Hillary Clinton, Bathhouse Barry, & Jeremiah Wright’s ‘Gay Cover’ At Trinity Church: 3 Gays Murdered ‘Coup De Gras’ Within 6 weeks!

Dr. Jerome Corsi has bravely broken the longstanding embargo on talking about Jeremiah Wright’s “Down Low Club” at Trinity United Church of Christ here in Chicago.  You can read his article on this HERE, via WND.

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obama sodomy

Like “Fight Club”, the first rule of the “Down Low Club” is to never talk about the “Down Low Club”.  If you do, you will be murdered.  That’s not a joke.  There were a string of murders from 2005-2007 that involved men who were killed because they had knowledge of Jeremiah Wright’s Down Low Club and the closeted gay black men who partook in the club’s orchestrated cover-up of their homosexuality.

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In Corsi’s article, he talks about three of the murders (including Donald Young, whom you may have heard of).  I also believe a string of bizarre assassination-style killings in Boystown around that same time are also linked to the Down Low Club…but these were white men on the north side of Chicago who were murdered in their apartments by someone the police here never would admit was a serial killer.

I moved to Chicago in the spring of 2005 and back then the strip of gay clubs called Halsted was plastered with flyers warning guys to be careful with whom they were bringing home since a murderer was loose killing guys who frequented the bars in Boystown; for those who can remember back to the 90s, this is the same area where Jeffrey Dahmer picked up some of his victims.  Chicago was also where John Wayne Gacy (a delegate for Jimmy Carter!) also hunted.

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Back then, Mayor Daley did his best to cover up the murders and the corrupt, vintage media worked as a Ministry of Truth (Minitrue for short) for Democrats, as always. “Nothing to see here! Move along!” was the motto of the day, but it never made sense why the killings just stopped at around three guys or why those guys in particular were chosen by the killer.

In 2007, when Donald Young was murdered in his home around Christmas I was already working on the Hillary Clinton campaign and was told repeatedly by my black friends that Young was killed because he started talking to people about Barack Obama being gay.

Hillary’s campaign knew about Obama’s antics on the Chicago gay scene where he was jokingly known as “Bathhouse Barry”.  What conservatives don’t understand is that Hillary couldn’t use anything salacious she had on Obama because she needed the black vote behind her if she won the nomination.

Hillary’s hands were always tied when it came to nuking Obama with his homosexuality because if it was tied back to her then blacks would be alienated from the Clintons forever since they “went there” and “ruined” the first viable black presidential candidate.

There’s another reason that Hillary Clinton would never out Barack Obama and it’s simply that — despite what the obsessive Hillary-haters have felt for twenty-odd-years — the woman is actually a very nice person who just never wanted to go nuclear on anyone.

That right there might mean she wouldn’t have made a good President, if she isn’t willing to dump her biggest weapons on an enemy…but I will leave that up to you to decide for yourself.

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To this day, people in Chicago are still scared about being murdered for talking about Barack Obama being gay or about what goes on at Trinity United with the still-active “Down Low Club”.  Young, gay, black men are mentored into the club and are eventually paired up with often unattractive and difficult to deal with straight black women who never have boyfriends (since guys don’t want to have anything to do with them).

A friend of mine in the “Think Squad” of prominent black professionals I talk to regularly calls these women “heifers” and says it’s very common for “cake boys” to be paired up with “heifers” so that “dummies are fooled” into thinking they are straight.

Besides the Obamas, famous examples of this are Steadman Graham and Oprah Winfrey (he’s gay, while she’s just plain nasty and conceited), Star Jones and her gay husband whatever his name was, Terry McMillan and Jonathan Plummer (who eventually came out and left her), and Will Smith and Jada Pinckett (who are actually both gay…which is really rare in these arranged marriages because typically gay guys are not married to lesbians for some reason).

It’s kind of hilarious that straight people can’t see this stuff for what it really is, but then again for many years people believed that Rock Hudson and Elton John were both really married to women for love, too.

In retrospect, that’s laughable and crazy…but so will it be in about 5-10 years when the truth about Barack and Michelle Obama comes out as well.  And it will come out, too, as soon as people are no longer afraid of being murdered for talking about it.

Chicago is ruled by fear.  Living here, people are terrified of the City coming after them with tickets and fines for all sorts of things.  Literally, the City tries to trick you into getting parking tickets by posting sets of signs that restrict parking in ways more Byzantine and tangled than the logic problems on an LSAT exam.

Then there’s the very real fear of ever saying and doing something to offend an Alderman…who will often times set out on a course of vengeance against you that results in all manner of fines, your losing your lease, your business license being taken away, etc.

These guys operate with impunity like mafia Dons in most cases. If you run afoul of the Democrat Party here in some way, you could lose your job if pressure is applied against your boss to fire you…or you’ll just be beaten by goons hired by precinct captains and ward bosses one day.

The police will show interest in ever investigating your beating…or your murder if it was politically ordered by Democrats or friends of Democrats. When you land at O’Hare or Midway and see Al Capone’s face on shot glasses and tee shirts just know that his spirit is very much alive in this city, especially with Rahm Emanuel in the Mayor’s office.

Rahm is gay too.  I have friends who have slept with him.  And, yes, he’s a total bottom if that’s not too much information for you.  For years, Rahm has exclusively hired little gay interns who resemble the Hollywood stars that Rahm years for (if you go to the Mayor’s office and see a lot of guys who look like Zac Ephron hanging around, well now you know why).

Rahm’s also been very generous politically with his toy boys…ultimately graduating many of them from his stable into choice positions in law firms and brokerage houses by using his political connections.

A lot of these guys are straight, too, by the way…but that’s called “gay for pay” when good looking straight guys and gym bunnies essentially prostitute themselves to older gay men for the chance at gaining access to high-paying careers in a bad economy.

You probably don’t want to know what some straight guys are willing to do for a while to land big careers in Chicago.  This stuff has been happening for years and is very similar to the way Hollywood studios are run. Very few big name male actors made it to the top without being a bottom for a while on casting couches “paying their dues” to the gay producers, directors, and executives who promised them big things down the line.

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Rahm Emanuel is worse than Barney Frank in a lot of ways, but everyone’s always been too terrified of him to speak openly about the things he does. He’s sent people dead fish as warnings…has screamed naked at people in the Congressional gym…and here in Chicago as Mayor he holds the Sword of Damocles over a great many heads with the ability to summon any number of goons to persecute and harass people at will.

This is what happens when Democrats are re-elected to office over and over again for generations in a city like Chicago.

All this will end one day, because if enough people ridicule the likes of Rahm and Obama the fear people have will vanish.  Ridicule is the antidote to fear.  Conservative writers never want to touch these topics because they’re afraid of being blackballed for talking about Rahm or Obama being blueballed and jonesing for the old days when they could just head to the baths any time they want and engage in the activities they liked doing with other guys.

Take a look at Erik Erikson at RedState for instance.  Do you notice how he’s slowly readjusting what he writes to suit Minitrue’s narratives now that he’s working for CNN and wants to eventually be a full-time personality there?

When the big money is pushed in front of conservative writers, they lose interest in writing stories that damage the Left and instead think about all the cool things they’ll get to buy when they sell out completely to Minitrue’s wishes.

I’m surprised Dr. Corsi has put everything on the line and taken on the Trinity United story and the Down Low Club.  He’s a brave, brave man.  No doubt, he’ll have speaking engagements canceled and will have trouble booking himself on radio and TV shows in the future because when you start telling the secrets about gay politicians there are consequences for you personally and professionally.

Minitrue will punish you…but other conservatives will as well since they want to stay in Minitrue’s good graces (in hopes they can become the next Erik Erikson).

A lot of the stuff that people don’t know is because Minitrue doesn’t want you to know any of this…since it hurts Democrats.

But, it’s all there.  Like I’ve said a thousand times already, people talk about this stuff NONSTOP in the bars and gay clubs here in Chicago.  It’s not a secret to any of us on the ground.  Every black person I know has intimate knowledge of the Down Low Club.  It’s as well-known as the gospel choir and serves as distinct and important a purpose.

Every black church has a “program” like the Down Low Club, though few to none will call it that.  Some white Baptist churches have misguided efforts like this too…where clearly gay men are pushed to marry the women in the church that no straight men wants.

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This prevents the women from becoming spinsters and gives the gay guys the beards they need to be productive (and reproductive, in cases like Obama’s) members of society.  What better way to disappear the gay guys in your congregation while simultaneously getting rid of the women that have bad attitudes or are too ugly for straight guys to want anything to do with?

I know it’s bizarre to come to the realization that a closeted gay black man is currently President of the United States…but that is reality, folks.  I’ve told you before that I had an aunt who was in LOVE with Liberace all through the 70s and into the 80s…and even ten years after his death she STILL would not admit the man was gay.

I heard from my cousin that it was only about five years ago that she FINALLY took down the pictures she had of him in the little shrine she’d created of his memorabilia (and sold it all on eBay).  There are older women I know who still walk around brokenhearted over Rock Hudson.

In a few years, the teenyboppers of today will be doing the same thing over Taylor Lautner, Zac Ephron, and Leonardo DiCaprio.  I don’t know why straight people have such a hard time sometimes picking out gay guys…but then again, I’m oblivious to most closeted lesbians so maybe it’s something that only gay guys can spot in each other.

Trinity United has a lot to lose and will not respond well to Dr. Corsi’s expose. I expect the blowback to be fierce. I hope he’s ready for it.  There are a lot of powerful and influential black gay men in Chicago who had their marriages of convenience arranged through Jeremiah Wright who will not want their covers blown.  A few Bears players.  Doctors.  Lawyers. Political figures. Ministers. CEOs.  You name it.

And, of course, the current President of the United States too.

But you already knew that.

Jefferson’s Rebels

Is Barack Obama Gay?

Since at least the 1964 election, the agenda-driven media in this country has aggressively promoted the Left’s favored candidates in every election while strategically targeting conservatives for destruction. A copy of the Alinsky Rules for Radicals sits in every newsroom in the country, where “journalists” employ Alinsky Methods to polarize, ostracize, ridicule, and impugn Republicans at every available opportunity.  In the zeal to destroy conservative politicians, the agenda-drive media quite often reports rumors and innuendo as concrete fact. Leftist websites like Politico.com rush to be first! in reporting Republican scandals, never much worrying about being “right”.

  1. 50 States Where HIV/AIDS Kills More Than Double The People Than Do Cars – Suicide – Violence – & War!

A real double-standard’s in play when it comes to accusations made about politicians: if a Democrat’s being accused of anything, the agenda-driven media attacks the accuser, digging up any dirt it has on the person and mobilizing the Alinsky Goon Squads to annihilate this perceived opponent of the Left; if it’s a Republican who’s been accused of anything, the agenda-driven media heralds the accuser as the bravest and most courageous person on the planet for coming forward with dirt on the conservative in the race.

If you have followed Barack Hussein Obama’s meteoric rise to power, you’ve noticed that anyone asking questions about his background typically finds him or herself on the receiving end of the Alinsky Attack Machine.  Any criticism of Obama is called RAAACIST!  Anyone who inquires about the many mysteries surrounding his “missing years” or his activities while in college and in his early days in Chicago is called every name in the book in the efforts to discredit that questioner.




Why is that?

What’s Barack Obama hiding…and what is the Left going to such lengths to keep hidden?

Could it all boil down to something as simple as Barack Obama being gay?

Is THAT what all the enigma, subterfuge, and Alinsky Goon Squad assaults are all really about?

Is Barack Obama our first down-low, closeted gay President and is Michelle Antoinette Obama our first fully-complicit “beard” of a First Lady?

As the agenda-driven media is always so quick to say when a conservative is accused of anything:  you be the judge.


obama globe

Checkout Globe Magazine’s October 1st issue (on newsstands September 21st) for another story on Barack Obama’s days as “Bathhouse Barry”

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The Men Barack Obama Has Dated or Had Strangely Intimate Relationships With that No One Can Explain:

[ Pakistani “roommate” whom Barack Obama lived with during college; this is apparently the same man that Obama traveled to Pakistan (or as Obama calls it, POCK-ee-STAHan) with in the 1980s when American citizens were not allowed into the country. This is the trip where Barack Obama used his Indonesian passport to get into Pakistan instead of using his American passport. There have never been two straight males in the history of the world who have sat on the couch together like this. ]

Obama and Pakistanit Gay Boyfriend1-300x245
Obama and Pakistanit Gay Boyfriend

obama gay

harold kumar obama

[ Actor Kal Penn (whom Barack Obama dated from 2008 during his campaign until 2009 when Penn was given a mysterious role in the White House to fill; Penn abruptly left the White House after possibly being sexually harassed or otherwise breaking up with Barack Obama). ]


Obama Reggie Love
Obama Reggie Love

obama reggie

[ You can already read the distance between Reggie Love and Barack Obama growing in the middle photo above, with the two men inside what might be either Marine One or a small plane. On November 10th, 2011 the White House issued a press release announcing Barack Obama’s breakup with Reggie Love, whom the White House identified as Obama’s favorite “body man”.

  1. Milking Harvey Milk & Obama’s U.S. Epidemic Of Pornography ~ A National Emergency!
  2. Breaking -> Immigration Records Missing For Week Of Obama’s Birth: Passport Witness To Testify Against Obama ~ Shot “Coup de gras” Outside Church!

No clue was given at the time as to who the next man in the President’s life would be. Love parted ways with Obama amicably, fist-bumping on his way out of the Oval…and smiling because of a big “severance package” arranged by wealthy banking friends of Obama to keep Love quiet and to ensure he was not tempted to write a tell-all book or sell his story to the Enquirer after leaving Obama’s stable of males.  John F. Kennedy did this with scores of women, while Barack Obama was scoring with guys. ]

Reggie Love
Reggie Love

* How did Barack Obama notice and then win Reggie Love over?  Rare look inside period where they initially began their odd relationship — 9/30/2012

* Reggie Love says Obama is afraid of germs and needs to constantly have Purell around.

* When Reggie Love left the White House abruptly, he was given a “very generous” financial payday by Orin Kramer, an Obama supporter who is managing partner of Boston Provident.

Do you notice how many Drudge Report stories seem to be set up as clues that Obama and Reggie Butt were gay male anal masturbators?

* “Obama leads like he plays”, says Reggie Love…link to a CNN article that includes video of Love talking so you can hear his voice — switch on your gaydar — 8/27/2012

* David Frum over at Daily Beast weighs in on Barack Obama being gay — 8/8/2012

* Reggie Love dispatched to the Olympics like he’s a member of the First Family…typically this is something the First Lady is sent to do, not a male with a weird personal connection to the President — 8/9/2012

* Obama says he called Reggie Love to tell him he “missed him” — 12/28/2011

* Interview with Reggie Love talking about how much time he spends with Obama, how many meals they eat together, the things they do together — 12/21/2011

Here’s some of the innuendo that Drudge Report has run on Obama and Reggie Love while linking stories that feature Love.  The key is to look at the stories that are posted around the one with Reggie Love and Obama in them; there will be a picture or words in the other stories that make a joke about Obama and Reggie Love being gay lovers and its up to Drudge’s readers to pick up on the innuendo.  Like this:

Reggie Love


[ This one is Drudge making a little play on words….there’s the death threat against President story…then Reggie love saying “don’t trust your dirty hands”…then a story about parasites gnawing through eyeballs…and then a pic of some gusher squirting milky white stuff everywhere.  Parasites…a one-eyed something or another mentioned…things squirming around…something shooting hot liquids into the air…innuendo, folks.

Think about it.  He could have run any picture he wanted for Yosemite…like trees, or a cabin, or a map…and he could have positioned these stories in any order on the site…but they sort of tell a story when you read them horizontally like this.  It’s a little game Matt Drudge is playing with people who read him often enough]

[ This one was fun. It’s the pictures this time that tell the innuendo.  Hot football guys stretching and looking at each other.  Obama staring at himself in the mirror (the thing he loves most in the world).  A pic of the Romneys on their wedding day. And a pic of Reggie Love and Obama together.  Taken as a whole it’s a tableau that leaves out any woman for Obama, and has him surrounded instead by his own narcissism, hot guys, and his “body man” Reggie when Romney is in the most heterosexual picture that’s publishable.]

[ This is another instance where picture choice made the innuendo.  Here’s Obama and Reggie Love together…then Obama opening wide with something creamy in front of him.  You do the math on that.  Also look where Reggie’s head is in relation to the second picture.  If the pic of Reggie was a full body pic…Obama’s face would be in Reggie’s loins. ]

[ This one is a succession of words starting with Matt Damon’s “rip Obama again” bit (don’t make me explain that, but thing of harm happening during sex that two guys might have)…then there’s the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner reference with Bodyguard (where Obama is Ms. Houston, RIP) and the implication that Reggie is coming to rescue Obama (like Costner did to the character Miss Rachel Marron)…skip Newt’s pic but I think that “No more Mr.

  1. Obama’s U.S. Epidemic On Pornography: Without Morals A Republic Cannot Subsist Any Length Of Time.
  2. Is Putative President Barack Obama’s Mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, Really Known As Jo Ann Newman?

Nice” works because Reggie and Obama were on the rocks at this point because of Kal Penn…then there’s the word “gay” in the next line…and then “man up”.  Too many of these in a row to be a coincidence, folks.  This is Matt Drudge having fun and putting out clues for those smart enough to catch it.

[ Click above to embiggen this if you can’t see it, but it’s the two bits where Drudge talks about Reggie Love and then right under it is “leading from behind, Barack chases…”. Obama’s referred to below Reggie, making Obama the bottom story to Love’s top…with the word BEHIND prominent.  It’s a gay joke I don’t think I need to explain.

These bits from Drudge are really subtle.  Drudge does not want to be accused of outing Obama.  But he plays around and has fun with it because he can…and if you don’t know the scoop you probably miss this kind of thing.

UPDATE:  9/19/2012….Drudge does it again!

Here are the “clues” if you can’t find them yourself:

* start with the pic of Obama, Reggie Love, and Rahm Emanuel in the Oval office.

* Look down

* “TOP” donor

* “TOP” Harvard grads

* grinders…sex…

* denied entry to Obama

* a rare meeting of divas


Alex Okrent died mysteriously in July of 2012 in the Obama Campaign Offices in Chicago’s Prudential Building.  Openly gay, he’d been affiliated with Barack Obama in one way or another since Okrent was in college.  Obama kept him around, through all those years, on all those campaigns…until he suddenly turned up dead with an inconclusive autopsy.

And his death happened just before Obama was headed into a difficult re-election campaign where black support for Obama was wavering and the black community is notoriously anti-gay.

Could Alex Okrent have been eliminated because he was going to talk about a relationship with Barack Obama? There sure are a lot of gay men who turn up dead around the current President of the United States.

See also:  Young, Donald.

[ Robert “Bobby” Titcombe is a longtime friend of Barack Obama’s from back in his school days in Hawaii.  He is the only friend of Obama’s from his past that is ever mentioned by the press.  Titcombe was arrested for soliciting a prostate prostitute and has made news repeatedly by traveling to Washington, D.C. to deliver “fish and poi” to Obama in the White House.  “Fish and poi” is common Hawaiian slang for “weed and coke”.

In case it’s not clear, the prostitute that Bobby Titcombe was arrested for soliciting was male.  The corrupt, vintage media has been hiding that fact by merely saying “prostitute”, but it was a MALE PROSTITUTE.  Strangely, Obama goes out of his way to visit Titcombe’s house whenever in Hawaii though it’s a logistical and security nightmare for a sitting US President to go there.

What’s happening at Titcombe’s house on those visits that couldn’t happen at the Obama’s Paradise Estates vacation home on their many trips to Hawaii?  Why is the current President of the United States spending SO MUCH TIME with a man who was arrested for soliciting a MALE PROSTITUTE? ]

Another strange male character in Barack Obama’s life was/is Michael Signator.  This guy used to be a Chicago cop and, thus, had access to weapons when he worked as a driver during Obama’s state Senator days into his US Senate years — and up until June of 2008 when Signator just stopped working for Obama and vanished not long before the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago on June 29th of that year.

A few weeks before Pride, the Politico’s website ran a few brief, odd stories about candidate-Obama’s daily schedule, which included driving miles out of the way to head to Signator’s house for “workouts” that lasted between 15 and 20 minutes.  Politico wrote these articles with winks at readers, wondering what the heck kind of workout lasted 20 minutes and was so important that it required the candidate to head to Signator’s house whenever in Chicago.

It was beyond strange.  Especially if you consider that Obama belonged to the East Bank Club downtown in Chicago, which is a very expensive gym and spa center where Obama spent June 29th playing basketball with guys like Reggie Love then enjoying a long steam and locker room antics before heading to the Southside to get his hair cut.  Signator has not turned up since he vanished in June of 2008 and to this day no explanation has ever been given for what the heck he was doing with Obama during those 20-minute workout sessions at his house.  Apparently, this picture below is the only known picture of Michael Signator:

[ The above is more strange behavior that a straight man just doesn’t engage in:  on 9/10/2012 pizza shop owner Scott Van Duzer picked Obama up in a big bear hug and Obama hung there like a rag doll.  I can’t imagine any straight man I know allowing another guy to do this to him in public; I don’t think Van Duzer is gay, but Obama sure is for allowing this big “bear” to hug him. In the gay community a “bear” is a hairy, heavier-set man who hugs other men. ]

Obama’s Golfing Buddies:

From 2009-2011, Barack Obama regularly played golf with three other men in a foursome that rarely varied.  These guys were Ben Finkenbinder (staffer in Press Office), Marvin Nicholson (WH Trip Director), and David Katz (Department of Energy staffer).  It’s strange that the President of the United States spent something like 600 hours on the golf course with these guys when he spent only 400-some hours in official meetings at that point in his presidency.

Why were these three men more important than official business and why were they ranked as his best golfing buddies?  Typically, the presidents who golf do so with men who are more high-level than this (guys like Washington power broker Vernon Jordan, Senators, Governors, and CEOs).

Related:  Who are Obama’s golfing buddies and what courses did he play in? This is a research project to identify all the men Obama had around him while on his many golfing trips…despite the fact his golf game has never improved and the guy never talks about golf, ever, the way you’d expect from a guy who golfs so much.  This begs the question:  what is he really doing while claiming to be golfing?  Is it bathhouse antics in the locker rooms or doing drugs with these guys?

[ Above:  Finkenbinder not only golfed regularly with Obama, but also accompanied him on his many vacations to Hawaii where “The Finkmeister”, as Obama seems to call him, brought his own surf board to use with Obama on watersports days ]

[ Above:  Reggie Love, Barack Obama, and Marvin Nicholson go for a walk. We have no idea why Obama is smiling like that or where the walk will lead. Was ‘manwich’ on the menu somewhere that day? ]


What Is the “Down Low Club” At Trinity United Church of Christ As Run By the Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

Jerome Corsi’s expose on Trinity’s “Down Low Club” — 10/2/2012, via WND


Where Barry met Larry: the grassroots campaign to place “historic markers” on the spots where Barack Obama first kissed various people.

– Part 1, Chicago Tribune article “Marker Placed at Hyde Park Shopping Center Where Barack and Michelle Obama Had First Kiss” inspired nationwide grassroots-campign

– Part 2, Letter to General Manager of Comfort Inn in Gurnee, Illinois informing him of historic event that needs to be commemorated (the first sexual encounter between Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair)

– Part 3, Letter to Choice Hotels corporate office about installing the marker at the Gurnee Illinois Comfort Inn

– Part 4, Letter to Dahleen Glanton of Chicago Tribune, asking for her help with grassroots campaign for historic markers


Recommended reading:

* PART ELEVEN:The Double Life of President Obama and his Odd Relationship with his Token Wife — 10/5/2012 

* PART TEN:What GLOBE magazine couldn’t tell you about Obama’s days cruising gay bathhouses in Chicago — 9/25/2012

* PART NINE:GLOBE Magazine covers Barack Obama’s days as “Bathhouse Barry” at Man’s Country in Chicago — 9/24/2012

* PART EIGHT: Kevin Jackson’s Blacksphere – Obama’s Whole Two Girlfriends

* PART SEVEN: WND report on Barack Obama being gay and hiding his bathhouse past in Chicago — by Dr. Jerome Corsi — 9/11/2012

* PART SIX: Dr. Jerome Corsi interview on Obama’s gay past via The Andrea Shea King Radio Show 9/10/2012

PART FIVE:Where could reporters camp out in Chicago to uncover Obama’s gay past? 

PART FOUR: Kal Penn is to Barack Obama what Marilyn Monroe was to John F. Kennedy

* PART THREE:What’s it really like inside the gay bathhouses like the one (Man’s Country) that Barack Obama used to frequent in Chicago before he became a United States Senator and then President?  Video and Photo Tour

* PART TWO:White House Press Release Announces Breakup of Barack Obama and His “Bodyman” Reggie Love on November 10th, 2011

* PART ONE:Why Won’t the Media Report on Barack Obama Being Gay and Sexually Harassing Male Staffers in the White House?


Radio Broadcasts on this topic:

HillBuzz & Mrs. Fox Radio Show – November 15th, 2011: Is Barack Obama Gay? Part II — The Larry Sinclair Interview

HillBuzz & Mrs. Fox Radio Show — November 7th, 2011:  Is Barack Obama Gay?


Read more http://hillbuzz.org/is-barack-obama-gay

Obama Appoints Virginity Czar: Billy Clinton

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