Bill Clinton: Alien Invasion “May Be The Only Way To Unite World”: But Wait, It Was The Alien Memo That Ended Kennedy’s Life!

Billie Clinton

Would contact with a race of aliens be enough to fully unite humanity? Would it cause all of us to drop our bitter quarrels and come together as one? That is apparently what former president Bill Clinton believes. On Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night, Clinton said that an alien invasion;

carl sagan

“may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours”.

He also said that

“if we were visited someday, I wouldn’t be surprised”.

So does he know something that the rest of us don’t? And why is he sharing this now? In recent years, the general public has been primed for the possibility of contact with aliens. There has been an endless barrage of books, movies, television shows and video games that portray human contact with extraterrestrials.

It has gotten to the point where even some of the most hardcore skeptics in our society seem quite eager to embrace the possibility of extraterrestrial contact. Is this a good thing, or could the truth be that we are being set up for a great deception of historic proportions?

Appearances by major political figures on late night talk shows are usually highly scripted. So it seemed odd that Jimmy Kimmel would ask Bill Clinton about UFOs. Is that something that Clinton actually wanted to talk about? When Kimmel asked his questions, Clinton seemed quite prepared with his answers.

Among other things, he told Kimmel that “the differences among people of Earth would seem small” if we were to be suddenly confronted with contact by extraterrestrials…

The former president said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday that an invasion by extraterrestrials might be the best way to unite the fractious countries of our war-wracked planet.

“It may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours … think about all the differences among people of Earth would seem small if we feel threatened by a space invader. That’s the whole theory of ‘Independence Day,’” he said, referring to the hit 1996 sci-fi disaster flick.

“Everybody gets together and makes nice.”

This is absolutely stunning.

Back in 1987, President Ronald Reagan made a similar statement. He told the United Nations General Assembly the following…

“I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside of this world.”

At that time, a belief in “aliens” was usually ridiculed.

Just think how much has happened since that time to help prepare humanity for alien contact.

Not only have we been primed to think that it could happen someday – we have been primed to expect that it will happen someday.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by National Geographic, 77 percent of all Americans already “believe there are signs that aliens have visited Earth”.

But only 68 percent of all Americans believe that Jesus is God or the Son of God.

That means that more Americans believe that UFOs have visited us than believe what the Bible has to say about Jesus Christ.

At this point, even the most hardcore “skeptics” in our society seem absolutely primed for extraterrestrial contact.

In Reality

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Just consider celebrity atheist Neil deGrasse Tyson, the host of the new Fox series “Cosmos” A Spacetime Odyssey”. He appears very open to the possibility that aliens have visited us or may visit us in the future. In fact, he has joked that aliens may be avoiding open contact with us because they can’t detect any sign of intelligent life on this planet…

“I wonder if, in fact, we have been observed by aliens and upon close examination of human conduct and human behavior they have concluded that there is no sign of intelligent life on Earth”.

Richard Dawkins and aliens and atheism

And celebrity atheist Richard Dawkins seems very open to the possibility that life on earth may have been “intelligently designed” by aliens. Just check out this video.

U.S. Jesuit Guy Consolmagno  on the Vatican Observatory  said asking such questions as “Would aliens have souls?” or “Does the salvation of Christ apply to them?” helps one “appreciate what it means for us to have a soul” and helps one better “recognize what the salvation of Christ means to us.” Catholic News

Saint Augustine developed the thought of evolution (353 A.D. – 430 A.D.)
way before Charles Darwin.

Saint Augustine Prague
Saint Augustine Prague

Saint Augustine

To what extent is the theory of evolution applicable to man? That God should have made use of natural, evolutionary, original causes in the production of man’s body, is per se not improbable, and was propounded by St. Augustine (see AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO,SAINT, under V. Augustinism in History).

We must distinguish

(1) between the theory of evolution as a scientific hypothesis and as a philosophical speculation;

(2) between the theory of evolution as based on theistic principles and as based on a materialistic and atheistic foundation;

(3) between the theory of evolution and Darwinism;

(4) between the theory of evolution as applied to the vegetable and animal kingdoms and as applied to man.
New Advent

In Reality

Extraterrestrial To Catholic Church Is As Old As The Hills.

Saint Francis St. Francis [of Assisi], if we consider some earthly creatures as ‘brother’ and ‘sister,’ why couldn’t we also talk of an ‘extraterrestrial brother’? He would also belong to creation.”
St. Francis [of Assisi], if we consider some earthly creatures as ‘brother’ and ‘sister,’ why couldn’t we also talk of an ‘extraterrestrial brother’? He would also belong to creation.” Born 1181 AD Died 1226 AD

‘I would not believe in the Gospels were it not for the authority of the Catholic Church’

– Saint Augustine

(Against the Letter of Mani Called “The Foundation” 5:6)

Alternatively, the Vatican also appears to be extremely interested in the search for extraterrestrial life. Vatican astronomers speak excitedly about the possibility of contact with “brother extraterrestrial“, and one [non-catholic position] [pandering to the tabloids] has even suggested [mocked] that aliens could “be the saviours of humankind“.

It seems like almost everyone is looking up at the stars, hoping for contact with other lifeforms.

To insist there must be intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is to overstate the case. It’s also theologically irrelevant because the central tenets of Christianity remain intact with or without little green men. Catholic

And with each passing day, even more “UFO videos” and “alien videos” are posted to YouTube. Certainly many of them are fakes, but is that true for all of them? It has gotten to the point where there are millions upon millions of people out there that claim that they have either personally seen a UFO or have had contact with an alien being. With each passing decade, this type of activity seems to become even more frequent.

So what is it all leading up to?

All over the world, our technology is capturing images of these “UFOs” and “aliens”. The following is one video from Mississippi that I discovered just today…

Most people out there seem to have the hope that when we do make contact with aliens, that they will come in peace.

And there are many, including Bill Clinton, that seem to believe that contact with extraterrestrial life will finally be the moment that unites the entire world.


Kennedy Murdered

Read How The Facts Were Spun On JFK’s Murder To The Public In Rothschild’s ‘City Of London’ at 8:21 AM on 19th April 2011

So according to the article above, it was a secret memo about aliens, oh yes, memo gets JFK murdered. And we’re suppose to believe Bill Clinton got to live contrary to and in spite of, reviewing memos on Area 51 and memos on UFO aliens.

So UFO memo brings out Lee Harvey Oswald? Is The U.K. Mail Online Challenging the Warren Commission?


Rothschild’s Aliens: Aerial Hallucinogenics ~ Operation Blue Beam!

But there are others that have studied these things intensely for many years that are deeply, deeply concerned about the agenda of these “aliens”. For instance, Temple University Professor Dr. David Jacobs has been studying the alien abduction phenomenon for more than 30 years, and he has developed “a tremendous sense of concern about the future” based on what he has discovered…

But I must say that now that I’ve learned as much as I have learned, and I think I’ve learned an awful lot, I am very, very unsettled and upset by what I see. I don’t like what I see. I wish I didn’t see this. I wish I hadn’t uncovered this.

I despair of it. It’s thrown me into a tremendous sense of concern about the future and unease. I just don’t like it very much. I wish I did. I don’t want to be this way. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news. I could not have ever imagined that I would come to this position. What I’m seeing now, what I’ve found with the phenomenon, I could never have imagined.

Cardinal Bergoglio surprised many in 2001 when he washed and kissed the feet of 12 AIDS-related patients at Muñiz Hospital in Buenos Aires, saying “society forgets the sick and the poor”.
Cardinal Bergoglio surprised many in 2001 when he washed and kissed the feet of 12 AIDS-related patients at Muñiz Hospital in Buenos Aires, saying “society forgets the sick and the poor”.

“Do not be men and women of sadness”

A Christian can never be sad!

Never give way to discouragement!

“Ours is not a joy that comes from having many possessions, but from having encountered a Person: Jesus, from knowing that with him we are never alone, even at difficult moments, even when our life’s journey comes up against problems and obstacles that seem insurmountable,” he said.

Catholic News Agency

“Peace in the whole world, still divided by greed looking for easy gain, wounded by the selfishness which threatens human life and the family, selfishness that continues in human trafficking, the most extensive form of slavery in this twenty-first century; human trafficking is the most extensive form of slavery in this twenty-first century!

Peace to the whole world, torn apart by violence linked to drug trafficking and by the iniquitous exploitation of natural resources! Peace to this our Earth!

Made the risen Jesus bring comfort to the victims of natural disasters and make us responsible guardians of creation.

Dear brothers and sisters, to all of you who are listening to me, from Rome and from all over of the world, I address the invitation of the Psalm:

“Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; for his steadfast love endures for ever. Let Israel say: ‘His steadfast love endures for ever’” (Ps 117:1-2).”
– Pope Francis I

So what do you think?

Do you believe that we will make contact with “extraterrestrial life” someday?

If we do, will that be good or bad?

Michael T. Snyder

Truth Wins

Pope John Paul II

Vatican vs Illuminati

Pope John Paul II told scientists,

“Truth does not contradict truth,” meaning scientific truths will never contradict religious truths.


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Jesus ShroudWe Do Know That Jesus Died For Our Sins.

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