Financial System Of The New World Order

Keynesian Economics Scheme
Keynesian Economics Scheme

“By a continuous process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method, they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some….

The process engages all of the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner that not one man in a million can diagnose.”

– John Maynard Keynes Economic Consequences of the Peace, 1920

media made a hero out this piece of shit who is in the U.S. implimenting Agenda 21 with Nancy Pelosi in the background.” width=”663″ height=”447″ /> Rothschild’s Crafted Lenin! Rothschild Cabal Hired Marx to craft a social political scheme [Marxism aka Communism, aka Sovietism, aka Socialism, aka Rothschildism] to ‘centralize’ a nation’s wealth to the coffers of the BOE Rothschild’s Bank Of England.
Vladimir Lenin was the first goon hired by Rothschild to usurp Russia and rename it the USSR. Gorbachev the last Soviet/Rothschild goon was removed from office On Christmas Day 1991. Gorbachev was in office for about as long as the over thrown Rothschild President in Egypt who now is on death row in prison. The U.S. media made a hero out this piece of shit[Gorbachev] who is in the U.S. implimenting Agenda 21 with Nancy Pelosi in the background.
John Maynard Keynes was the founder of Keynesian economics and a pedophile.[1][2][3]

Lytton Strachey, his male bed partner, wrote that Keynes was “A liberal and a sodomite, An atheist and a statistician.” [4]

Keynes and his friends made numerous trips to the resorts surrounding the Mediterranean. At the resorts, little boys were sold by their families to bordellos which catered to homosexuals. [5]

In 2008, The Atlantic reported:

“ Keynes obsessively counted and tabulated almost everything; it was a life-long habit.

As a child, he counted the number of front steps of every house on his street. Later he kept a running record (not surprisingly) of his expenses and his golf scores. He also counted and tabulated his sex life.

The first diary is easy:

Keynes lists his sexual partners, either by their initials (GLS for Lytton Strachey, DG for Duncan Grant) or their nicknames (“Tressider,” for J. T. Sheppard, the King’s College Provost). When he apparently had a quick, anonymous hook-up, he listed that sex partner generically: “16-year-old under Etna” and “Lift boy of Vauxhall” in 1911, for instance, and “Jew boy,” in 1912.[6]

During his early 20s he kept an extensive record of his sexual activities and throughout the early 1900s he had numerous homosexual encounters. The records he kept are available from the modern archives at King’s College, Cambridge.[7]

Zygmund Dobbs wrote in his work Keynes at Harvard:

In 1967 the world was startled by the publication of the letters between Lytton Strachey and Maynard Keynes.

Undisputed evidence in their private correspondence shows that Keynes was a life-long sexual deviate.

Convicted Soviet Spy Harry Dexter White (left) and John Maynard Keynes (right) at the Bretton Woods Conference conspiring Rothschild's Private Federal Reserve 1913.
Convicted Soviet Spy Harry Dexter White (left) and John Maynard Keynes (right)
at the Bretton Woods, New Hampshire Conference conspiring to establish Rothschild’s Private Federal Reserve in The U.S. 1913. The Review of the News, June 23, 1971 Zygmund Dobbs

What was more shocking was that these practices extended to a large group.

Homosexuality, sado-masochism, lesbianism, and the deliberate policy of corrupting the young was the established practice of this large and influential group which eventually set the political and cultural tone for the British Empire.

Rothschild And The Gay Cambridge Apostles

Famous members of the Apostles since 1820 have included:

  1. Erasmus Darwin (brother of Charles Darwin),
  2. George Lockhart Rives (US Assistant Secretary of State and planner of the New York subway),
  3. A. J. Balfour (UK Prime Minister who gives his name to the Balfour Declaration State of Israel),
  4. Bertrand Russell (philosopher),
  5. “The Llewellyn Davies family figured in …. G.E. Moore and the Cambridge Apostles, because two of the brothers, Crompton and Theodore (Llewellyn Davies) were Apostles, handsome, clever fellows who were close friends of Moore (and of Bertrand Russell).”
  6. Eddie Marsh (private secretary to Winston Churchill),
  7. John Maynard Keynes (economist ), “The young Keynes displayed no interest whatsoever in economics; his dominant interest was philosophy. In fact, he completed an undergraduate degree at Cambridge without taking a single economics course. Not only did he never take a degree in the subject, but the only economics course Keynes ever took was a single-term graduate course under Alfred Marshall.” [Source:Murry Rothbard’s Keynes, the Man, p.14]
  8. James Strachey (editor and translator of Sigmund Freud),
  9. Ludwig Wittgenstein (philosopher),
  10. Victor Rothschild (financier and spy),
  11. Anthony Blunt (spy),
  12. Guy Burgess (spy),
  13. Guy Liddell (spy)
  14. and Noel Annan (spy).

Lytton Strachey [1880-1932]
Lytton Strachey
Keynes’ sexual partner, Lytton Strachey, indicated that their sexual attitudes could be infiltrated, “subtly, through literature, into the bloodstream of the people, and in such a way that they accepted it all quite naturally, if need be, without at first realizing what it was to which they were agreeing.”

He further explained, privately, that, “he sought to write in a way that would contribute to an eventual change in our ethical and sexual mores—a change that couldn’t ‘be done in a minute,’ but would unobtrusively permeate the more flexible minds of young people.”

This is a classic expression of the Fabian socialist method of seducing the mind. This was written in 1929 when it was already in practice for over forty years.

It is no wonder we are reaping the whirlwind of student disorders where drug addiction and homosexuality rule the day.[9]

Keynes was a bisexual who married Lydia Lopokova, a famous Russian ballerina; they were married for 21 years. [10]

In his work The Cambridge Apostles, 1820-1914: Liberalism, Imagination, and Friendship in British Intellectual and Professional Life, William C. Lubenow expresses the opinion that Keynes was an agnostic.[11]

It was a bizarre performance. His best “man” was Duncan Grant, his male lover for many years, and initiates swear that Keynes held Duncan’s hand as the marriage vows were spoken. But, the background of the bride was equally odd. She was Lydia Lopokova, the premiere ballerina of the Diaghilev Ballet.

She was an habitué of Leftist circles, and had at one time been engaged to Heywood Broun, the well known socialist and confidant of Leon Trotsky, but had broken the engagement to marry a dwarf named Barocchi. In 1917 Lydia had disappeared in Paris with the top Cossack general of the White Army, returning to the ballet when the general returned to lead his troops against the bolsheviks. The bolsheviki had by now, however, acquired advance information and used it to defeat the Cossacks.

NWO Congress
NWO Czars

Following the wedding to Comrade Lydia, Mr. and Mrs. Keynes were the special guests of the [Rothschild] Soviet Government. He and his Russian wife were allowed free access to the Soviet hinterland, even to the extent of visiting her relatives. This was a privilege unheard of at the time, since even members of the [Rothschild] Communist International were not then allowed such unlimited travel.

It was a time of mass killing of civilians, and ordinarily a Russian national traveling with an Englishman would have been arrested and shot. But, Soviet officials were effusive in their thanks to Keynes for designing the first Soviet currency for them while he was still a member of the British Treasury.

The marriage was definitely an “arrangement,” as Keynes continued to enjoy his amours with men. This was often the case with upper-class homosexuals who needed a legal wife as a facade. They both had separate living quarters, and did not interfere with the personal lives of one another. Lydia was very useful as a go-between since Keynes was in frequent contact with Soviet officials both in Britain and the United States.

Meanwhile, the perversion continued apace. It was quite a pace. As I have noted in the new edition of Keynes At Harvard:

  • Keynes had relations with Strachey;
  • Strachey had affairs with Duncan Grant;
  • Keynes stole Grant from Strachey;
  • Lytton’s brother James Strachey adored Rupert Brooks but so did Keynes;
  • Strachey reports to G.E. Moore on seduction of new boys;
  • Keynes steals Edgar Duckworth from Lytton;
  • Keynes and Lytton agree that homosexuality is, “that love which passes all Christian understanding”;
  • Strachey emulates Oscar Wilde with absinthe and drugs; He also declares that, “the whole truth is the Devil”; He predicts that in one hundred years, “everyone will be converted,” to homosexuality;
  • Strachey and Keynes promote obscenitarian talk in colleges;
  • Lytton lives with Dora Carrington, a Lesbian;
  • Carrington solicits homosexual partners for Lytton;
  • Keynes, Lytton and Carrington have orgies involving Lesbian and sodomistic interchanges;
  • Keynes and Strachey dress in women’s clothes and dance;
  • Keynes and Strachey give a sanctuary to homosexual objectors to military service thus frustrating the authorities;
  • Keynes defends the use of drugs and Strachey smokes hashish;
  • Carrington married several men so they could be Strachey’s boy-friends;
  • Lytton stole Sebastian Sprott from Keynes (the tables were turned);
  • Lytton excuses his drug taking as a liberation from, “this wrong world.”
  • Finally, there are engrossments by Keynes and Strachey with sadistic beating of young boys, “compulsive pre-occupation with male reproductive and excretory organs” and voyages to the most depraved dens of perversion throughout Europe, North Africa and Asia. 24hgold

Putin Socialism

On February 22, 1918, Keynes proudly boasted of “being a bolshevik.”

Vladimir Putin Speech: 85% Of The 1917 Soviet Government Was Made Up By Rothschild Zionist Khazars.

America’s New Hero ~ Vladimir Putin Stopped Rothschild In 2006!


dershowitz, clinton, epstein pedophile plane
dershowitz, clinton, epstein pedophile plane

America’s Depraved: Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet!

point gif

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