Why Is Somebody So Damned Foolish As To Start A General Thermonuclear War?

The Son Of A Bitch Who Never Paid Taxes – Barry Soetoro

By: Dennis Small

There is growing recognition internationally, over the last 24-48 hours, that the so-called Iran crisis is not merely a regional matter, but threatens to engulf Russia and China as well, and could lead to World War III. That is useful, but insufficient. So far, no one other than Lyndon LaRouche is publicly pointing the finger at who is behind this drive—it’s the British Empire—and why they are doing it—it’s their oligarchical policy of Malthusian depopulation. Nor is anyone other than LaRouche identifying the issue of Obama‘s ouster as the singular solution to this mess, along with Trans-Atlantic financial meltdown which is driving it.

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But the fear factor is clearly rising here and abroad, and rightly so. So to is vociferous opposition to the danger, coming from Russia, China, and some quarters in Europe and the United States. That must now be organized into a force capable of actually stopping the British war drive by removing Obama from office.

LaRouche posed the issue starkly in his opening remarks on the Nov. 9 LPAC Weekly Report:

“We’re on the edge of a global thermonuclear showdown. So far, the pretext has been that this involves, Syria and Iran. That’s not true. These are simply like something like the old Balkan system, where you start a war with some local wars, of a Balkan type, and these are intended to kick off a general war…

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“Now, the British are the ones who concocted this. Obama’s the one who’s supposed to take the lead off, in starting the war. So therefore, the only way we’re likely to stop this war from occurring, this thermonuclear barrage, is to lift Obama out of the Presidency, probably under the basis of the 25th Amendment, Section 4, because the man is insane, and the kind of insanity he represents is exactly that which is specified in the language of the 25th Amendment, Section 4…

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“So the question is why? Why? Why? Why is somebody so damned foolish, as to start a general thermonuclear war?”


Guy Fawkes