Antarctic Sea Ice Area Expands Setting New Record High — ‘Greatest ever for the date, and the 13th. highest daily value ever measured’

‘Antarctic Sea ice is currently 1 Million Sq Km’s ABOVE Normal’


  • Meteorologist Art Horn: ‘Warming in the Arctic today is very similar to the warming there in the 1920s and 30s’
  • ‘Warming of the North Atlantic waters, that started in the mid 1990s, coincides exactly with the decrease in the amount of ice in the Arctic Ocean. It is no mystery and is not caused by increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide’
  • Meteorologist Joe Bastardi on polar ice: ‘Over the past 30 years there has been a rise in the southern ice cap! One would never know it given all the hysteria about the northern ice cap’
  • ‘Because the s. hemisphere ice cap is surrounded by ocean, the implication of an expanding s. hemisphere ice cap, even though it appears smaller than the n. shrinkage, is that there is no net change in the overall heat capacity of the entire ocean/air system. This would imply the northern shrinkage is simply a cyclical event’

Smithsonian Goes Full Stupid On Global Warming – wrongly claims ‘2012 is shaping up to be among the warmest on record worldwide’

  • Reality Check: ‘2012 is shaping up to be one of the coolest years of the last fifteen’
  • ‘Record’ temps due to ‘adjustments!’: ‘All of these summers were hotter in U.S. than 2012, according to raw USHCN data: 1936 1934 1901 1988 2006 1900 1933 2011 1931 2010 1952 1937 2002 1943 1921’
  • ‘In order to bring 2012 up near the top, they had to add almost two degrees on to the measured temperatures. The adjustments since the year 2000 have been very impressive, increasing the adjustments by almost a tenth of a degree every year’
  • NYT‘s Andrew Revkin: ‘The IPCC comes off terribly in replies to Roger Pielke Jr critique of its findings on disaster & climate
  • Prof. Roger Pielke Jr.: ‘If I ever thought that the UN IPCC was capable of reform, I no longer do, it is an embarrassment to science’
  • ‘The UN IPCC Sinks to a New Low’ — Refuses to correct errors — IPCC’s ‘response is laughable, & indicates that IPCC is more interested in playing games than in scientific accuracy’
  • Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. unloads on UN IPCC
  • Climate Models: 100% right except for rain, drought, storms, humidity and everything else — ‘Climate change models misjudge drought’
  • Claim: ‘The first eight months of 2012 had the most extreme weather in U.S. since such record-keeping began in 1910’
  • Rebuttal: ‘Most of the extreme weather from the index was mild temperatures during the winter and spring. 2012 has been very quiet for hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. The drought was nowhere near as bad as 1988 (did the Mississippi River dry up this year?) The heat was nowhere near as bad as 1936, 1934 or 1901’
  • New paper shows no ‘average’ change in El Ninos due to CO2: Paper published today in Geophysical Research Letters
  • Study find ‘the overall response to CO2 increases is determined using 27 [climate] models, and the ENSO [the El Nino Southern Oscillation] amplitude change based on the multi-model mean is indistinguishable from zero.” Alarmists, such as [UN IPCC’s] Kevin Trenberth, claim that increased CO2 causes an increase in the frequency and intensity of El Ninos, but this paper finds that the mean response from climate models does not support his claims’
  • New paper finds Antarctic Peninsula has accumulated significant extra ice since 1850 A paper published in Geophysical Research Letters
  • Study ‘finds the Antarctic Peninsula has experienced a ‘significant accumulation’ of “up to 45 meters of extra ice thickness over the past 155 years.’ This finding is contrary to the alarmist claims of the highly-flawed study published by’s Dr. Eric Steig, which alleged that the Antarctic Peninsula is rapidly warming’
  • Paper shows solar activity at end of 20th century was the highest in 1200 years: Paper published in Living Reviews of Solar Physics
  • Study ‘finds from 2 cosmogenic isotope proxies that solar activity at the end of the 20th century was at the highest levels of the past 1200 years. Many other papers also confirm that solar activity reached a Grand Solar Maximum at the end of the 20th century. However, according to the IPCC, this has nothing to do with 0.7C of global warming since the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850′
  • New paper finds warming reduces monsoon intensity: ‘Finds the intensity of the winter monsoon in the S. China Sea has markedly decreased ‘over the last 24 years (1977–2000)’
  • ‘…to] approximately 20% of avg. over last 183 years (1918–2000).’ The paper finds the strongest wind velocities took place in the 1830s (during the Little Ice Age) and the weakest in the 1940’s period of global warming. The paper adds to many others which show, contrary to the claims of alarmists, that warming results in reduced extreme weather. (Paper published in Global and Planetary Change)
  • Burt Rutan designed Voyager & also designed SpaceShipOne: ‘I was shocked to find that there were actually climate scientists who wouldn’t share the raw data…’
  • ‘…but would only share their conclusions in summary graphs that were used to prove their various theories about planet warming. In fact I began to smell something really bad, and the worse that smell got, the deeper I looked’
  • New Zealand Scientist Chris de Freitas: ‘Argument from authority has no place in science’
  • ‘Temperature trends detected are small, usually just a few tenths of one degree Celsius over 100 years, a rate that is exceeded by the data’s standard error. Statistically this means the trend is indistinguishable from zero’
  • ‘Since 2003—the last data assessed by the UN IPCC—the rate of sea level rise has slowed’
  • ‘The more people look for the anticipated acceleration in the rate of sea level rise, the less evidence they seem to find in support of it…The current rate of sea level rise from global warming lies far beneath rates associated with catastrophe’
  • Little Ice Age: Started In The Southern Hemisphere?
  • ‘Recent research from the Antarctic Dry Valleys suggest that the onset of the LIA was actually earlier in the Southern Hemisphere. If verified such findings could stand our ideas about the LIA on its head’
  • UN Gen Sec Ban Ki-moon: ‘Planet earth is at a tipping point. Depending upon how we address climate change we may fall into disaster’

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