Pakistan Has Fastest Growing Nuclear Arsenal

U.S. War Machine Is Inciting Civil War In Pakistan.

The Texas Republican said the civilian casualties resulting from the Pentagon’s drone attacks over Pakistan and other countries only create more enemies at the expense of homeland security.

“Sometimes they miss and sometimes there’s collateral damage. And every time we do that, we develop more enemies,” Paul said on Fox News Sunday.

“We’re dropping a lot of drone missile/bombs in Pakistan and claim we’ve killed so many, but how about the innocent people [who have] died? Nobody hears about that. This is why the people of Pakistan can’t stand our guts and why they disapprove of their own government,” he said.

“We’re bombing Pakistan and trying to kill some people, making a lot of mistakes, building up our enemies, at the same time we’re giving billions of dollars to the government of Pakistan,” he added. “We’re more or less inciting a civil war there, so I think that makes us less safe.

“For everyone you kill, you probably create 10 new people who hate our guts and would like to do us harm.”

Pakistan Neighbor Of Iran

The eight-term Republican reiterated his calls for a $1 trillion cut in federal spending in year one if he reaches the White House, and rejected the notion that those reductions could undermine the country if programs like medical research and development (R&D) are eliminated.

“If you take all these resources out of the hands of the government, that doesn’t mean the money isn’t going to be spent. It means that the individuals are going to be spending it,” he said.

“You would have much more R&D and it would be better directed if investors and the market makes these decisions, because believe me, the politicians and the bureaucrats aren’t smart enough to know what you should be investing in.”

Paul also weighed in on the sexual harassment allegations dogging fellow-GOP presidential contender Herman Cain, saying the focus on the scandal “dilutes the real debate.”

“The media’s blown that way out of proportion,” Paul said. “I don’t like these distractions.”

The Hill

Pakistan has world’s fastest-growing nuclear stockpile: Experts

Pakistan Home Of The Muslim Brotherhood

WASHINGTON: Pakistan has the world’s fastest-growing nuclear stockpile and it could achieve 150-200 warheads in a decade despite the political instability in the country, two top American atomic experts have said.

Pakistan is in the process of building two new plutonium production reactors and a new reprocessing facility to fabricate more nuclear weapons fuel, wrote nuclear experts Hans M Kristensen and Robert S Norris in the latest issue of Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

In their paper ‘Pakistan’s nuclear forces, 2011’, the authors estimate that if Pakistan’s expansion continues, its nuclear weapons stockpile could reach 150-200.

“Despite its political instability, Pakistan continues to steadily expand its nuclear capabilities and competencies; in fact, it has the world’s fastest-growing nuclear stockpile,” they wrote.

“We estimate that Pakistan has a nuclear weapons stockpile of 90-110 nuclear warheads, an increase from the estimated 70-90 warheads in 2009,” the paper said.

“It is also developing new delivery systems. Enhancements to Pakistan’s nuclear forces include a new nuclear capable medium-range ballistic missile, the development of two new nuclear-capable short-range ballistic missiles, and the development of two new nuclear-capable cruise missiles,” they wrote.

“With four new delivery systems and two plutonium production reactors under development, however, the rate of Pakistan’s stockpile growth may even increase over the next 10 years,” they warned.

“The Pakistani government has not defined the number and type of nuclear weapons that its minimum deterrent requires. But Pakistan’s pace of nuclear modernization and its development of several short-range delivery systems indicates that its nuclear posture has entered an important new phase and that a public explanation is overdue,” the experts said.

Pakistan may be producing 120-180 kg of HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium) per year, an amount sufficient for 7-15 warheads, they said, adding that the uranium ore is mined at several locations throughout Pakistan, with more mines scheduled to open in the future.

The revelation that Osama bin Laden was hiding for years in Abbottabad, only 16 km from a large military weapons depot with underground facilities, raised new questions about the security and control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

“Outside Pakistan, observers wondered if the nuclear arsenal was secure from potential terrorist theft; inside Pakistan, observers wondered whether the arsenal was safe from a possible US or Indian incursion,” the article said.

“Exactly how Pakistan safeguards its nuclear weapons, and what type of use-control features its weapons have, is unclear,” they wrote, adding that the weapons are thought to have some basic use-control features to prevent unauthorized use.

“Its facilities and weapons are said to be widely dispersed in the country with most of the arsenal located south of Islamabad. Furthermore, the weapons are thought to be stored unassembled, with the cores separate from the weapons and the weapons stored away from the delivery vehicles,” the report said.

Economic Times

Iran Is The Ruse To Begin WWIII

The Elites Actually = The Deletes!

A Pakistan-made Ghaznavi Nuclear Missile is launched at an undisclosed location in Pakistan on May 8. That day, Pakistan successfully test-fired two ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, the military said. The US is criticizing a China-Pakistan civilian nuclear deal because Pakistan is not a signatory of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Pakistan Inter Services Public Relations/AP

Bilderbergers Stopped The Sale Of Gasoline To Iran Thus The Nuclear Plant.

It is Extremely Costly To Drill For Oil In Iran Due To Oil Being Very Deep. Iraq By Contrast, Has Their Oil At Places Floating On The Surface.

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