarding what are believed by many to be fraudulent documents that have been released to the public.

While we are not yet at liberty to discuss the details of the evidence, due to specific restraints placed upon us by counsel, please be aware that we are merely experiencing the calm before the storm. Once there is a lawsuit filed in Honolulu, we are confident that counsel will allow us to share the vital evidence that will be presented to the court for scrutiny, so that the citizens of this country will be able to weigh it for themselves.

In anticipation of the release of that information, we are currently visiting key individuals in multiple cities to establish pipelines of information, due to the expansive media blackout concerning anything regarding Barack Obama’s ineligibility, and the multiple crimes that have been committed by and for him to accomplish his illegal tenure in the White House.

From Honolulu, we headed straight to Phoenix, AZ where we had a lengthy meeting with the lead investigator in Sheriff Joe Arpaio‘s Cold Case Posse. In that meeting, we were able to establish a working relationship whereby we shared the information we had uncovered in our investigation, as well as committed to sharing any future data, including the proceedings of the lawsuit that will be filed soon. Based upon that meeting, we are confident in Sheriff Joe’s investigation, as we encountered the highest level of law enforcement professionalism.

After our stay in Phoenix, we headed to Texas for meetings in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston beforedean_at_alamo concluding this nearly four-week venture. In these meetings, we are sharing this newly acquired information, and enlisting vital assistance in disseminating it to the country when we are given a green light to do so from counsel. We are hoping that it will be no more than a couple weeks before we are able to release this new information, and that this information will garner the national attention it deserves.

As an additional note to those who have generously donated to The Birther Summit efforts, our current initiatives are fully funded by benefactors specifically for the purposes of these initiatives, and are not funded by the general funds of The Birther Summit.

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