The 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony: As It Should Have Been ~ With Michael Jackson!

When I see children, I see the face of God. That’s why I love them so much. That’s what I see.
~Michael Jackson

The Illuminati is a secret society that has been around since 1776, they want to create a one world government, with themselves in charge. The Illuminati are generally powerful and rich people. The Illuminati will kill anyone, anywhere at anytime to get what they need. The Illuminati want you to deny their existence, the reason you can find some information about them on YouTube is because if they had all of the videos relating to the Illuminati removed, then you would definitely know that they existed.

The people that are “Anti-New World Order” and speak out against the Illuminati will be murdered like 2Pac, David Carradine, and Michael Jackson. 2Pac and Michael Jackson were going to warn the entire world about what the Illuminati are planning. If you look at the title of 2Pac’s album “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory” for example; 2Pac was referring to the Illuminati in this title, Kill + Illuminati. In the song “They Don’t Care About Us” by Michael Jackson, “they” is the Illuminati. The Illuminati killed 2Pac, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Jon Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, John F. Kennedy, Abe Lincoln, Princess Diana, President Garfield, Martin Luther King, the list goes on.

Michael Jackson knew that the Illuminati were going to kill him; he just did not know exactly when they were going to do so. The Illuminati offered Michael Jackson the chance to join them, but he denied joining, that is why they created all of the false rumors about him. If you refuse to join the Iluminati you are as good as dead. The Illuminati control everything, the music industry, film industry, pharmaceutical (legal industry), medical industry, colleges, banking institutions, Wall Street and the Political System. Since the Illuminati control the media whatever they want the public to think, that is what they will tell us, i.e. that Michael Jackson died from cardiac arrest.

Dr.Conrad Murray is not the only doctor who is going to be charged in the murder of Michael Jackson, there are quite a few doctors that were involved in giving him access to drugs that will also be charged. Dr. Conrad Murray was paid very well and they are protecting him. Dr. Conrad Murray was paid $150,000 a month. Michael Jackson did not know Dr. Conrad Murray for very long. The reason for this is because the Illuminati recently hired Dr. Conrad Murray as Michael Jackson’s personal physician for his “This Is It” tour.

During Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour he was going to warn the world what the Illuminati were planning to do, so the Illuminati had Michael Jackson murdered. Why didn’t they hire a doctor that Michael Jackson had known for years, instead of a doctor that he barely knew? Because this was all part of the Illuminati’s plan to murder Michael Jackson.

The Illuminati control our Presidential Elections. Usually the president, who gets the most sponsorship, in the form of money and media coverage, wins the election. The Illuminati control the media, so whoever the Illuminati choose as a presidential candidate will win the election. They will also sponsor the other candidate too, to have entertainment for the public.

These are the thirteen families in the Illuminati:
1. Astor
2. Bundy
3. Collins
4. DuPont
5. Freeman
6. Kennedy
7. Li (Chinese)
8. Onassis
9. Rockefeller
10. Rothschild
11. Russell
12. van Duyn
13. Merovingian (European Royal Families)
These families have “ties” with the Illuminati:
1. Reynolds
2. Disney
3. Krupp
4. McDonald

Most of the major wars and economic depressions/recessions of the past 100 years were carefully planned out by the Illuminati. Some of these include: The Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, The Great Depression, the Rise of Nazi Germany, Korean War, Vietnam War, 1991 Gulf War and French Revolution.

Do you remember all of the unnecessary hype about the New Millennium, or the alleged Y2K crisis? This hype was created by the Illuminati. This had people selling their homes, building shelters, stocking up on survival kits, etc. The total cost in preparation for Y2K was estimated at over $300 billion. The Illuminati are also building hype for a 2012 phenomenon. I do not think that anything major is going to happen in 2012. When 2012 comes and goes, it will be shown to be the biggest hoax since the Y2K phenomenon.