U.S. Corporate Media Blackout On Waco Missile Attack: Corporate “Act Of Terror” Leaves 14 Dead!

The airwaves are still blanketed with coverage of the Boston bombings, with some in the media morbidly displaying pictures of the young suspects, battered, bloodied, dead and hurt. There was dancing in the streets simultaneous with the capture of the second alleged teen terrorist.

I understand the jubilant relief of the Boston people; they can now try to return to some semblance of normalcy. But one terror act has heavily overshadowed another. At least 15 people were killed and over 150 were injured in the massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, on Wednesday. First responders are among the dead, but the media has virtually ignored that carnage.

Daily wall-to-wall “terror experts” dissect, analyze and expound on the evil, the dangers and the psychology of a terrorist. But no talk on the even more dangerous white-collar terrorists sitting in plush offices in corporate America. Those who put huge profits above human safety. Those whose gross negligence cost countless loss of lives and widespread, long-term environmental pollution.

Like Nation of Change aptly put it, the “real terrorists” are the corporate execs who’ve bought government regulators.

Moreover, that corruption which often leads to explosions, oil spillage, toxic chemical leakage, environmental pollution, deaths, terminal illnesses, deadly fires, deformities and more is global, for coporate America exports its kind of terror even more efficiently than the religious and ideological extremists.

Of course the media aren’t eager to expose the deadly negligence; after all, most of our news is controlled by just six giant corporations, which makes conflict of interest an understatement.

So as the small Texas town of West continues to dig out their dead and their homes smolder in rumble around them, the “terrorists” over at the West Fertilizer Co. who purposely violated many laws, are not even mentioned in the news.

Which brings up another bewildering question: Why was this plant, which handled toxic anhydrous ammonia, built in the middle of the town? Why do corporations continue to operate plants with deadly chemicals in residential areas?

West Fertilizer was reportedly built in 1962, and records show that in 2006 the Environmental Protection Agency cited several violations at the plant, namely the lack of a risk plan. A plant which handled highly toxic materials located in the middle of a small town reportedly had no sprinklers, water-deluge systems, blast and firewalls and other safety measures needed.

This kind of unconscionable neglect is rampant throughout the globe. Remember the devastating BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, the worst in environmental history?

How about oil spills in Africa or in Asia, where oversight is even more lax than in the US and corporations can literally get away with murder, or even worse, wipe out an entire village’s livelihood?

In November 2012, a raging fire that engulfed a factory in Bangladesh killed 112 workers who were making clothes for Walmart and others while being paid shockingly low wages and laboring under abhorrent working conditions. A few months later, another fire killed several more workers. Since 2006, more than 600 workers have reportedly died in factory fires in that country, which is a mecca for outsourcing US labor.

The lack of safety measures is the sole cause of the rising death toll, but this kind of “terrorism” does not strike terror or incite revulsion, anger or mass objection in the media or beyond.

We declare martial law-type security measures in a town, bring in the entire battalion to capture two alleged terrorists, while the white-collar fat cats continue their brand of crime unopposed.

Justice seems to have 50 shades of grey in the US.

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