Unaccounted War Crime: USA Murdered Gaddafi And The Legacy Of Libya’s Great Leader!

Oct. 20, 2011 (TSR) – The Great Libyan Arab Jamahiriya founding father, Col. Muammar Gaddafi and his son, Mutassim is indeed dead and was confirmed per phone by Aisha Gaddafi, Saif Al-Gaddafi and Aisha’s counsel.

As usual, the mainstream media are only publishing a fraction of TRUTH. Not everyone in Libya is rejoicing. Millions are angry, even within the NTC group.

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SPECIAL REPORT SERIES by Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos, TSR Founder & Publisher, Political Strategist and Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations.

Publisher’s Note (as per August 14, 2012): Please honor and respect this report as this is highly personal at the same time. Many of my friends, colleagues and staff have paid for this TRUTH with their own lives, including my best friend, big brother and UN mentor who has been put to coma by these same perpetrators who are still walking freely, protected by Obama.

The official report never got finished because of it, and I was the one given the mandate to release it. It was never finished because it was also intercepted, and I was advised by the security team to be stay alive for the sake of Humanity. We did notify Russia, China, Ban Ki Moon, and India about the revelations.

Russia and China learned they were deceived, thus you should understand that they will not be duped again with Syria. Syria is being attacked by the same villains pretending to represent as defenders of “human rights” and “democracy”. We are opening up this report free of charge now because we cannot allow this to happen anymore to any sovereign nation because of ignorance and greed.

This is what the Zionists want to do with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Yes, Zionists. They had a meeting last year lobbied by the same war criminal Zionist French lackey,Bernard Henri Lévy (nicknamed as BHL). We welcome that you re-publish half of it and give The Santos Republic visibly (top and bottom of your pages).

Gaddafi said Sept 9 to us, “I will NEVER surrender and will NEVER go alive to any court. This is my people. I will die for my people!” Believe me, we have been trying to get him into safety since February (2011). But he loved Libya so much and his people.

He also know, and we know, he is innocent of all the accusations that Sarcozy, Cameron and Obama were drumming up in cahoots. There was no revolution.

Russian intelligence satellite photos can confirm that. I confirm it. I can assure the world at large, that this is not deterring us from releasing the TRUTH. The real war criminals must be held accountable. If China, Russia and other nations will continue to be on the sideline, it will be detrimental for our world.

The Real Reason The Banking Cabalists Want A “NEW WAR”  With Iran ~ To Rocket Barrel Oil Past $220!

When you watch this video, it is my opinion that it is Rothschild’s design NOT Iran’s. Also, this video is a marketing ploy, but the information about tactics is why I posted it for my viewers. If this Geologist knows this ~ rest assured Rothschild’s Cabal does too.


Here are the real FACTS:

The U.S. Government ordered the Libyan rebels to execute him. The murder of Colonel Gaddafi was in fact sanctioned by the US Secretary of State who was in Libya only yesterday. But let me give you something the mainstream media and FUK-Usa will never tell you:

TRUTH – from intelligence agents, and  from Saif al-Islam, Aisha and their attorneys.

Hillary Clinton was smuggled into Tripoli and did not land in the airport because there is no plane that could land there safely. Where they took her for photo op is definitely not Tripoli.

We can confirm that Colonel Gaddafi was in fact alive after he was captured and that he did not as reported ‘beg for his life.’ We are still awaiting an unconfirmed report that the location of Colonel Gaddafi was in fact relayed to the so-called rebels by UK support troops under the NATO umbrella.

Saif was with Col. Gaddafi and Mutassim when NATO jets bombed them. Mutassim died immediately with the others. Safi is badly injured and is taken to a Libyan military hospital detention. If they don’t kill him he will make it.

He will be transferred to the Hague Detention Center in Holland due to the falsified-based claims of US-bribed I.C.Ccharges conjured up by the USA-NATO with their mainstream media puppets.

It is not correct to say that communications are completely broken with Libya.

Some NTC Libyan rebels have been appalled by the manner upon which the US/UK planned the murder of Colonel Gaddafi since they preferred him to stand trial and to reveal information regarding his dealing with both the UK and the USA.

But what USA wants, usually gets. Just like Serbia, Iraq and now Libya. And the world just stands by and allow it.

We were informed that only the United States is insisting on a post mortem and that they want this report to  be classified and not made available. This will, of course, be another insult to the injury to the Libyans and Arabs. Gaddafi is a Muslim and a post mortum is not acceptable. He is not supposed to be touched, but USA insisted for the post mortem. Only USA demanded this.  They need to make sure Gaddafi was dead.

UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron and William Hague confirming their pride in the Libya operation and that in Hague’s own words “we will not mourn him” which in itself says more about Hague than Gaddafi.

After stealing $170 billions of dollars from Libyan Arab Jamahiriyan coffers and getting pleasant support from Gaddafi, US Government with Obama murders Gaddafi.


All year, series of assassinations against Gaddafi failed. I should know.  My big brother got targeted even when cluster bombs!

Today, they finally succeeded. Intelligence sources and Aisha Gaddafi’s counsel, Giovanni Di Stefano, confirmed now that Gaddafi’s convoy in Sirte was bombed by an American Predator drone and then subsequently attacked by French jets. RAF Tornados were patrolling over Sirte at the time of the escape attempt and that Gaddafi was not injured during the NATO strikeHe was killedoutright by rebel forces after permission was sought from the US via a rebel commando on mobile phone to Tripoli. At 05.15am today, NATO designated Gaddafi as a military target and thus made him subject to attack and to be killed.

Full Video of Killing of Gaddafi

WARNING – This video contains extremely violent and disturbing content. Full video of brutal killing of Gaddafi and how he was shot by rebel fighters. Please note that Gaddafi was still alive and they had to kill him because they didn’t want him to be tried in a tribunal. Gaddafi would have won the case.


The intelligence information from Sirte alleged that Gaddafi and his loyalists were “firing on civilians” according to intercepts on communications made by operatives of GCHQ. Libyan leader’s forces started firing on civilians as they tried to escape Sirte in a convoy of up to 100 vehicles. The so called ‘escape’ however, did not occur until two hours later.

Gaddafi had been under surveillance by NATO forces for the past ten days after an ‘intelligence’ source allowed them to pinpoint his location with precision. An American drone and 6 of NATO surveillance and communication interceptor aircraft had been directed on his Sirte stronghold to ensure he could not escape alive.

On both Tuesday and Wednesday 18th/19th October Gaddafi had used his satellite phone on five occasions and voice recognition technology instantly picked up the calls that he made. MI6 agents and CIA officers were on the ground providing intelligence and actually present when he was summarily executed.

The fatal call that located Gaddafi was made from a satellite phone at approximately 08.30am Wednesday 19th October 2011 where it was clear that he was planning to escape Sirte.

US Predator and French Drones have been present together with RAF Tornados but the breakthrough came only this morning when a precise location was pinpointed to, according to GCHQ intercepts ‘within 20 yards’. Electronic warfare aircraft, bothAmerican Rivet Joint and a French C160 Gabriel, also picked up Gaddafi’s movements as he attempted to move.

Di Stefano confirms that the body of Gaddafi will be treated in accordance with Muslim tradition, washed and cleaned and that it is anticipated he will be buried at A-Nuhran cemetery together with his son, Mutassim. His family in Niger and Algeria are distraught as can be expected and require time to grieve.

As an indicted person by the ICC, the role of the US but more important France and the United Kingdom was to ensure his capture and surrender to the International Criminal Court and that participating in an operation to kill or endanger his life is per se a criminal offence and potentially a serious contempt of court. The United States is of course immune from any sanctions of the ICC since they are not signatories. The French and the British however, are not and the Prosecutor at the ICC should investigate the role played by France and United Kingdom in this assassination of a person indicted by the ICC who should have at all costs been protected.


Unlike others, we will never endorse State Murder or any kind of violence supported by lies as a means to obtaining political position. This day the murder of Colonel Gaddafi will go down in infamy for both the UK and US with France. It is a very sad day for Humanity for this speaks volumes of how the UN who supposedly protects Universal Human Rights and our peace, security and justice works. Humanity must now rise up. They will now do the same to Syria, Algeria, and so on like a domino.

I personally am trying to understand why those who abstained at the UN Security Council for the UNSC Resolution 1973 stood by and allowed all this despite of all evidence of violation and abuse of the Geneva Convention. What about the UN Secretary General? After we told them what was happening in February and March, have they all decided to want world war instead?

It seems so. As of today, I had a phone call by USA source, they are scheduling Armageddon with Iran around my birthday, March 2012. USA is going to do it with Saudi Arabia. Perhaps this should clarify why the psyop with the so-called Iran-backed assassination of Saudi Ambassador was given to the public. They are building a pretext.

Thailand is scheduled for destruction late April 2012. Their Corporatist Prime Minister is in place to destroy the monarchy and country.

They are also on their schedule with Pakistan. Report will be forthcoming on the latest US-led NATO violation and provocation. If that blows up, you know, China and Russia is next. Why do you think there is a media war on China bill? It is another American pretext.

Bush Sr. is involved with the fall of Gaddafi. Two years ago, a petroleum colleague was in a meeting negotiations with Bush’s top 2 Texan oil man. There was $200 billion dollars on the table and they want the largest land in Libya that has the most reserves. I am told that they did not want to work with Gaddafi and he had to go. So here we are. Plus more that you will know from the video reports.

Pay attention to the American PR campaign. Their entire strategy is blatant in the news, just remove the lies and disinformation. They are making sure China and Russia are very distracted. But knowing them, I know they will be very angry when they read this report. I hope this will make them do something.

But this domino effect can be stopped if they don’t allow the same fate for Syria, and clean up Libya from these liars. Libya do not deserve to be under NTC leadership. 95% of the people do not want them. The NTC de-facto Prime Minister is also quitting because he cannot control his mercenaries and Al Qaeda gang. There was no civil war. We warned everyone, if Gaddafi dies, there will be a civil war.  Sirte is not controlled by the NTC, neither is Bani Walid, and as a matter of fact, Tripoli as well. Now that Gaddafi is dead, there will be a civil war. I hate to be the one telling the world, AGAIN, that I told you so. We told you since January from Egypt. I have been saying it all year. What will it take for people to listen?

The USA wanted another Somalia while they and their Corporatist friends empty Libyan resources. Now, Africans with people around the world are going all out on protests. None of this contributes to peace and security.

Humanity must pray for a miracle with me. We need real heroes right now who will defend us.




Amnesty Briefing exposes Libya’s National Transitional Council’s true colors: Racist Lawless War Criminals


President Nicolas “Bling” Sarcozy: A CIA implant Nazi supporting Warmonger

THE BIG PICTURE: Assault on Libya is an Assault on Entire Africa




The international police agency, INTERPOL had issued a red notice for Saadi Gaddafi on Sept 29, 2011, based on a request by the Libya’s National Transitional Council — the first time Interpol has issued such a notice at the request of Libya’s post-Gadhafi leadership “for allegedly misappropriating properties through force and armed intimidation when he headed the Libyan Football Federation”.

The red notice serves as “a regional and international alert to countries neighboring Libya and Niger, and those with travel connections to Niger, to seek their help in locating and arresting Assaadi Gaddafi, with a view to returning him to Libya where an arrest warrant for him has been issued by the General Attorney at the Office of the Public Prosecutor. As the Commander of military units allegedly involved in the repression of demonstrations by civilians during Libya’s uprising, Saadi Gaddafi is also subject to a United Nations travel ban and assets freeze issued in March this year.” Let us make this as clear and simple for everyone: This is ONLY  an advisory, not a warrant, as the illegitimate National Transitional Council opted to step up their efforts for extraditing Saadi Gaddafi who has never really much involved in politics, have been met with blunt refusals.

Saadi is indeed in Niger and need time to mourn.

We are grateful that there are still impartial officials, such as Niger’s minister of foreign affairs, Mohamed Bazoum who have not joined the witchhunt, prefer to use wisdom and real leadership, rather than what other nations and their so-called leaders who kowtow on every single hearsay, lies and disinformation provided by NATO’s Perception Management Team.

Again, we are witnessing another desperate attempt by this illegitimate government coaxed by their neo-colonial masters with their spin doctors to do everything to be taken seriously.

It is very frightening that there are two types of “leaders” who are involved with geopolitics: Those that make decisions based on real information and those who make decisions based on imaginations. Since real diplomacy, negotiations and justice is not being given a chance, and the web of lies has grown colossally, I am dispensing all pleasantries for I do not share any of Obama, Sarcozy, Cameron, Clinton, NATO’s Fogh Rasmussen and their motley crew of zealots’ pretentious appraisal of their “humanitarian” activities around the world.

INTERPOL Red Notice on Saadi Gaddafi

The FUK-Usa and NATO Psyops “reports” are as predictable, ad nauseam, as a McDonald’s Big Mac Happy meal and immortal as a tub of margarine that molds, insects or rodents won’t even eat: ”Truth” (“Enriched flour” bun) – lie (Mayonnaise and ketchup) – fancy verbosity (lettuce, pickles and tomato) – processed high sodium burger meat (the key players) – cheese (paid human implants in forms of “experts”) – lie (Mayonnaise and ketchup) – “Truth” (“Enriched flour” bun). Of course, there’s french fries (mainstream media) which will never decompose regardless of how complicit they are to war crimes due to the corporatist backing. Then you have the sodas (corrupted officials and bureaucrats) to make any moron swallow this bionic “enriched truth” burger. Yes, morons because this “enriched truth” is mostly enjoyed and digested by brainless people. Fungi are much smarter than them. They would rather eat cow manure.

Since there are many morons who willingly digest on these lies and regurgitate further disinformation, it is the our moral duty to combat these because they are driving the sane side of the world population into apoplexy. These lurid details of hearsay evidence and tabloid quality war reporting are giving the rest on the planet a cerebral hemorrhage.

Let’s fathom this out and deduce from the facts, terra firma.

The key here is ”allegedly”.

Allegedly is a derivative form of the word allege, which means, it is a claim or assertion that  an incident or a person has done something illegal or wrong, typically without proof, to have taken place.

Having defined that, let me aver that this contention is just as real as when the reports of Col. Gaddafi being in Venezuela or the multi-deaths of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi that we might as well put Superman on retirement weeks ago.

Using that word makes them sound sophisticated. Pure sophisticated disinformation is 95% truth, and 5% lies. With this case? Not even close. They want to be and try very hard like a B movie. Any spin doctor together with CNN and their unethical psychotic journalist correspondent reporting about Libya named Sara Sidner (who belongs to war criminal complicit individuals) using a porn video as evidence for pro-Gaddafi forces “brutally” raping women deserves multiple demotions and company liquidation.  These people should not even be in business at all for producing fabricated and sensationalized news. “Dodging bullets” in Libya is an example of that.

Let’s start with this TRUTH: Yes, stadium was demolished by the government due to the vandalism and violations of Benghazi militant fans, destroying many old and traditional artefacts of the club. However,  this has since been resolved and the club have been given 77 acres (310,000 m2) of land for a new ground, but it cannot afford to develop it.  

So why is this being brought up? More importantly which will be answered in this report: WHOSE IDEA is this that instigated this using this as a media spin, when this is already resolved? It is complete stupidity for the western spin doctors to use this because it does not even hold water! I will have to disappoint them because TRUTH will win this point. Again. Furthermore, if we keep digging into Benghazi, it will prove even more illegality of France, UK, USA, UN, EU and NATO involvement in the matter. If they are going to use this football and property issue as justification for killing 63,000 Libyans and continuous slaughter of Libyans and ethnic cleansing of Black Africans, then I must say, they are really in a joyride to war tribunal, because the entire Libyan conflict is about a few families who have vendetta against Gaddafi, who are based in Benghazi.

Considering that backdrop, the so-called “February 17 revolution” was just 500-600 people who went to the revolutionary committee (local government  headquarters) in Sabri district, and they tried to go to the central  revolutionary committee and started throwing stones! CNN fabricated the 50,000 protesters. We will tackle this deeper in the video reports, as the entire web of LIES has gotten out of hand, and it requires combatting these talking points with TRUTHFUL talking points.

All of this must feel like a parallel universe for the Gaddafi Clan with all of us.Interpol used to be Gaddafi’s friend. Ronald K. Noble, Secretary General of Interpol can confirm what I am saying: Gaddafi and Al Qaeda were ENEMIES. Gaddafi and Libya was the FIRST country in the world to seek the arrest of Osama bin Laden in 1998. Yes! Before Sept 11, 2001! The warrant was issued in connection with the March 1994 murders of German anti-terrorism agents Silvan and Vera Becker, who were in charge of missions in Africa. Remember that, Madame Merkel? So Why Britain wouldn’t support Gadaffi’s Interpol arrest warrant for Bin Laden then? MI6 was busy sponsoring Al Qaeda to assassinate him. Fast forward to 2011: Now you got USA, France, Britain and NATO funding and supporting Al Qaeda wanting to assassinate Gaddafi. These western media have no clue about REAL NEWS based on FACTS. They like to invest a lot on sensational fiction genre worthy of Oscar nomination.

Everything that has happened from February onwards are drummed up by people who have no interest in the welfare of the Libyans. As we go further down this rabbit hole, the world will know that everything that these RATS have done are bidding by their western masters. Nothing else. There was no need to have UN Security Council mandate. The civil war is just as real as the weapons of mass destruction of Saddam Hussein! But for the purpose of cleaning up garbage news, we will still have to go through a snapshot of this.

Here is what’s really going on:

NATO is very desperate. Former CIA Director-turned-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta would like their preferred interim government to enhance its legitimacy and therefore violated international laws by renewing assault on Libyan civilians for 90 more days since September, supposedly reviewing every 30 days to see whether operations could be ended.

After several weeks of political infighting and delays over cabinet-line up, with no substantial changes as they were asked, the National Transitional Council is facing death threats from several large influential tribes.
Let us get into what they’re brushing aside: The turf wars. There’s too many greedy involved. Al Jazeera’s top executive, Director-General Wadah Khanfar, Qatar and Al-Jazeera would appear to be controlled by the CIA and its friends in MI6 and Mossad.
Of course, the typical thing to do like all power-hungry people must do is give the illusion they are in control: They have to continue to drum up “be patient because the hour of liberation is near” talking points just like their neo-colonial masters, Obama, Sarcozy, Cameron and  NATO.

US Secretary HIllary Clinton sanctioned the murder of Col. Gaddafi. Be careful who you shake hands with.

One of their classic lying moments was producing a replica of the Green Square and Bab-el-Azizia was built in the studios of Al-Jazeera in Doha, where footage of false images was shot portraying pro-US ‘insurgents’ entering Tripoli. For now, we will brush aside many other things like the rebels posing for photos in the beginning of the year. Say no more.
In TRUTH, they are all in denial of the fact that 80% of the entire country is very much covered with pro-Gaddafi Green Flags, and 95% of the entire population does not accept these western puppets but are solidly behind Gaddafi, the founding Father of the Great Socialist Libyan Arab Jamahiriya nation. On top of that, many Libyan politicians who made mistakes in jumping the bandwagon of lies have now contacted the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya government for forgiveness, vow to correct their insubordination by joining the resistance against imperialism of NATO and its allies.

The National Transitional Council is a joke.

Hence, if we are to use the word “allegedly” in proper context, the world should understand that when NATO and their media army hails the National Transitional Council as “government”, they only mean “allegedly”. Otherwise, feel free to use what the Libyans prefer to call them, RATS.

INTERPOL also issued red notices for Muammar Gadhafi, his son Saif al-Islam Gadhafi and other Libyan nationals based on a request by the International Criminal Court’s corrupted deluded prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo for crimes against humanity under falsified claims using media disinformation as evidence i.e. “murder and persecution”.  Another joke.

However, none of us are amused. For all the expenses was paid for by innocent human blood, intrusion on personal and national sovereignty, disruption of peace and widespread financial shenanigans against many hardworking tax payers around the world suffering from unemployment, poverty, foreclosed homes and dim future of eternal debt.

If you lay all the unadulterated facts on the table, which sane government would really want to work with NATO Allies and all its RATS,  whose contribution is complete mayhem?

INTERPOL is a huge threat to all Humanity’s civil liberties

INTERPOL is the world’s largest police organization in the world. The General Secretariat is located in Lyon, France, and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. INTERPOL also has seven regional offices across the world and a representative office at the United Nations in New York and at the European Union in Brussels. Each of their 188 member countries maintains a National Central Bureau staffed by its own highly trained law enforcement officials.

The fact that they are based in France, we may as well attempt to ascertain conjectures and extrapolate from past similar methods that has been consistently applied as justification for more R2P (Right to Protect) in forms of gang rape, genocide, ethnic cleansing, slaughter, human organ trade, human trafficking, and other neo-colonial “humanitarian” activities such as we have witness all year.

For the Americans who are oblivious of the fact that everything happening around the Middle East, and the world does not or will not affect them, let me give a little insight about INTERPOL and why we need to really pay attention to the conspiracy against Humanity.

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed an Executive Order which gave permission to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) to operate within the boundaries of the United States. Reagan’s EO put INTERPOL under the same basic guidelines as the CIA, FBI, ATF and other Federal law enforcement agencies.

As of this year, FBI guidelines have changed: ANYTHING goes, as we reported. To reiterate:

The new Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide will empower the FBI to dispatch surveillance teams, to follow targets, to dig through trash, to search commercial databases and to expand the use of informants to infiltrate a wide range of organizations.

If you are part of a group that disagrees with government policy in Iraq or Afghanistan, or that dislikes nuclear energy, the next time you throw out your trash, an FBI agent may be examining it a few hours later — from what you eat to what you buy to what you read and think.

The next time you attend a meeting to fight for better schools, protest drug testing on animals or criticize almost any aspect of government policy, the person next to you may be an informant, recording everything you say. Or perhaps the informant will participate in the meeting, steering the organization’s activities in ways the government wishes.

As for INTERPOL, President Obama, without any announcement, debate, discussion, fanfare, inquiry from journalists or American patriotic protest issued an amendment to this EO on December 16, 2009.  The amendment removed part of Reagan’s order that kept INTERPOL from having full diplomatic immunity while operating within the United States.  In other words:  Obama has authorized the INTERPOL to operate within the USA without having to adhere to certain laws set forth for investigative agencies, such as laws that prohibit authorities from violating American constitutionally protected rights.

Interpol had to answer to the FBI and U.S. courts under Reagan’s order. But President Obama decided to give the Americans this 2009 Christmas gift without debate or explanation:

Obama’s Executive Order 12425 for INTERPOL full immunity in US Soil

Simply put, the Presidential Executive Order 12425 gives INTERPOL authorization to break into any home without a warrant, seize private property of any US citizen, hold the citizen for questioning without the right of legal representation and not be subject to any legal or criminal repercussion. President Obama gave the international organization unsupervised freedom to investigate Americans on their own soil without recourse or the supervision of their own government. In this executive order, Interpol’s operations center for the United States is housed within the U.S. Justice Department. Many of the American agents will work under Interpol. This group of law enforcement officials are no longer subject to the restraints of the U.S. Constitution. Since Interpol files are immune to disclosure, a citizen could be denied his right to see the information used to prosecute him or her. Just like the Gaddafis, any citizen can be on the world’s Most Wanted List based on “allegations“.

Obama’s executive order has done more to weaken American civil liberties than the U.S. Patriot Act. The silence in the mainstream media on this issue should scare all freedom loving Americans and all of us around the world as we can also assume that all of their 188 member countries gave the INTERPOL the same immunity.

Interpol’s red notices are the highest-level alerts they can issue to their 188 member countries. Please note that the notices do not force countries to turn over suspects but strongly urge them to, and countries who ignore such notices can come under pressure from the international community. Nevertheless, their activities are substantial and ipso facto, they are freely issuing red notices based on perfunctory investigation, this should be of huge concern to every single global citizen, regardless of one’s stature, unless you live in the non-member states. Although, I highly doubt North Korea is prepared for a mass exodus of 6 billion people by 2012.


“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

– Adolf Hitler, German Chancellor, leader of the Nazi party, 1889-1945


Isn’t it interesting that Americans attack China for being communist when if they really know the realities in China, China is a much safer and freer country than U.S.A.? America is not anymore the Land of the Free since 9/11. They gave all their rights away. The revised U.S. Patriot Act alone should make everyone start packing and head for Tristan da Cunha. Many of the wealthy has been moving out of the U.S.A, especially the last few years, for this reason. China has better human rights records and has a liberal economy. The sooner the Americans stop living in denial, the sooner they can save their nation, and this act alone, will spare all of us from a gloomy future ahead.

America is not the same anymore. It is now a communist country since 9/11, without them realizing it. If they really know how USSR operated, they would have understood terminologies like “5-year plans” were taken from Marxist-Leninist policies.

If anyone dares to do close scrutiny on what is China now, in the 21st Century, she is not communist anymore.

Deng Xiaoping swept the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1978  with capitalist reforms and radically changed Mao’s ideology in the PRC. Maoism nominally remains as the state ideology,  but the Communist party constitution has been rewritten to give the capitalist ideas of Deng Xiaoping prominence over those of Mao. Deng, along with his successors, believed that Maoism showed the dangers of “ultra-leftism” and stated that the revolutionary side of Maoism should be considered separate from the governance side. Mao’s brand of economic and political governance had fallen out of favor within the Communist Party of China for over three decades.

Deng  was considered “the architect” of a new brand of socialist thinking, having developed Socialism with Chinese characteristics and led Chinese economic reform through a synthesis of theories that became known as the “socialist market economy”. He opened China to foreign investment, the global market, and limited private competition. He was generally credited with developing China into one of the fastest growing economies in the world for over 30 years and raising the standard of living of hundreds of millions of Chinese.

The Communist Party of China and its role has changed from revolutionary party to a ruling party. Under the leadership of President Hu Jintao, the new “China Model” of governance, serves as a legitimate alternative to the West’s “Democracy Model”. His “Harmonious Society” domestic and “Peaceful Development” foreign policies features true democracy, the rule of law, equity, justice, sincerity, amity and vitality, to give full scope to people’s talent and creativity and enable them to share the social wealth brought by reform and development. President Hu’s attitude towards corruption, greed and unnecessary waste of public funds is backed by actions. His administration places political reform and increased democracy, especially regarding income disparity and equality has been an important part of his agenda and proposed in the coming years.

In March 2006, as response to the great number of social problems in China, Hu Jintao released the “Eight Honors and Eight Shames” as a set of moral codes to be followed by the Chinese people, and emphasized the need to spread the message to youth, which summarized what a good citizen should regard as an honor and what to regard as a shame. This was one of Hu’s ideological solutions to the perceived increasing lack of morality in China after Chinese economic reforms brought in a generation of Chinese predominantly concerned with earning money and power in an increasingly frail social fabric.

I have gained deeper respect for President Hu this year due to a particular incident in which he gave us assistance and proven that there are still good leaders that Humanity can count on. I intend to mention this incident on my video reports for this humble statesman deserves praise and my gratitude for his moral standing and integrity, unlike the three (and their cohorts) who are destroying nations with their Old World-revised hegemonic agendas, and walk around with such arrogance, though bleeding with guilt.


Alright, NATO spin doctors want to go into football and properties, let us go there.

As in Europe and all other North African countries, football or soccer is the most popular sport. It is the most watched and followed sport of all. Players are known by everyone, and it takes up a lot of space in the national media, as most other fields covered by the media are subject to censorship. Thus, football players are some of the most prominent figures in the world of North African celebrity and their opinions can help or damage the regime’s PR substance. Each nation has such passion over sports and somehow, it is also a trigger to many diplomatic kill or redemption, just like the cricket matches between Pakistan and India.

Lucky for me, I know football politics and business as I have been asked to buy football players on numerous occasions as investments. But I am a volleyball fan, former player and coach many years ago. The last match I saw was with the Israeli women’ soccer team being creamed by the Norwegians as I sat with the Arabs and Israeli football executives. I missed out on attending the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. More on the FIFA politics  as we move along in this narrative.

This new saga centers on Saadi Gaddafi, the most prominent figure in Libyan football who was not part of these movements.

The psyop that brought this INTERPOL red notice that NATO, Libyan RATS and their media cohorts  presented the world surround 17 of the Libya’s most prominent football players who have taken side against their leader of 42 years, Colonel Gaddafi and claim that Saadi ordered the shooting of Libyan civilians.

Football or soccer is one of Libya’s oldest and most venerable institutions, predating not only Muammar Gadhafi’s rule but also independence in 1951, and boasts what is perhaps the country’s most fervent fan base. If you can wrap your mind around that, you can understand why this is quite an important issue.

In the middle of the 20th century, Libya, a country still looking for its independence, started to found many sporting clubs and youth clubs in a political move to unite the youth of the country in order to fight for its independence, and drive out the British forces. A young group of youngsters from Tripoli decided to name their club Al Istiqlal, meaning Independence, but the British administration, uncomfortable with this name as it may have caused a revolt against their power, refused it. The club was therefore named Al Ahly, meant as The People’s Club, and chose the club’s colours as green to signify independence, peace and hope for the country.

On June 24th, the national team goalkeeper Juma Gtat met with the BBC at his hotel in Tripoli, where he talked about the national team’s decision to join the rebels. Gtat, the most involved sports figure in the revolution, has also posed with rebel forces and trucks in the past few weeks. Note: Posed. Just like the others.

The Benghazi Football Scar of July 1999 Affair

Football or soccer fans really take their teams seriously with almost like a religious fervor, just like how the U.S.A. love their American Football (NFL) and basketball (NBA), Canada with their hockey, Pakistan, India and Caribbean’s cricket and Australia’s rugby.

With Al-Ahly Benghazi, their victim-mentality boisterous fans are still very bitter and also the NATO spin doctors are not completely telling the full picture.

Libya operates two football leagues. The first division which was founded in 1963 is sponsored by local Telecommunications Company, Libyana. As a result, the league is officially known as the Libyana Premier League. It includes 16 teams and the league champion and cup winners both qualify for the CAF Champions League. Libya Sport is the broadcasting partner of the league, where highlights of the week’s matches are shown. Despite all clubs being owned by the government – directly or indirectly – only two clubs have a stadium exceeding a 20,000 capacity. These teams are Al Ittihad and Al Madina. The two share the ‘11th June Stadium’ of Tripoli, and of the 41 league championships, 40 have been decided between clubs from Tripoli and Benghazi. Al Ittihad is the most successful club, with 16 titles.

The club is the second most successful Libyan club in history, having won 10 Libyan Premier League titles, five Libyan Football Cups and a Libyan SuperCup. Al-Ahly is known as the leader of Libyan Football clubs and has the largest number of fans in Libya. Al-Ahly’s main rivalry is with Al-Ittihad. The two clubs are the biggest in the country, and together, have won 28 of the 41 national championships that have been contested, as well as 10 of the 18 domestic cups.

The logo of a Libyan football (soccer) club of Ahly Benghazi.

Al-Ahly Benghazi is the Libyan football club based in Benghazi, Libya. In Libyan national football standing, they come third. Always. Al-Ahly Benghazi has its roots in a political party, the Omar al Mukhtar society.  Al Ahly is the most supported club in Benghazi and is famous in Libya for its passionate, loyal and violent militant crowds. It is always expected that they have very intense atmosphere and one or two riots and vandalism if not more in Benghazi. In football world, we call them hooligans.

Since Libya’s first football match, a 10-2 defeat to Egypt in Cairo in 1953, the country has not been able to enjoy any silverware. The only success to be noted is their second place finish at the 1982 African Cup of Nations. As hosts of the tournament, Libya was defeated in the final 7-6 in a penalty shoot-out with Ghana. Their highest ever FIFA ranking, 58th, came in April of 2011 during the early stages of the uprising.

In the late 1990s, Saadi adopted a leading Tripoli team, also called Al Ahly Tripoli. He became a player, captain, de facto manager and owner. And at the same time, he also headed the national football federation, becoming Libya’s soccer czar. Inevitably, Saadi’s close identification with the Tripoli club meant that its fortunes became entwined with the leadership’s prestige. Saadi’s team evolved into a powerhouse.

(NOTE: While the league is not considered fully professional, the national team’s weak record is questioned, as controversial laws and political matters have always been involved. Six times, the national team was made to withdraw from World Cup qualification due to political matters. In fact it was also once disqualified due to UN sanctions, in 1994. Al Saadi’s involvement since the late 90’s has not helped much in that respect, nor did Libya’s withdrawal from the African Cup of Nations on five separate occasions.)

Indeed, Saadi’s team, Al-Ahly Tripoli with Al-Ittihad is in an envious position. Their home is the 72 metres (79 yards) by 107 metres (117 yards) that can hold 65,000 spectators, June 11 Stadium. It is a multi-purpose stadium in Tripoli, Libya, built in 1967 and is one of the largest stadiums in Africa. The name of the stadium commemorates the day in which American forces were asked to relinquish their military base rights in Libya and leave the country. It is mostly used for football matches, but they also use it as an athletics track. The June 11th Stadium is the main venue used by the Libyan national football team in its FIFA World Cup and African Nations Cup qualifying matches as well as other international games.

This particular stadium hosted many games of the 1982 African Cup of Nations held in Libya along with the 28th of March Stadium in Benghazi; it was the venue for the final between Ghana and Libya. Another important game played in the stadium was the 2002 Italian Supercup between Juventus and Parma, in which Juventus won 2-1. (Yes, Juventus for which the Libyan Sovereign Wealth fund has substantial investments. More about that later.)

Saadi captained the Libyan national team on 18 occasions in a career which included stints at Perugia, Udinese and Sampdoria of Italy. He was on the board of Juventus Turin, but stepped down to join Perugia. He played 10 minutes at Perugia and one game for Udinese. During this time, he also failed a drug test at Perugia and was subsequently banned for some time. He has also been the president of Libya’s football federation which has issued some controversial laws. Most notably, player names were not allowed to be announced, except that of Al Saadi. His most notable appointment has been Brazilian coach Marcos Paquetá.

In the summer of 2000, Saadi Gaddafi decided to reign in the unruly rival team after a series of on-field disputes. During a match between the two clubs, Benghazi players threatened to leave the field after two penalties and an offside goal were awarded to the rival team leader. The Benghazi rebels called it in the media “imaginary” penalties. First off, has another gone to any football/soccer game and the referee makes all sorts of judgement calls? IF the referee made a mistake, if it was a mistake, why are they targeting Saadi for that? People are indeed petty. It’s a game. Let us just get that straight. It does not make it OK to burn buildings because your team lost.

Col. Gaddafi thought that football/soccer was anything but a harmless hobby. But that is not how Benghazi hooligans feel.

During one national cup final match in Benghazi, witnesses say, Saadi and his team were mercilessly booed in front of a crowd featuring several dignitaries from sub-Saharan Africa, a region where his father was seeking to extend his influence.

They burned posters of Gadhafi, ransacked and set the local office of the Libyan Football Federation on fire.

Afterward, Saadi was apoplectic.

Al Ahly’s 37-hectare clubhouse and facilities were raised to the ground as plainclothes men visited the homes of protesting soccer fans. Some 80 were arrested of whom 30 for trial to Tripoli on charges of vandalism, destruction of public property and having contacts with Libyan dissidents abroad, a capital offense in Libya.

Tell me, what would any nation do if they have such vandalism done to their properties they have invested in?

In the following days, Libya’s Internal Security Forces rounded up several dozen supporters and sent them to Tripoli.

In the meantime, Benghazi’s FC al-Ahli was temporarily disbanded. The 34 defendants were creating a political party, insulting the Libyan guide’s family and criminal conspiracy. I think you call them National Transitional Council “party”. It was a POLITICAL PARTY. They didn’t even want any foreign intervention. But Sarcozy want a war so he spunned lies with Cameron, Hillary and Obama and fooled EU, UN and everyone else because they controlled the mainstream media. But in fact, there were only 30 people or so that was causing all the problems. THAT IS THE TRUTH. 

Three people were sentenced to death, but their penalties were converted to life in prison by the Libyan rule. The three were released after serving five years in prison.

The supporters were pardoned at the end of 2005, have got their team back now.

Al Ahly Benghazi was resurrected in 2004, initially as a second-division squad, but later graduated to the country’s premier league.

I do understand that people can be passionate. They are allowed to do that. But when they use sport squabble over scores, use that to waste other nation’s time and taxpayers money by making mountains out of  ant hills, a real wise leader will not even bother intervening into other people’s affairs, let alone football grievances. Football squabbles should not even have any United Nations Security Council mandate for intervention. Don’t we have other more important matters to deal with like the genocides in Somalia and Darfur?

Take these people being used by the French media, Le Figaro:

“The truth is that Saadi Gaddafi had a grudge against us, because our team was strong, and because we refused to submit to his whims,” says Murad Rhoma, who was behind bars for three years. “On the field, the other teams’ players were so afraid of his fits of anger that they did not dare to try to get the ball from him,” adds Abdul Salam el-Mozoughi, who was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment.


Francesco Scoglio was coach of the Libyan National Football team in 2002. During his period as coach, Scoglio led the Libyan team to victories over Egypt, Togo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the Africa Cup of Nations.

The Libyan team showed improvement in the FIFA Coca Cola Classification during that time period as well.

The victories were not enough in Libya, since Scoglio had problems in the country that went beyond sports. He took it very personal due to inflated Ego.

Scoglio was in conflict with Al-Saadi Gaddafi (son of Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi), who was President of the Libyan National Football Team.

In September 2002, the Libyan National Football Team decided that Scoglio had to go. The reason was a revamping of Libyan football, starting with the dissolution of the national team.

Scoglio told his version of what transpired to the Italian sports magazine Corriere dello Sport. He claimed that he was fired because of Al-Saadi Gaddafi.

According to Scoglio, Gaddafi wanted to participate in the matches, and other coaches allowed him. Scoglio saw how Gaddafi performed as a midfielder and concluded that he was “worthless.”

He declared: “When he (Gaddafi) played, we lost. When he did not, we won.”


Saadi’s heart was not in military or government. In fact, he ventured out and started financing a film about the Mafia as part of his Hollywood investment business.

Bloomberg reported that Al-Saadi, a one-time footballer suspended by the Italian Olympic league in 2003 for steroid use, invested in a $100 million Los Angeles-based film production fund called Natural Selection, founded by Matty Beckerman.

The film is called “The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer,” slated to star Mickey Rourke and Eva Amurri, the daughter of Susan Sarandon.  The film focuses on Richard Kuklinski, a brutal and sadistic killer and torturer, involved in pornography, narcotics, contract killing, and gambling on a worldwide scale.


Let me touch building projects since NONE of the mainstream media and NATO spin doctors are talking about the wonderful things Gaddafi and the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya people have been doing for their sovereign nation without the help of IMF and all being paid for by the Libyans themselves.

Lucky for me again, I have delved into construction world through physical commodities such as cement and steel, shipping, manufacturing and contract negotiations for infrastructure with various countries, thus can touch on this. I will add more in the forthcoming video reports. (Thank you for your patience on the video reports. We have been dealing with technical issues. We are getting there.)

With all the chaos the Libyan RATS and their neo-colonialist masters have caused, the future of these contracts is now, of course, extremely doubtful. Everyone has now demobilized  and most will argue their contracts were terminated by force majeure or civil commotion.

My intention in going deep into this is to enlighten everyone about the impressive vision the Libyan government, with Gaddafi’s guidance as founding Father of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, has for this beloved nation of 6 million and why France, UK, USA, all NATO members, Arab League with the United Nations must pay for all the serious damages caused to many people and companies, their trauma, livelihood and future besides the heinous war crimes that has been committed thus far worthy of multiple Nuremberg trials rolled into one.

Perhaps, when sane people can cross reference the NATO bombing spree and the places that the Libyan RATS have been vandalizing with these I am giving here should give you an idea of what they are truly doing: Complete balkanization of Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and create another Somalia, due to the fact that NONE of the tribes will ever bow down and respect Mustafa Abdul Jalil’s National Transitional Council illegitimate government for 80% of ALL LIBYA is still Libyan Arab Jamahiriya control and 95% of the people will defend their nation and their founding Father, Col. Muammar Gaddafi. Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who managed to stoop so low that he would name his newly born child in March as Sarcozy and add that for his PR stunt does not have the respect of the Obeidi tribe, the tribe where Gen. Abdel Fateh Younes comes from and one of Libya’s largest and most powerful tribes. Together with US puppet, Mahmoud Jibril, the Elders of Younes’ Obeidi tribe have a vendetta against them.

Why do you think NTC’s Jibril wants to quit? It is insane why anyone would even consider these people leader material. Mustafa Abdul Jalil and Mahmoud Jibril does not have any control over its own group, why would you even let them run a country?!!

Let me give a dose of reality here as the world has been extremely lied to by NATO, France, USA and UK spin doctors with their mainstream media. The world community got this all backwards, and if I am to give an advise to all world leaders and CEOs, shut out the Libyan National Transitional Council. To those who fell for this blackmail of the USA, UK, France and NATO and acknowledge these RATS as the new government of Libya, should be ashamed of themselves for being incompetent to discern who these people are! These are undocumented criminals you are legitimizing! 60 nations out of 193 members of the United Nations. 60 American puppets who are accomplices to crime against Humanity and deserve a war tribunal punishment.

Fortunately, I know many are now waking up though it is very disconcerting that the United Nations seems medicated to notice there is a severe violation of Geneva Conventions here, left, right, front, back and center. This illegitimate new government of a joke, the Libyan National Council, has done more damage than what Gaddafi has ever done. Gaddafi build. These RATS destroy. Like it or not, this is TRUTH. The revolting part, is that UN mandated a bunch of foreign thugs and it has been several months now, with enough evidence of severe breach towards human rights, even without me speaking up, should suffice to remove the NO FLY ZONE. If any elected politician around the world cannot see what is truly happening and allow this to a small nation over lies and disinformation, something is truly wrong. Remember, Humanity is waking up. If you are going for re-election, the only way for you to win is to cheat, because when your constituents find out what you have done and not done, and not stood up against any of this, but continued and in fact, supported war crimes, as everything happening now involves all of us, you can think of retirement.

NONE of this is about protecting civilians. The people of Libya is suffering inhumanity and indignities of pillage and plunder, together with everyone who were ever connected with her.

The Libyan National Transitional Council dare to take this new spin on properties, I take this challenge. The Benghazi football issue is peanuts compared to what they have done to the entire country. However, they also left out the full context, for which I will report on.

For instance, Libya unrest cost Chinese firms US$18.8 billion and were  participating in over 50 projects in the country.  At least 13 state-owned Chinese enterprises have halted operations in Libya, including the Metallurgical Co of China Ltd, China State Construction Engineering Corp and China Railway Construction Corp.

That was just March! If we are to calculate that, the other nations who were also investors, various companies, damages and trauma to each person involved, and everything else plus how much the world has been inconvenienced with these greedy instigators’ nonsense in addition to the lack of  oil flow trade coming out of Libya, I can assure you that they owe Humanity trillions of dollars. Just think, if we stop these people and they pay us all back, we will not have financial problems on this planet.

At least 10-20 years of major construction investments were planned for Libya. Due to this, the Libyan regime’s modernization drive had attracted multiple construction consultants from around the world.

1) Brand New Universities

UK‘s AecomGleeds, architect BDP and project manager Hill International were all working on a program to build 25 universities worth US$5.2 billion for Libya’s Organization for Development of Administrative Centers (ODAC) in the Sahara Desert, in the mountains and on the coast.

Construction is in the hands of a range of international contractors, including firms from Turkey, China and Portugal.

Ten new universities, with principal construction period 2009-2012, were underway to open Libya up to the West.

Sabha, Brak, Marzuq, Awbari, Gharyan, Nalut, Zintan, Sabratha, Surman, and Zuwarah schemes were being designed entirely around local settings, microclimate and culture, while conforming to an over-arching academic plan: Eighteen faculty types — covering all Engineering, Humanities and Health Sciences sectors — will accommodate 38,000 students and there will be 15,000 student residential and 600 staff units. These international centers of excellence are to cater for the region and sub-Saharan Africa while also capable of withstanding 40C+ summers and freezing winters whilst minimizing energy use.

A) Desert Located Campuses

Sabha University Master Plan Design

Sabha University Master Plan Design

Sabha University Master Plan Design

Sabha University Master Plan Design

Sabha University Master Plan Design

Sabha University Master Plan Design

Sabha University Master Plan Design

 B) Coast Located Campuses

Sabratha University Master Plan Design

Sabratha University Master Plan Design

Sabratha University Master Plan Design

Sabratha University Master Plan Design

Sabratha University Master Plan Design

C. Mountain Located Campuses

Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi University Gharyan Campus Master Plan Design located by the mountain side in south of Tripoli

Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi University Gharyan Campus Master Plan Design located by the mountain side in south of Tripoli

Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi University Gharyan Campus Master Plan Design located by the mountain side in south of Tripoli

Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi University Gharyan Campus Master Plan Design located by the mountain side in south of Tripoli

Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi University Nalut Campus Master Plan Design located by the mountain side in south of Tripoli

Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi University Zintan Campus Master Plan Design located by the mountain side in south of Tripoli

Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi University Zintan Campus Master Plan Design located by the mountain side in south of Tripoli

Contractors are mostly from Turkey, Brazil and Italy, although Interserve and Vinci France were also present, and a Russian contractor was building a new railway to link Tripoli and Benghazi. UK consultancies included MaceMott MacDonald and PH Warr.

PH Warr is now uncertain over its work on the £30M ($46.7M) Mediterranean Sea Hotel, for which it was advising the United Libyan Tourist Investment Company on cost and project management.

Capita Symonds was redeveloping the runway adjacent to the Benina International Airport in Benghazi, eastern Libya. The airport was due for completion in around 18 months. The Coalition (USA, France and UK) with trigger-happy Sarcozy bombed and destroyed it. But the UN Security Council ignored this breach and chose to turn a blind eye to the fact that Sarcozy started the bombing infrastructure and targeted civilians, and all Libyan planes were grounded, which yours truly with my UN mentor witnessed. (My apologies for the ghetto wording, I was extremely angry because we had many casualties and my UN mentor/best friend already had to sustain injuries. Forgive me, my fellow royals, but I had His Royal Highness’ blessings to unleash both our outrage against Sarcozy’s barbaric acts on my personal blog since we were not done with our official report, which of course is confiscated.)

Mace‘s work for the Libyan Investment and Development Company on the Bab Tarablus shopping centre and the Al Waha residential project, both in Tripoli, has been put on hold.


“We were told we were fighting terrorists, but the real terrorist was me and the real terrorism is this occupation. Racism within the military has long been an important tool to justify the destruction and occupation of another country. It has long been used to justify the killing, subjugation, and torture of another people. Racism is a vital weapon deployed by this (USA) government. It is a more important weapon than a rifle, a tank, a bomber or a battleship. It is more destructive than an artillery shell, or a bunker buster, or a tomahawk missile. While all of those weapons are created and owned by this government, they are harmless without people willing to use them. 

They (US President and Congress) merely have to sell the war. They need a public who is willing to send their soldiers into harm’s way and they need soldiers who are willing to kill or be killed without question. They can send every last soldier anywhere on earth, but there will only be a war if soldiers are willing to fight, and the ruling class: the billionaires who profit from human suffering care only about expanding their wealth, controlling the world economy, understand that their power lies only in their ability to convince us that war, oppression, and exploitation is in our interests. They understand that their wealth is dependent on their ability to convince the working class to die to control the market of another country. And convincing us to kill and die is based on their ability to make us think that we are somehow superior. Soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, have nothing to gain from this occupation. 

The vast majority of people living in the US have nothing to gain from this occupation.The enemy is people we know very well and people we can identify. The enemy is a system that wages war when it’s profitable. The enemy is the CEO who lays us off our jobs when it’s profitable; it’s the insurance companies who deny us health care when it’s profitable; it’s the banks who take away our homes when it’s profitable. Our enemies are not 5000 miles away, they are right here at home. If we organize and fight with our sisters and brothers, we can stop this war, we can stop this government, and we can create a better world. 

I left the U.S. Army with a new understanding of the system under which we all live, and the nature of U.S. foreign policy. But, I still had the same drive to fight for freedom, justice and equality as I did when I joined, and I understood that fighting for those things meant fighting against the U.S. government, not on behalf of it.”

– Mike Prysner, U.S. 173rd Airborne Brigade, Iraq War Veteran



There are about 25,000km of roads in Libya, 10 ports, and a lot of airports, but rail is missing.

In 1993, Gaddafi said, “I believe a railway that links the Arab nation from Egypt until it reaches Morocco is more important than water supplies to a city or a region”. Just like the Great Man Made River, the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya awarded the projects to top notch companies to ensure the success of this historic upgrade in North Africa.

Libya has a population of about 6.4 million, but the majority live along the coast, most of the interior of Libya being desert. The coastal line carries passenger traffic, plus a variety of freight such as agricultural products, cement, oil, and gas. They were also targeting the potential for transit traffic. The line into the interior would link iron-ore deposits in the Sabha area with a major steel mill on the coast at Misratah. Back in 1998, traffic was forecast at 5.2 million passengers and up to 23 million tonnes of freight a year.

There have been no operational railways in Libya since 1965, but various lines existed in the past. The Italian-built line once linked Suluq, Banghazi and Al Marj, but this ceased to operate in 1965. An extensive  3170 km national railway network was being developed and under construction since 2001. This ambitious project will plug the missing link in North Africa’s rail network and could one day provide rail connections to landlocked countries to the south of Libya. The aim is to connect Egypt with Tunisia by building 2300km of new railway along the coast, have a 1000km line inland to Sabha and extensions to Chad and Niger to link up with the railways in Nigeria and Sudan.

The Great Socialist Libyan Arab Jamahiriya started to allocate and budget US$10bn for these two major routes in 2001 and increased through time.

The network will in due course have 96 stations and was to be built in four stages:

  • Stage 1 Ras Ejder – Surt;
  • Stage 2 Surt – Banghazi;
  • Stage 3 Banghazi – Emessaad;
  • Stage 4 Surt – Sabha, plus the branch to Tarot.

The first standard gauge single track railway started construction in January 2001 to run parallel to the coast from Ras Ejder on the Tunisian border, via Surt, to Emesaad on the Egyptian border, ultimately creating a through route between the three countries. The line serves 10 ports, which between them handle 10 to 15 million tonnes of freight each year. From Surt another line will run 1000 km south to Sabha, with a branch to Tarot.

Construction began in 2008 on lines running east to west along the country’s Mediterranean coast and south to Sabha, in the centre of the country. Outside Tripoli, a sleek model train sits on newly constructed tracks. Inside, in first class, white sofas line the cabin. Business class has shiny blue chairs arranged around tables.

The government says the completed network will employ more than 1,000 Libyan technicians.

In 2007, a consortium of Italy’s Finmeccanica companies Ansaldo STS andSelex Communications received a €247 million contract from Russian Railways subsidiary Zarubezhstroyteknologiya to provide signalling, automation, telecommunications, power supply, security, and ticketing systems for Libya’s 551km Surt-Benghazi line.

Ansaldo STS leads the consortium with an 81.8% share, which equates to around €202 million, and includes the installation of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), interlockings, trackside equipment, the control centre, and power supplies. The work covered by the contract will take around three years to complete.

The 551km Surt – Benghazi section is the first phase of a line that will stretch along the length of Libya’s Mediterranean coast from Tunisia to Egypt. The line will initially use diesel locomotives operating at up to 160km/h, although it will later switch to electric traction with a maximum operating speed of 250km/h.

Last year Ansaldo STS was awarded the signalling, telecommunications, and power supply contract for both sections, as well as the 992km inland branch from Al Hishah to Waddan and Sabha.

China Railway Construction was building the adjoining 352km Surt-Misratah-Al Khums section and the 172km western stretch of the line between Tripoli and the Tunisian border at Ras Adjir.

One line, to be completed by 2012, is to extend westwards from Surt some 352km along the Mediterranean coast to Misratah and Al Khums, involving the construction of 26 stations and 55 bridges.

The other project, running 810km from north to south through mainly desert, will link Misratah to Sabha (about 400km north of the Libyan border with Niger/Chad) and is scheduled for completion by 2011.

Libya’s Surt-Benghazi tracks

China Railway Group Limited has 46 subsidiaries, including 28 wholly owned subsidiaries, 15 holding subsidiaries, 4 branch companies and 3 joint venture subsidiaries. In the year of 2005 and 2006, China Railway was the forth and third largest construction company in the world, respectively. In 2007, CREC was ranked 342nd in the Fortune Global 500 companies, and listed the 417th in the World’s 500 Most Influential Brands and the 13th in China’s Top 500 Enterprises.

With that impressive background, you can just imagine that  Gaddafi was serious about building Libya.

China Railway Group, China’s biggest railroad builder suspended its three projects in Libya in March 2011 due to the chaos.The total contract value of the three rail projects is $4.24 billion, of which $3.55 billion worth of construction has not been completed. The contract value of the uncompleted work in Libya accounts for 2.3 percent of its overall portfolio of unfinished jobs.

The firm won bids in 2008 to build a 352-kilometre west-to-east coastal railway and a south-to-west railway that would facilitate the transportation of iron ore from the southern city Sebha to Misurata.

Its third project is a 172-kilometre railway that extends from Tripoli, Libya’s capital, to the key Ras Jedeir port in the west.

China State Construction Engrg. Corp. Ltd. (China Construction), founded by  four global Top 500 enterprises: China State Construction Engineering Corp.(CSCEC), China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Baosteel Group Corp.Ltd. and Sinochem Corporation is China’s leading off-shore construction outsourcing company  signed construction contracts amounting to 17.6 billion yuan (US$2.67 billion) in Libya since 2007. More than half of the projects are still underway, but now suspended all its projects in Libya due to uncertainties.

The China Railway Construction Corporation holds separate contracts in Libya, covering the 625km of route westwards from Surt to Al Khums, Tripoli and Ras Ejder on the Tunisian border, and an 800km line southwards from Misratah to iron ore deposits inland near Sabha.

On April 17, 2008 in Tripoli, President Vladimir Yakunin of Rossiiskie Zheleznie Dorogi (RZhD – the Russian State Railway), who won the tender bid, and the secretary of the National Committee for organizing the management and implementation of railway projects in Libya as an engineer Saeed Rashid signed a contract for construction of the railway Sirt – Benghazi. The cost of this project was 2.2 billion euros. I had employed 438 people on construction work, which is expected to take four years. In all, it is expected that a total of 3,500 local and Russian workers will help build the line.

The essence of the project Sirt – Benghazi is to build a modern high-speed double-track railway line extending more than 550 km with a width of 1435 mm, which runs along the Mediterranean coast and connect the major cities of Libya, and will become part of an international transport corridor in the north of Africa.

At one stage of the project envisaged the use of diesel traction at speeds of up to 160 km / h on the 2nd stage of construction after the electrification of the way and the transition to electric traction rate will increase to 250 km / h through the double track alignment . Thus, Libya has become not just a rail power, but also enters the pool of countries with high-speed rail links.

The project plans includes the building of 1,000 structures, including 30 rail and 23 road bridges, and six major and 24 minor stations.

Since 2010 the Ras Lanuf station was on its way to completion. Some of the heavy construction and railway equipment were delivered, including a track-laying machine, flat wagons and a 100 tonne crane.

June 11 Stadium was being rehabilitated by TRIARENAa Spanish company founded in 2009 with founding partners URSSA S. COPNORTENIDM and PYCSA INFRAESTUCTURAS. specializing in Spanish technology and experience in the fields of engineering, services and construction. They have an official presence both in Spain and Libya. They are the ones who are realizing the design and construction of the sports facilities that Gaddafi with the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya have decided to build in their sovereign soil.

Several of the TRIARENA’s projects in Libya involve the Official Candidature of the City of Tripoli for the Organization of the XVIIIth Mediterranean Games in 2017. They are developing three projects in the “Sports Park” in Tripoli for this event. The buildings are: the Prototype of Swimming and Diving  Pool, the reform of the “Great Man Made River Stadium” and the rehabilitation of the June 11th Athletic Stadium.

Official Candidature of the City of Tripoli for the Organization of the XVIIIth Mediterranean Games in 2017

Preliminary Draft of June 11 Athletic Stadium. The stadium has been going on for 50 years and is becoming obsolete, in need of a renovation. With a capacity of 45,000 spectators, the stadium is poised to become a national landmark for Libyan Arab Jamahiriya meeting international world class standards future generations of Libyans and people around the world can enjoy..

Here is an overview of the several projects they have been working on since 2010 in preparations for the 2013 African Cup and 2017 Mediterranean Games.

TRIARENA’s Libya Projects in Tripoli, Benghazi, Misurata and all over Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

TRIARENA’s Libya Projects in Tripoli, Benghazi, Misurata and all over Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

There are 5 prototypes of football stadiums in Libya with 12.000 with 12.000 spectators that were planned. These were already being put to place since May 2010. These projects are meant to improve the facilities of the country to manage international sports events such as FIFA, Africa Cup of Nations or the Mediterranean Games.

The TRIARENA Libya Stadium prototypes

Placed in the Sports park, a multisport complex in downtown Tripoli, theGreat Man Made River Stadium, with a capacity of 4852 spectators, is an old velodrome, restructured to host a football pitch in 2000. However, this pitch was partially covered by the existing roof and was not meeting FIFA international requirements. In order to meet these standards an integral renovation had to take place. The roof was demolished  on  2010 and a new bigger pitch is being placed over the existing one.

The Great Man Made River Preliminary draft

On November 22, 2010, the assembly of the roof for the Great Man Made River Stadium began. Here was the completed demolition and the dismantling of the old roof.

The roof assemby of the Great Man Made River Stadium on November 2010

Around the same week, the Misurata Football Stadium construction started. This new stadium is to have a capacity of 21.000 spectators.

The Misurata Football Stadium construction on November 2010

The New Misurata Stadium Plan

The Benghazi stadium was simultaneously being built with the others. It is a multi-sports center with 5.500 spectators designed to host international games of basketball, volleyball and handball.

TRIARENA’s Benghazi Stadium Construction


In September 2007, the Libyan government announced a project to upgrade and expand the Tripoli International Airport. The airport is the largest in the nation and the hub for Libyan Airlines, Afriqiyah Airways and Buraq Air.  The completed airport is expected to strengthen Libya’s position as an African aviation hub.

Although the Libyan government identified Tripoli airport as a “fast track” project in 2007, leading to construction work starting before the design was fully developed, the project was expected to finish May 2011 or so. The cost of the project has also been rising, leading to an intense round of renegotiations.

However, the airport closed as a result of United Nations Security Council establishing a no-fly zone over Libya on March 2011.

The expansion plans and total cost of the project, contracted to a joint venture between Brazil’s Odebrecht Engineering and Construction – through its subsidiary in Portugal Bento Pedroso Construções – BPC (50% participation); Turkey’s TAV – Tepe Akfen (25%), Lebanon’s CCC – Consolidated Contractors Company (25%), France’s Vinci Construction is LD 2.54 billion ($2.1 billion). The project was to construct two new terminals at the airport (an East Terminal and a West Terminal) on either side of the existing International Terminal.

Aerial view: New Tripoli International Airport Project, which was scheduled for completion in 2013. The building in the centre is the existing terminal which was inundated with people trying to escape.

Each of the new terminals are 162,000 square metres (1,740,000 sq ft) in size, and collectively they have a capacity of 20 million passengers and a parking lot for 4,400 vehicles. French company Aéroports de Paris designed the terminals, which are to serve 100 aircraft simultaneously.

The two buildings have 325,130 square meters. Each terminal comprises four main areas: The central building is 230 meters by 230 meters; the double concourse is 315 meters long and 40 meters wide; a single-long, 535 meters long by 30 meters wide concourse; and a single-short at 350 meters by 30 meters. Those main areas will be subdivided into Underground, comprising services and technical areas and the luggage system; the Ground Level Floor will hold the passengers lounge and the luggage pick-up section; the Level 1 will be employed mainly for passengers’ disembarkation; and the Level 2, the largest of them, at 71 thousand square meters, for national and international flights boarding and to hold restaurants, shops and the duty-free area. Each terminal will boast 78 check-in positions, the 410-meter luggage carousel for luggage pick-up and sixteen gates with double boarding/disembark bridges. This combination will allow for the movement of passengers in and out of 60 aircrafts at the same time. Most of the building will be in reinforced concrete and precast slabs set over more than 7,000 in-site molded concrete pillars. The 105 thousand square meters metallic roof will be supported by a finely finished metallic structure (pillars and tresses).

Work started in October 2007 on the first new terminal. The initial capacity is 6 million passengers when the first module came into operation. The second new terminal is to have the total capacity to 20 million passengers.

The French company, VINCI Construction Grands Projets (65%), in a consortium with Libyan Development Company or Lidco (35%), signed a €55 million ($73.6 million) contract on 13 November 2008 to build the control tower for the new Tripoli airport. The contract covers civil engineering and all the technical and architectural building trades (€42 million/ $56 million), as well as airport infrastructure (€13 million/ $17 million). The work took 18 months.

This $73.6 Million New Tripoli Airport Tower that was worked on 15/9/2008 and completed on 28/2/2011 was bombed by NATO in July 2011.

The principal earthworks (20,000 cubic metres), bored piles (24 piles with a diameter of 1.20 metres and depth of 30 metres) and concrete foundations of the control tower and the shaft and foundations for the plant room were completed. The new tower will enable the airport’s capacity to increase from 2 million to 20 million passengers a year.

VINCI Construction Grands Projets also completed the Al Gardabiya Assdada pumping stations as part of the Great Man Made River Project in Libya. This vast project, which was launched at the beginning of the 1980s for a period of 25 years, aims to supply water to the coastal regions with a view to developing agriculture and meeting domestic and industrial needs.

For our extensive report on the Great Man Made River, please read Greed over Libyan Secret Treasure: Blue Gold.

This amazing construction became a prime target for NATO bombings on July 2011 and deprived the Libyans clean drinking water, which is a complete violation of Geneva Conventions that the United Nations has ignored.

READ: CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY: NATO hits Libyan Great Man Made River; Russia and China, act now please!

The March 28 Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Benghazi, Libya and part of the Benghazi Sports City. The name of the stadium commemorates March 28, in which British Forces were asked to relinquish their military base rights in Libya and leave the country. The stadium is sometimes used by the Libya national football team although it is not as popular a choice as the capital’s 11th of June Stadium.

March 28 Stadium under demolition on July 7, 2009

As of 2009, the stadium has been closed, and demolition work began in 2009 for the construction of a new stadium. The planned new stadium is supposed to be a 45,000 all seater stadium. Thomas Phifer and Partners, a New York based architectural firm won the international competition for the design of the new stadium. The Benghazi Sports City Soccer Stadium Project renderings were visualized by MIR, a Norwegian company based in Bergen, Norway.

The construction work is part of a general restructuring of the entire Medina al-Riyadhia (Sports City) site, in which another all seater stadium will be built. Construction work was expected to finished by August 31, 2011, in time for Libya’s hosting of the 2013 African Cup of Nations.

The Benghazi Sports City Project is designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners. MIR is the Norwegian company who have visualized these renderings.

The Benghazi Sports City Project is designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners. MIR is the Norwegian company who have visualized these renderings.

The Benghazi Sports City Project is designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners. MIR is the Norwegian company who have visualized these renderings.

The Benghazi Sports City Project is designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners. MIR is the Norwegian company who have visualized these renderings.

Whilst construction has been taking place, Benghazi’s football clubs have been using the Martyrs of February Stadium.


Odebrecht is the first Brazilian company to complete a public project in the USA by building a stretch of the Metromover, Miami’s above-ground subway. Soon after, in 1992, Odebrecht was responsible for building Route 56, a highway in the region of San Diego, California. The construction company has completed 55 projects throughout its 21 year history operating in the USA and is currently present in Florida and Louisiana. Odebrecht’s legacy can be seen in California, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Founded in Bahia in 1944, Odebrecht Engenharia & Construção is currently the largest company in the sector in Latin America. With earnings of over R$ 18.7 billion (circa US$ 10 billion) in 2009, 70% of its revenues originate from projects abroad. It is present on the three Americas, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and employs some 87,000 people.

The company, which has already completed nearly 2,000 projects in 35 different countries, provides integrated services in the areas of engineering, supply, construction, assembly and management of projects in the civil construction, industrial and special technology areas. Odebrecht Engineering & Construction includes six companies, consolidated in 2010, based on the business or geographic area of operations: Odebrecht Energia, Odebrecht Industrial, Odebrecht Infraestrutura, Odebrecht Latin America and Angola, Odebrecht Venezuela and Odebrecht International.

In 2009, Odebrecht finished building the Doraleh container terminal in Djibuti, and rebuild over 240 km of railroad for Arcelor Mittal in Liberia. Among its current projects, worthy of note are the Tripoli Airport (Libya) and the construction of an ethanol plant in Ghana, with Libya in a grind halt until further notice.

In 1993, they constructed the Seven Oaks Dam project in California, in the amount of US$ 168 million, with a construction period of 52 months. During this same year, they were also responsible for the construction work on the Merrill Barber Bridge and the Golden Glades viaduct, which extends 2,464 meters to serve those who use the I-95 system, the federal highway that goes from Southern Florida to Canada. As a result of these projects, Odebrecht was chosen to erect Garcon Point Bridge in Santa Rosa Bay, at the border between Florida and Alabama.

One of the company’s main clients is Miami-Dade County – with projects in the sector of aviation and mass transportation. The partnership has existed since 1993, when the construction company was responsible for building the American Airlines cargo building. Odebrecht was responsible for theAmerican Airlines Arena, a sports and cultural complex in Miami, where it competed for the contract with major U.S. companies. It also built theFortune House building, an apart hotel with 29 floors, the Ocean Steps building, with 15 residential floors, and the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Resort & Spa, a residential hotel project.

In 2010, the company was responsible for expanding the North Terminals of the Miami International Airport, building the lightweight vehicle that will run on the tracks (Mia Mover) and extending the subway (Airport Link). The North Terminal Development Program, which involves investments of US$ 2.85 billion, is the center of a bigger venture, worth US$ 6.2 billion, called the “Capital Improvement Program.”

The complete project includes 52 new gates, four train stations, new installations for the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services, 123 counters, 119 self-service kiosks, 72 federal inspection service posts and a new luggage system. In September 2010, the Sky Train operation began running, connecting the ends of the four main areas of the North Terminal in under five minutes. It is estimated that the program will be completed in 2011, while the construction work for the South Terminal began in 2001 and was completed in 2007. The project included Concourse J, a lobby with 15 departure gates for national and international flights, Concourse H, which already existed and was modernized, as well as a patio that surrounds the area of these buildings.

Also at the Miami International Airport, Odebrecht headed the construction of the MIA Mover, an automatic vehicle that runs on tracks and will connect the Miami International Airport (MIA) to the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC), a terminal that connects different transportation services. The development, the result of a US$ 256 million investment, is to be completed last month, September 2011.

Another project is the construction of the Airport Link, which will connect MIC at the airport to the Earlington Heights subway station. With an investment of US$ 360 million, the project extends nearly four kilometers, with the construction of three subway substations, a bus stop and highway access points.

Odebrecht was also at the Orlando Airport, working on the North Transversal taxi strip and South Terminal Complex. The project also involved the construction of access ramps and new viaducts.

In New Orleans since 2006, Odebrecht won two contracts in 2010 in the city. In August, it signed a contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers to undertake preventive construction work for floods. In May, the company began constructing four water pumping stations, with aims of preventing floods caused by hurricanes. The company also delivered projects at Cataouatche Lake and in the region of Chalmette, work designed to reconstruct and fortify containment dikes. The construction works are part of the Hurricane Storm Damage Risk Reduction System (HSDRRS), which consists of 250 different projects and involves total investments of US$ 15 billion.

On February 27, 2011, their 3,558 employees of 35 nationalities left the country without any reported incidents. The flight chartered by the company arrived to Malta, with 445 passengers on board, together with a ship with 1,889 passengers on board. From Malta, the individuals continued on to their countries of origin through connecting flights.


The sign with Hugo Chavez’s name on it still stands at the entrance to the stadium, but the new name is emblazoned on its walls in red graffiti.

The Hugo Chàvez Stadium has green sign with white letters in Benin (eastern Libya), but the Libyan RATS decided to rename the field as Martyrs of February written in red graffiti around March 2011. Opened in March 2009 with capacity for 11,000 spectators and the first all-seater stadium in Libya, they are now planning to call it, the Nicolas Sarcozy Stadium. Sarcozy is a well-known football hooligan who puts football before his duties as president of France.

The 11,000 seat stadium in Benina, outside Benghazi, was named after the left-wing Venezuelan leader in 2009.

The Libyan Football Federation said it wanted to honor him for his “brave humanitarian positions,” particularly in support of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The Libya versus Syria soccer match marked the opening of the Chavez Stadium in Benghazi on March 5, 2009. NUSSLI built Libya’s second-largest stadium with two project managers, one site manager and 40 assembly staff from altogether 1,150 tonnes of material.

The permanent football stadium was planned and constructed within a space of only nine months despite delays in importing materials and some challenging on-site conditions. In addition to providing capacity for 10,500 spectators, the prestigious stadium has a glass-partitioned VIP zone with separate entrance, 24 media seats, three camera towers, a separate platform for the disabled, four floodlight masts and state-of-the-art BOSE stadium sound systems.

2008 NUSSLI received the order to realize a representative football stadium in Benghazi, Libya for 10,500 visitors. Being executed by two project managers and one site manager it took 40 assemblers five months to set up the stadium out of 1,150 tons of material. The material was supplied via 85 freight containers.

NUSSLI specializes on grandstands/bleachers and modular stadiums, booth constructions and pavilion constructions along with the overall delivery of event structures and exhibition structures.

Besides  a VIP area which is separated by glass and offers an extra access via a bridge, the football stadium in Benghazi is a permanent stadium and comes with 24 media-desks for press and TV, three camera towers and a separate platform for handicapped people. The stadium offers an ideal stadium-atmosphere due to completely closed corners, a FIFA redundant grandstand- and stadium-lighting as well as four floodlight-poles and a very modern BOSE stadium-PA-system.

Material import and local conditions imposed a rather special challenge upon realizing the stadium in Benghazi. Despite long waiting periods due to import delay NUSSLI planned and assembled the stadium within nine months.

Again, how did Gaddafi and the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Council of peoples misallocated properties?


In France, trying to separate football from politics is a little like trying to separate the Brazilian national team from the color yellow; the two are synonymous in world soccer.

Mr Sarkozy has long seen rebellion in the football stadiums as a threat to law and order and the nation. As Interior Minister in 2003, he reacted to the jeering of the Marseillaise by bringing in a law that made it an offence to insult the national flag or anthem, on pain of six months in jail and a £6,000 (ca. $9400) fine.

A big football fan, Sarkozy has been criticized from some quarters for turning football into an affair of the state.

In Deputy Thierry Mariani, a member of Sarkozy’s UMP party, words, ”That the president (Sarcozy) is taking charge of football is not a normal situation but we are not facing a normal situation. Football is part of our country’s image. Restoring our image is the head of state’s duty.”

Here is how Sarcozy takes his football/soccer game seriously: Sarkozy cancelled a scheduled meeting with non-governmental organisations to discuss the upcoming Group of 20 summit to make time for Henry, France’s top goal-scorer of all time.

The disgraced French football squad arrived back in Paris morning of June 2010 and while most of the players took connecting flights to other parts of the country, striker Thierry Henry was whisked away in a presidential car – complete with police escort – for a meeting with Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace.

What exactly was said in the 90 minute meeting (38 minutes longer than the sum total of Henry’s appearances during France’s disastrous World Cup campaign) will remain a private matter, according to the Palace, but safe to say events in South Africa featured prominently.

Henry avoided the 100 or so reporters and photographers massed outside the palace by arriving and departing by a back entrance. There wasn’t even a posed handshake with the president to satisfy the press, though with a seven-inch height difference between the 6ft 2in Henry and the self-consciously short Sarkozy, that was never realistically on the cards. (The two are pictured above with Nicolas Anelka, whose behaviour sparked the French team’s mutiny against its coach, in 2008.)

But whatever words were exchanged between the two men they won’t quell the growing anger at what many see as unnecessary presidential interference in a sporting matter.

Cecile Duflot, national secretary of the Green Party, said Sarkozy’s decision to see Henry on the day an estimated two million French men and women are demonstrating against retirement reform “verges on the indecent” because he is “ignoring the worries that many French people have about the future”.

And there was further outcry when it emerged that in order to accommodate Henry, Sarkozy had cancelled a meeting with Jean-Louis Vielajus, president of Coordination Sud, a non-governmental organisation that had planned, to discuss poverty in the developing world ahead of  G20 summit in Toronto.

A question puzzling many sports writers is ‘Why Henry?’ He was neither captain nor a regular starter in the France World Cup team, instead being employed by coach Raymond Domenech as a second-half substitute. Why didn’t Sarkozy summon captain Patrice Evra to the Elysee Palace, or star player Franck Ribery, or why not the entire squad for a formal dressing down?

Striker and former captain Thierry Henry was summoned to talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy when the team arrived home and following calls from government officials for change at the top of its football federation, Escalettes, the coach was asked to resign on June 2010.

Sarcozy has reacted with a mix of humiliation and anger to their team’s elimination from the tournament after two defeats, one draw, a players’ strike and squabbles in the dressing room.

That meeting wasn’t the first time Sarkozy and Henry have spoken man to man. In May 2009, after Henry had helped Barcelona beat Manchester United to win the Champions League, Sarkozy reportedly phoned Henry to say: “You are the incarnation of the France that wins. You must come to see me at the Elysee. We must help the country out of its torpor. With men like you, we can manage to reignite our people.”

Perhaps you can say that when Sarkozy made that call in 2009, he had one eye on the 2010 World Cup, harboring visions of emulating his predecessor Jacques Chirac, whose popularity soared on the back of France’s 1998 World Cup triumph. Chirac had been struggling to make an impression with the French people in the 12 months prior to that World Cup and Les Bleus’ victory boosted his image.

Unfortunately the French vintage of 2010 have shamed the country and Sarkozy has embarked on a programme of damage limitation to ensure his government is seen to be taking a hard line with those involved. Apparently, Roselyne Bachelot, the Minister for Health and Sport, had asked the president if she could return home after the 2-0 defeat to Mexico, but Sarkozy ordered her to remain in South Africa, telling Bachelot that it would seem like a dereliction of duty if she fled before the bitter end.

“We will settle the bill back in France,” he told her, and that is what he’s now doing. Sarkozy met with Bachelot and Prime Minister Francois Fillon earlier in the week to discuss how best to reform French football, and he’s also made it clear the squad is to receive no remuneration for their woeful efforts in South Africa.

And so a year after Sarkozy told Henry he was the incarnation of a successful France, he met the player to ask why he and his teammates were losers. At least Sarcozy turned to his wife for comfort – Carla Bruni’s Italy was just as hopeless as France in the World Cup.

In 2010, Sarkozy needed an image boost of his own right now. Three months ago his ruling UMP party was annihilated in the regional elections, and the President must have been hoping his football team would come to his rescue.

We are pretty sure he is not going to use the death of Gaddafi, whom they’ve murdered, as trophy, with of course a football/soccer stadium in his name to dangle. But he still got other controversial crimes he is connected with right now. He is not home free yet.

FOOTBALL is a real hot topic in diplomacy

Algeria and Qatar are now having diplomatic tensions over the Gulf state’s support for NATO-backed Libyan rebels and taking it onto the football/soccer field.

Algerian media claims the Gulf state’s sovereign wealth fund, the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), of seeking to undermine Algeria’s soccer prospects by offering Algerian players in Europe large sums of money and Qatari citizenship if they move to its national team. The media have not identified specific instances and no Algerian player has recently packed up his bags and moved to Qatar.

Qatar, which will host the 2022 World Cup, was several years ago slapped on its fingers by world soccer body FIFA for trying to lure Latin American players with promises of money and citizenship. FIFA has since tightened the rules governing the acquisition of foreigners for national teams. The Algerian media charge that the approach to the country’s soccer players is part of a Qatari effort to damage the Algerian economy by buying strategic Algerian assets.

In response to the allegations, Qatar has reportedly stopped issuing visas to Algerians.

Algeria charges that Qatari financial and material support of the rebel Libyan Transition National Council (TNC), which has effectively replaced Colonel Moammar Qaddafi as the troubled country’s sole legal authority involves aiding Al Qaeda’s North African franchise, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). Qatar is “funnelling hundreds of millions of dollars to fund and fuel the TNC and its various branches, including the army of Al Qaeda,” said an Algerian newspaper editorial.

Relations between Algeria and the Libyan rebels are fraught. Rebel officials have accused Algeria of backing Mr. Qaddafi in the country’s civil war, an allegation Algeria has denied. Algerian officials, despite Arab League recognition of the TNC, say they will not recognize the Libyan rebels as the new leadership of its neighbor until they have received a strong commitment that the new government will fight AQIM.


I know many in my circles are not happy nor are going to be very happy when they read this. My UN mentor will be in utter outrage if he finds this out because I am risking everything now. Good thing (I am being a little sarcastic) that he is in the hospital so he won’t confiscate my laptop. I just cannot stand the lies and the greed. The spilling of innocent blood over selfish private interests and global hegemony is appalling to me.

Col. Gaddafi was not guilty of all that France, UK, and USA charges. They were a set up.

My heart is heavy. Gaddafi was a sweet, honest, and no bullshit kind of man. He loved his people. I will remember him and his legacy.

I am deeply saddened by the lack of action from many. I am concerned about Humanity right now. We have criminalized TRUTH and elevated lies. Over what? Worship of power, corruption and greed. Lives do not mean much anymore.

Where is peace, truth, honor, personal integrity and justice?

Today is the darkest night for Humanity. I am still hopeful. For they say, it is darkest before dawn.

Meanwhile, we mourn. Tomorrow, we pick ourselves up. The fight for justice and peace is not over. Far from it. We just begun.


AUTHOR: Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos

Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos is the Founder & Publisher of The Santos Republic. She is also political strategist and analyst, investment consultant and advisor, and the Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations involved in brokering peace in the Middle East since 2011. She is also the Principal of MJS Global Group whose core competency is strategy, image/media, branding, geopolitics, international trade and development, communications, intelligence and security, aerospace, technology, entertainment, wealth management, mining, energy, infrastructure, commodities (gold, diamonds, oil and gas, sugar, cement, edible oils, rice, et al), and capital markets. also serves as a Senior Consulting Advisor for DeMatteo Monness LLC, a specialized agency brokerage with equity trading operations in New York and Boston and a member firm of the NASD and clears trades through Goldman Sachs Execution; Clearing LLC. With a background in working for international political campaigns, she is also a public speaker and lecturer on politics and motivational topics. Lady MJ has appeared and been featured in international media outlets (radio, television, print and internet) in Europe and USA such as Fox Business News, NRK, CNBC, CBS and AOL News. You can follow her on Facebook and on Twitter (@mj_santos). You can read more about her here.

SPECIAL REPORT SERIES by Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos, TSR Founder & Publisher, Political Strategist and Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations

Publisher’s Note (as per August 14, 2012): Please honor and respect this report as this is highly personal at the same time. Many of my friends, colleagues and staff have paid for this TRUTH with their own lives, including my best friend, big brother and UN mentor who has been put to coma by these same perpetrators who are still walking freely, protected by Obama. The official report never got finished because of it, and I was the one given the mandate to release it. It was never finished because it was also intercepted, and I was advised by the security team to be stay alive for the sake of Humanity. We did notify Russia, China, Ban Ki Moon, and India about the revelations. Russia and China learned they were deceived, thus you should understand that they will not be duped again with Syria. Syria is being attacked by the same villains pretending to represent as defenders of “human rights” and “democracy”. We are opening up this report free of charge now because we cannot allow this to happen anymore to any sovereign nation because of ignorance and greed. This is what the Zionists want to do with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Yes, Zionists. They had a meeting last year lobbied by the same war criminal Zionist French lackey,Bernard Henri Lévy (nicknamed as BHL). We welcome that you re-publish half of it and give The Santos Republic visibly (top and bottom of your pages).

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