CIA Snowden’s False Flag Backfires: Causes “Under The Bus Turf War” Between Feinstein Committee & Corporate CIA!

March 11, 2014


 Feinstein’s Intelligence Committee & Corporate CIA Turf War Biggest In 40 Years!

Feinstein & CIA collusion in illegal activity coming to light.


The system of checks and balances that defines the relationship between America’s legislative branch and the Intelligence Community has been strained more than any other time in nearly 40 years, according to insiders.

The rift is especially wide between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the [Feinstein] United States Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence, which was formed in the mid-1970s after the Watergate scandal.

Hillary fired

Benghazi False Flag By Hillary & Feinstein’s CIA.


Led by Senator Frank Church (D-Id) the congressional investigations into unlawful domestic intelligence activities by American spy agencies shaped the current oversight arrangements between the [Feinstein] Senate and the [Snowden] CIA. But the two bodies are now engaged in what Foreign Policy magazine calls “a rare public feud” over the Committee’s ongoing investigation into the CIA’s harsh interrogation techniques.

Corporate CIA
Corporate CIA

Snowden, Feinstein, CIA, NSA: The Internal War

In short:

 Big Turf War Between NSA & CIA

Smaller Turf War Between Feinstein & CIA

  1. The Corrupt CIA [Cult of Rothschild] was being investigated by NSA on their illegal foreign covert activities.
  2. Corrupt CIA decided to strike back first using Ed Snowden to expose the NSA intelligence gathering  of protected U.S. citizens.
  3. Snowden always worked for the 1947 CIA while employed at the NSA, The Grand Daddy of U.S. Intelligence since 1917.
  4. Both Feinstein & CIA are suffering backlash now from the NSA for their little Ed Snowden stunt of outing the NSA for intelligence gathering.
  5. Feinstein Committee & the Corporate CIA are trying to throw each other under the bus first as NSA strikes back against their illegal collusion.

Its the ‘best defense is a strong offense’ tactic against the NSA by CIA mole Ed Snowden.  The CIA is the covert arm of Rothschild’s NWO in over throwing foreign governments in order to establish ‘central banks’ linked to his BOE ~ Bank Of England. This is the basis of & for communism this is the NWO.

NSA Becoming Corrupt:

1) NSA

The origins of the National Security Agency can be traced back to April 28, 1917, three weeks after the U.S. Congress declared war on Germany in World War I.

CIA Corrupt As Hell:

2) CIA

The National Security Act of 1947 established the CIA affording it “no police or law enforcement functions, either at home or abroad”. COVERT FUNCTIONS -> Responsible for carrying out or overseeing covert activities and some tactical operations by its own employees, by members of the U.S. military, or by other partners.

Foreign Policy cites interviews with “ten current and former congressional staff member and US government officials”, all of whom painted a “grim picture” of Senate-CIA relations. The Foreign Policy article quotes former Justice Department lawyer Dan Metcalfe, who opines that the current imbroglio “might well be the most acrimonious public moment between the CIA and a Senate committee [in] nearly 40 years”.

Both sides accuse each other of violating longstanding agreements during the investigation into CIA’s use of torture in interrogations of terrorism detainees. Committee members have been claiming that the Agency’s interrogation methods have failed to produce useful information in pursuit of America’s national security.

The CIA, on the other hand, accuses Committee staffers of illegally removing documents from an Agency facility, which the Committee was not supposed to see because they fell outside the scope of its inquiry.

But some Senators on the Committee claim that the CIA did not want to hand over the documents precisely because they prove that no useful intelligence was extracted under torture.



They also claim that the CIA effectively spied on Committee staffers by searching through their activity on computers used to access classified information.

This is not the first time that tensions have surfaced between the CIA and Congress. But Foreign Policy says these matters are “typically handled internally”, in the absence of public allegations. This time it’s different and, according to Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), “these allegations have serious constitutional implications that go to the heart of the separation of powers”.

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) Starring In The Dark Knight “We’re Not Intimidated By Thugs”

Heath Ledger Dead 1/22/2008

The longtime Senator argues that the CIA’s stance “impedes Congress’s ability to carry out its constitutional oversight responsibilities and could violate federal law”.

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage

But the CIA dismisses Leahy’s claims, stating through its spokesman Dean Boyd that it “supports more than 1,000 engagements with Congress each year”.

Meanwhile three unnamed “former senior intelligence officials” tell Foreign Policy that the behavior by both the Senate Committee and the CIA is “out of character” and “not in keeping with historic practices”.


CIA Clandestine

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The Benign The Malignant NWO

Yes, they [NWO] indeed expect to exercise power and control. But they also live in an abstraction. They deal their answers from that realm. They exercise cool passion. They see, for example, that not every single twitch of thought of every person on earth is yet mapped, so they want to finish constructing the means by which they can chart those “missing elements.” They want to complete the formula.

[They commit genocide to establish their ideological belief]

They view their research as a wholly natural implication of the mathematics they can manipulate. They swim in technology and they want to extend its architecture. To abandon the program would be tantamount to denying their own intelligence. They climb the mountain because it is there.

 [They commit bribery to establish their ideological belief]

They do perceive that one factor does not fit their algorithms: the free individual. It’s the wild card.

[They commit slavery to establish their ideological belief]

Therefore, they are compelled to analyze freedom and break it down into DNA functions and brain processes.

[They commit deception to establish their ideological belief]

They assume, because they must, that the free individual is an illusory idea that flows from some older configuration of synaptic transmission, at a time in our evolution when we needed it.

[They commit false in ~ false out to establish their ideological belief]

But now, they suppose, the engineering of human activity and thought has superseded such quaint notions.

Now we all can be tracked, traced, and studied on a different and wider scale. Now we can be seen for what we really are: a [NWO] hive [Matrix].

No More Fake News

pinky brain take over the world

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