Somebody Absconded 7 Milliseconds From the Rothschild Federal Reserve: Eerily Similar To 9/11 2008 When $550B Was Withdrawn From Rothschild Federal Reserve

bernake spector
Ben Bernake The Phil Spector Of The Rothschild Federal Reserve

This is interesting, but I’m sure that these news based trades are being set up days in advance with much smaller volumes. Why am I sure?

Because I look for insider buying before news on dogshit stocks before news, and if bum level executives/criminals are doing this with their penny stocks it’s not a stretch to assume that it’s happening on the confetti with better known names.

Timothy Geithner Tax Dodger
Timothy Geithner Tax Dodger

Confetti paper markets are a confidence trick. A scam.

So, sure, this thing below makes for interesting reading but, hidden in the volume in the days before the news, there are trades being laid on by people who know what’s going to happen.

Good luck spotting it, though.

Via: Mother Jones:

red flagFLAG THIS      red flag

  1. Last Wednesday, the Fed announced that it would not be tapering its bond buying program.
  2. This news was released at precisely 2 pm in Washington “as measured by the national atomic clock.”
  3. It takes 7 milliseconds for this information to get to Chicago.
  4. However, several huge orders that were based on the Fed’s decision were placed on Chicago exchanges 2-3 milliseconds after 2 pm.
  5. How did this happen?
  6. CNBC has the story here, and the answer is: we don’t know.
  7. Reporters get the Fed release early, but they get it in a secure room and aren’t permitted to communicate with the outside world until precisely 2 pm.
  8. Still, maybe someone figured out a way to game the embargo.
  9. It would certainly be worth a ton of money.

Black Listed News

red flagFlag This! – $550 Billion USD Absconded From Federal Reserve Within 30 Minutes.      red flag


On September 11th 2008 $550B Was Withdrawn From Your Checkbook!

rothschild bank

How does one save a political party, that continues the failed system used by France, England, Holland, in other words Europe?

One uses slight of hand. Its very simple when working with an audience that is addicted to MSM (main stream media) who are also supporting the defunct system of federal government controlling your lives. On September 11th, the Government simply hid $550B USD of your money and of course they sent out their pied piper to ‘alert’ everyone by not going onto the MSM to do so.

Rolling Stone Britain 2

I think $550,000,000,000.00 is worth at least a foot note on Fox News or CNN. I can understand why not on MSNBC, NBC, ABC, as it is controlled by G.E. and the CEO is in tight with Obama. Yet even at $550B absconded in less than 30 minutes, it tells us it was not a sell out by investors, but rather a controlled and well timed absconding.

As of today there has been no convincing answers for such a dramatic absconding. As of today, there has been nothing but presumption and assumptions. As of today and as with many important issues, there has been complete silence from the Democratic Party/Obama.

As of today this issue when studied critically fails to hold any context, any consistency, any confirmation, yet it does appear to have several witnesses to this issue. IOWs, those elected in the controlling party such as Barbara Boxer, Christopher Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Barny Frank, Charlie Schumer, Barack Obama, have offered no answer.

  • This did happen on President Bush’s watch and about 3 weeks before election day 2008.
  • Republicans if they knew, certainly did not want to say anything to hamper John McCain.
  • Could it have been the Republicans?
  • If it was and they had ulterior motives, I would think it would have broken into MSM.

As it is and with behind closed door meetings on this subject and no one reading the current stimulus/spending bill before votes (to shut out Republicans) my guess is to make the Democratic Party look productive with a nation controlled by the Government/Democrats instead of the Government controlled by the States/Republican.

Rothschild's Choice

Usher in The Pontificator, Barry Soetoro aka; Barack Hussein Obama.

“Obama Budget Aims to Cut Deficit in Half by End of Term
President Obama’s 2010 federal budget proposal relies on war spending cuts and taxing the rich to reduce the deficit”

credit crisis

Fox News

OBAMA COMMUNISM rothschildism

Isn’t this an interesting bit of news from Mr AKA; Obama?

We have $550B USD spirited away in less than 30 minutes September 11, 2008 and then before his first term is over, $533B (Fox News) is suppose to be back into our Checkbook.

“Its like a promise we can’t refuse”, especially when all he did was use slight of hand with our own money. How rue is that for electing charlatans. But IS HE HOPING we forget or will he fulfill his prophesy?

More To The Bank Run Than They Are Telling Us !!!!

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