Obama Heads Into The New Year Knowing He’ll Have To Validate A Long Vault Birth Certificate In All 50 States.

by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 13, 2011) — Capt. Pamela Barnett (Ret.) has founded awebsite and initiative which seeks to assist citizens wishing to challenge Obama’s constitutional eligibility and name placement on the presidential ballot for 2012.  She and her team are currently compiling election law from all 50 states and will be providing forms and sample letters which registered voters can use to file a complaint.

Barnett has recently appeared on The Roth Radio Show and the Andrea Shea King Radio Showto detail her plan to challenge Obama’s eligibility based on the claim that he is not a “natural born Citizen” as required by Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.  Barnett also operates the website “Unlawful President” and will be releasing a book entitled Never Vetted,the first chapter of which was published on the internet at no charge for informational and educational purposes.

In May of last year, Barnett filed a lawsuit against California Secretary of State Debra Bowen challenging the eligibility of Damon Dunn, a Republican candidate running for Bowen’s position.  Barnett explained that she had researched California election law in regard to challenging candidate qualifications.  “I found out that there was law for challenging the ballot, and part of the Barnett v. Dunn case goes to the criminal negligence of the California Secretary of State and the Attorney General,” she said.

The Post & Email asked Barnett who initiated the idea of a ballot challenge campaign, and she responded, “I did.  The Dunn case has been with me since 2010, and I kept it in the back of my mind that if nothing else works, we should challenge the ballot in regard to Obama.  In trying to come up with a solution, I thought about it hard.  After seeing the total failure of our government, I decided to find all the election laws, make a website, lead a national movement, and overwhelm the Democrats in all 50 states.”

The Obama Ballot Challenge website has been operational for about three weeks. Barnett is director, and Gary Wilmott and George Miller are filling key positions.  Barnett is seeking people who can market the website by placing links on other sites about Obama Ballot Challenge.  “The goal is to get as many complaints in as many states as possible to inform more people about the fraud crimes going on.  We also want more people to know the meaning of “natural born Citizen.”

We asked Barnett how long it took her to research election law in every state, and she replied, “It’s still ongoing.  I still need research help.  Most states have their election law on the internet, and we’ve done 26 states to date.  Looking through election law is not an exciting thing to do, and I’ve already had a few people say they just can’t do it (laughs).  It’s not hard; you just have to find the law and start looking for key words such as “contest” and “challenge.”  Most secretaries of state that we found have only a ministerial duty, but some of them have more than that but did not follow their states’ laws after receiving complaints.  The difference now is that a lot of the deadlines were missed, so many of the complaints that were filed became civil fraud cases.  There, you have to prove that you have standing, and some of them sued the secretaries of state, who then wiggled out of it, saying they didn’t have a ministerial duty to check on eligibility. With ballot challenges, you have instant standing.”

The Post & Email asked, “Is it true that all states have a specific ballot challenge period and that the challenge can be made by an average person?” and Barnett responded, “Yes.  You have to be a registered voter.  Two states which are standing out as undemocratic are Wisconsin and Virginia.  Wisconsin says that it’s the Congress’s job to vet candidates, and if you have any questions you should call the FEC.  They’re usurping power from the law.  That’s the state where we’ll probably need an attorney.  In other states it must simply be a registered voter.  You can file the challenge, it’s free, and often you can submit it electronically via email or fax.”

Barnett found that some states allow a ballot challenge up to 30 days after an election if new information comes to light about a candidate’s eligibility, even allowing for voiding of an election.  “The Obama State Ballot Challenge 2012 is there to assist people in finding the law and steering them in the right direction.  We’re probably going to come up with a generic ballot complaint which addresses the “natural born Citizen” issue, which would be appealable up to the Supreme Court.”

Barnett stated that while she was developing the Obama Ballot Challenge project, the Article II SuperPac started up.  The Post & Email asked her, “What is the relationship between the two new groups?  Is there a nexus?” and she responded, “We are strategic partners, and we’re putting out a press release on that.”

The Post & Email has interviewed the director of the Article II SuperPac organization and will be publishing a report within the next few days.

Of the purpose of each organization, Barnett explained, “We’re more of the action arm; they’re a long-term educational initiative which will be creating a defense fund for people who are challenging the ballot in their states who need an attorney.  Whatever comes up as an immediate concern will hopefully be able to be covered with the funds raised.  We’re also looking at challenging Republican candidates such as Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal if they are placed on the ballot because they are not natural born Citizens.”

Barnett explained that Obama is not the first occupant of the White House to have his eligibility challenged.  Of Chester Arthur, who served as president following the death of President James Garfield after having been shot by an assassin, Barnett said, “He wasn’t even an American citizen, because at the time of his birth, the 14th Amendment had not been passed, and his father was not a U.S. citizen.”  The White House biography does not mention anything about Arthur’s personal background except that he was “born in Vermont.”  She stated that Arthur’s father did not naturalize until his son was 14 years old, which made the son a U.S. citizen but not a “natural born Citizen.”

We asked Barnett if she knew how many complaints are in the process of being filed, and she responded, “There are people from at least ten states working on ballot challenges now.  We’re there to make sure they have prepared a proper complaint according to the law in their states.”

Barnett believes that people “cannot just stand on the sidelines” when it comes to the 2012 election.  “If we can keep Obama off the ballot in one state, hopefully others can follow.  I was originally planning on waiting until the general election, but we know how long it can take going through the court process.  A lot of these challenges will not be resolved at the administrative level and lawsuits will be filed which can go all the way to the Supreme Court.  Standing will not be an issue, an injury will exist, and the court will have jurisdiction.  We’re overcoming all of the obstacles that were there before.”

Summarizing the scope and purpose of ObamaBallotChallenge.com, Barnett said:

We cannot wait for Congress, the federal judiciary, or the Department of Justice to enforce the law regarding Obama’s eligibility. They have failed us.  The Obama State Ballot Challenge puts the power back into the hands of the people.  It gives any voter a course of action to take to ensure that the Constitutionally ineligible Obama is not re-elected.
Filing a ballot complaint to keep Obama off the ballot in their state is free, easy, and doesn’t require an attorney.  This process gives instant “standing” to the complainant to have their ballot complaint heard on the merits. The complaint absolutely needs to be filed within the legal time frame for their state.  The Obama State Ballot Challenge staff will offer assistance with complaints to those who request it.If in the future the administrative complaint is rejected, we hope that our strategic partner, the ART2 SuperPAC, will have a legal fund to assist those who need it.It is the goal of Obama State Ballot Challenge to inspire citizens to file complaints in every state so that the American citizens might finally receive justice against the Un-Constitutional, usurper Barack Obama…  and to ensure that he will not be re-elected by finally having the mandate of the Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett enforced within the several states.

Barnett also said that hearings concerning ballot challenges normally take place within 30 days after the complaint is filed.

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