Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz Ignores Obama’s Increased Military Assaults In Iraq: While Drafting Legislation That Increases Obama’s Illegal Act Of War Sanctions Upon Iran. So Much For Patriotism!

Cruz Netanyahu

THE BUYOUT OF THE US CONGRESS by American Jewry is now complete.

Jews own Capitol Hill and even holdouts like Rand Paul are folding. In an effort to sabotage peace with Iran, AIPAC’s Senator Schumer and Jew-bought hacks: Menendez, Kirk, and Cruz are sponsoring the Jew-drafted Iran Nuclear Weapon Free Act about to be passed this week. The Jew-drafted bill slaps more sanctions on Iran and has majority support of the Senate even though the “majority” of Americans are sick and tired of policy-making to please Jewish warmongers.

They Are Banking Zionists They Are Not Biblical Jews!

“I know thy works, and tribulation and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

The Book of Revelation, Chapter 2, Verse 9

In the balance of this article, it is my recommendation to replace Jew/Jewry with Rothschild Zionism/Banking Zionism. Zionism is a fraudulent concept of a State for Israel implanted into the heavily distorted Scofield bible. This particular bible was made to be consistent with Rothschild’s Centralization scheme to communize nation state wealth to his banks. India & Soviet Union were among the first. When Rothschild was kicked out of India by Gandhi, he started Israel in 1948 the same year Rothschild murdered Gandhi. Israel was a slap in the face to Biblical Jews, because The Torah precludes The Biblical Jews from a nation state. They are like Catholics or Christian denominations who are part of nation states but not a nation state.


Press TV: Why should there be fresh sanctions, even the discussions for fresh sanctions, right now at this stage when we know the Obama administration has been warning against it and when Iran clearly has not been violating the terms of the Geneva agreement?


Flounders: Well, of course there should not be a new round of sanctions and it is also important to say in any discussion on sanctions on Iran that all of the sanctions which have been in existence for 34 years long before Iran reopened its nuclear energy program, all of the sanctions are a violation of Iran’s sovereignty and really an act of war and all of the sanctions should be lifted.

Iran has the right to develop nuclear energy. This is guaranteed by the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty, by international law treaty and agreement and the very countries that Iran was negotiating with all have nuclear energy and five of them have extensive nuclear weapons as a matter of fact and the US the real country who is enforcing the sanctions has the largest hold of nuclear weapons, has used them and threatens to use them again and again around the world.

So just to step back and pose a question, I think it is important now in the midst of an agreement which was signed in front of the world and six countries taking part in it; a six-month agreement where Iran made important concessions in an attempt to normalize relations and lift some of the sanctions and the in-quiescent drive before there were forces in the US threatening to move right ahead with a new round of sanctions and that is outrageous and it is clear that the people of the whole world who is violating the agreement and even the spirit of the agreement.

Press TV

Ted Cruz ~ one can surmise is a Christian zionist, which is actually an oxymoron. Why? Because Christianity is not congruous with zionism’s standing sin of exploitation/murder of mankind for unethical and immoral usury aka; serf usury.

Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz Impotent On Obamacare But Pro War For Rothschild’s Middle East NWO Scheme! So Much For Patriotism

Q. The United States has claimed that it wants to obstruct Iran’s nuclear program and prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons, but it has imposed sanctions on Iran’s oil, banking, financial, medical and insurance sectors. Why have the sanctions targeted the daily life of the Iranian people and diverted from the purported objective of nuclear disarmament?

A: This is the most unfortunate consequence of warmongering influences in the United States including senators like Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Dianne Feinstein, who have blinders on when it comes to any issue involving a conflict between Israel and any other nation, even the United States. The latest report that the administration is planning to intensify its economic sanctions on Iran is precisely the opposite direction which they have to go.

The sanctions, after all, are allegedly because Iran is attempting to develop nuclear weapons, but the fact is that in 2007, 16 American intelligence agencies concluded that Iran was not pursuing a nuclear weapons program. The findings were reaffirmed in 2011 and I don’t understand how the [Obama] administration can disregard the findings of its own intelligence agencies in dealing with a foreign power.

Not only that but the sanctions that are being imposed are a form of collective punishment that was ruled to be a violation of international law by the Nuremberg Tribunals after World War II. So to me it’s utterly disgraceful that the United States, which is supposed to be a leader among the nations, should be imposing collective punishment on a country for an alleged offence its own intelligence agencies claim is not taking place.

Veterans Today

point gif

Continuation Of Article

On the Republican side of our Jew-one-party-system only Rand Paul and Jeff Flake have yet to sign on to the bill.

But on Friday, Rand Paul signaled he would support the measure. Why should he offend the Jews? How could he ever be president if he doesn’t bow to Satan’s children?

This leaves Flake as the lone Republican who has publicly refused to take a stand on the bill. But if he wants to be reelected then a pact with the Jews insures a continued career.

Senator Kirk, co-sponsor of the AIPAC-drafted bill, is called “Israel’s Best Friend” in Congress. He’s therefore a product of Chicago Jewry’s political machine taking the seat Obama vacated.

The other chief Gentile sponsor of the Jew-drafted bill is Menendez who can’t say enough in support of Jewish agendas.

Both Menendez and Kirk were the biggest Senate beneficiaries of ‘Pro-Israel PAC’ campaign cash in their 2010 and 2012 election races.

One wonders why Hispanic Menendez sucks up to Jews so fervently…for it’s contrary to the Latin character to kiss the arses of Jews.

Perhaps a BLACKMAIL deal was struck between democracy-killing JEWS and Menendez?

If the Jews got the goods on you then why should they let a serious scandal go to waste?


They tried this with President Kennedy Using Marilyn Monroe but it didn’t work so they murdered him and Marilyn too.

OWNING A US SENATOR in one easy blackmail is what our ‘civilian-controlled democracy’ is all about when it comes to foreign policy.

Where did Bobby Menendez “screw” up that he should be caught in the lair of Jewish vampires who run our ‘republic?’

He reportedly likes fornicating with adolescent Hispanic girls.

While under investigation in early 2012 for fornicating with under-aged prostitutes in the Dominican Republic suddenly Bobby becomes Gentile window dressing for the Jews.

Leading a group of Jew-bought Senators in June 2012, Menendez was the primary signer of a Letter To Obama urging him to forgo negotiations with Iran.

Four months prior to Menendez signing over his soul to Christ-crucifying Jews, an American escort revealed that Menendez was a “regular client”…a “serial hobbyist” who “sees lots of girls” for paid sexual trysts.

The plot thickens with big Jew money at the “climax” of Bobby’s Dominican adventures.

Turns out, the FBI investigation focused on Menendez’s relationship with Salomon Melgen, a wealthy Jewish Florida ‘friend’ of Menendez.

Flying on Melgen’s private jet for weekend excursions complete with a sexy stewardess, Menendez used Melgen’s services for the “fornicating services” of a long list of Dominican Republic’s prostitution cache.

Solomon Melgen is Menendez’s top Florida donor. In 2012, Melgen gave $700,000 to Majority PAC, a super PAC set up to fund Democratic candidates.

Aided by Melgen’s donation, the super PAC became the largest committee contributing to Menendez’s re-election, spending more than $582,000 on the senator’s behalf.



WHEN CUTTING A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL one must weigh whether eternal repercussions should be laid aside for earthly security.

In Menendez’s case, apparently earthly matters take priority over eternal ones.

How did Bobby’s penchant for sleeping with young Hispanic girls get him most favored-Goy status with democracy-corrupting Jews?

That’s an easy one! The Jews were hard at work waving their moneyed wands for their latest shill.

The prostitutes making the original claims incriminating Menendez suddenly got a prime time interview with Jew-owned ABC saying they were paid off to make the allegations.

In concert, the DR National Police affirmed this in their own ‘investigation.’ Perfect timing! Perfect bribery!

Even one of the prostitutes originally pegging Menendez disappeared and became “non-existent.” It wouldn’t be the first time that Jews would stoop to murder to advance their interests. Protecting Goyim shills can come at a high price.

Then in December 2013 it was publicized on Jew-owned CBS: “No Charges In Prostitution Scandal Against Salomon Melgen.” And so, Menendez got Jewry’s final “cover up” and his political career guaranteed.

BOTTOM LINE: America is NOT a constitutional republic…it’s a Jewish dictatorship.

What can save America? The ballot box? But the Jews decide who you can vote for.

Only a “new Napoleon” can put America back in order.

He’s waiting in the wings just itching to clean house.

 Real Jew News

Ok Time For Some R&R

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