Richard Dawkins Gives “Mild” Pedophilia A Non Faux Pas.


London’s leading atheist thinker, Richard Dawkins, has told the Times magazine a little bit of mild pedophilia between men and boys did no “lasting harm”.

Recounting his own experiences at the fingers of a schoolmaster who “pulled me on his knee and put his hand inside my shorts,” the zoologist told the Times that this kind of abuse was no big deal. He called it “mild touching up” and added, “I don’t think he did any of us lasting harm.”

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In the Guardian newspaper on Sept. 15, Richard Dawkins, professor of the public understanding of meta-science at Oxford University and author of books such as “The Selfish Gene,” compared the  9/11 suicide terrorists to pigeons and accused religion of being a system of mind control. “Testosterone-sodden young men too unattractive to get a woman in this world,  might be desperate enough to go for 72 private virgins in the next,” he wrote, referring to the promises of an Islamic paradise made to those who die martyrs.

The philosophical stance which many modern biologists take, either knowingly or unaware, can lead to serious errors in logic, especially when there is an attempt made to extend the results of the science into areas that are outside of the domain of science. An example is the view, held by certain neo-Darwinists such as Dawkins and Daniel Dennett, that the results of evolutionary theory combined with genetics and molecular biology serve to eliminate all thought of a Creator. The result is what Pope John Paul II has called “metascientific concepts”.

Martin Hewlett, Ph.D.
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Samson ~ Brother Of Barack Obama Not Allowed Into U.K. for pedophilia
Samson ~ Brother Of Barack Obama Not Allowed Into U.K. for pedophilia.

Unlike many survivors of pedophilic abuse and touching years ago, Dawkins says he can’t condemn:

“I am very conscious that you can’t condemn people of an earlier era by the standards of ours. Just as we don’t look back at the 18th and 19th centuries and condemn people for racism in the same way as we would condemn a modern person for racism, I look back a few decades to my childhood and see things like caning, like mild pedophilia, and can’t find it in me to condemn it by the same standards as I or anyone would today.”

Counsellors working with historic sex abuse victims say that while the crime may have been committed in a different age, the impact on many victims is lifelong.

Investigate Daily

Charlie & Jimmy
Charlie & Jimmy

Prince Charlie’s Link To Pedophile Networks: The Pedophile Government.

Prince Charlie George & Sir Jimmy Savile: The Stolen Lives Of Children!

The Myth of Pedophile Priests

As more homosexual and/or pedophile priest scandals selectively air on media across Europe, we should be ashamed of the offenders and those who sheltered them and oppressed the victims. The guilty should be weeded out, removed from office and handed over to the civil authorities where they are guilty of crimes. Systems to avoid abuse must be established and rigorously maintained, and victims should be justly compensated for their suffering.

However, Penn State professor Philip Jenkins (who is not a Catholic) has written the most objective book on the subject, and he summarizes his arguments in this excellent article. In light of his work, we should remember some basic facts and principles:

  • Priestly celibacy is not the issue – married men are more likely to abuse children than unmarried
  • Most child abuse takes place within the home.
  • All religious groups have pedophile scandals, and the Catholics (while the largest religious group) are at the bottom of the list statistically.
  • Child abuse is prevalent in all areas of society: schools, youth organizations, sports, etc.
  • Statistically, of all the professions, Christian clergy are least likely to offend. Doctors, Farmers and Teachers are the professions most likely to abuse children–not clergy.
  • Among clergy offenders Catholic priests are least likely to offend.
  • Catholic cases of pedophilia make more headlines because of anti Catholic prejudice and because the Catholic Church is bigger and more lucractive to sue.
  • Pedophilia and Euphebophilia are different problems. The former is sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. The latter is attraction to teenagers. Most cases branded ‘pedophila’ are actually ‘euphebophila.’
  • Most of the cases of euphebophilia are homosexual in nature, however the politically correct do not want this problem to be associated with homosexuality.
  • The number of Catholic priests guilty of pedophilia is very small.
  • What we now call ‘cover up’ was often done in a different cultural context, when the problem was not fully understood and when all establishment organizations hushed scandals. They did so for what seemed good reasons at the time: protection of the victims and their families, opportunity for rehabilitation of the offender, the avoidance of scandal to others. It is unfair to judge events thirty years ago by today’s standards.
  • When lawsuits are looming people smell money. We must be wary of false accusations.
  • The accused must be entitled to a fair hearing. The church should insist on hard proof of the abuse, and for the sake of justice, ensure that the innocent are not prosecuted.
  • When guilt is established the offender must be punished, not sheltered.
  • Distinctions must be made between types of abuse. Some offenses are worse than others. Verbal abuse or corporal punishment during a time when that was acceptable, while lamentable, is not the same as sexual abuse or extreme physical abuse.
  • Sexual abuse of an adult, or a sexually experienced older teenager is wrong, and damaging, and should be punished, but it is not the same as the sexual abuse of a younger, innocent child.
  • Number of offenses must be considered. One lapse is not of the same seriousness as repeated, persistent and premeditated offenses.

I am in no way wishing to be soft of pedophiles and those who covered for them, however justice and truth demand an objective analysis of the facts.

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