Obama Sued By Florida For Attempted Blackmail: Kansas, Texas, Tennessee Join Lawsuit.

Florida State Flag
Florida State Flag

The state of Florida has now filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama who attempted to force Florida to bend to his will using blackmail. Florida had refused to accept Obama’s demand to expand their Medicaid program to include able bodied adults with no children. The Supreme Court ruled that the federal government (Obama) cannot cut off current Medicaid to any states that refuse to expand Medicaid, which the court found to be unconstitutional. Some claim that it’s not blackmail. They could be right, the word extortion might be a better fit.

Florida’s program is called LIP and Obama has informed Florida that contrary to the ruling by SCOTUS, that he will be cutting them off. That would force Florida to either fund LIP exclusively by themselves or end the program for millions who depend on it for their healthcare coverage. The expansion of Medicaid in Florida comes at a steep price.

The leftwing Urban Institute in 2012 estimated that the expansion of Medicaid would cost Florida 82 billion dollars over the next 10 years, but Lip will only cost them 22 billion over the same period. All this so shiftless bums can get free medical from the government.

The states of Kansas and Texas have now filed Amicus briefs, supporting Florida’s position as they and the state of Tennessee are next to be threatened by Obama’s lawless behavior. Even if Florida had the extra 62 billion to spend, the actual costs will be much higher as states that accepted the expansion are finding out as costs fly well past previous predictions.

This has been a standard practice of the Obama crime family since they have taken over. Intentionally underestimating costs by a mile and benefits being underwhelming at best.

Florida is asking for an expedited decision since the loss of federal money would be devastating to millions of Floridians. But that’s the whole idea behind Obama’s extortion plot.

Ten years ago if someone had told me a president could get away with such dishonest tactics, I would have laughed at them I am not laughing now.

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Federal Judge Orders Investigation into Illegal Acts By the Obama Administration

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