The Entire Russia Election Meddling Story Is An FBI Cover Up

Why did Robert Mueller hire partisan Democrats in Russia probe?

  1. These are the very same agents in the FBI who assured all of America that Russia “meddled” in the US election.
  2. Nine out of fifteen members of Robert Mueller’s team are Hillary Clinton donors. At least one worked for Hillary personally.
  3. Why did Robert Mueller hide the reason for Peter Strzok’s demotion for so many months?
  4. Why has Mueller consistently stonewalled, when asked to hand over information on Strzok’s text messages and his demotion?
  5. Strzok’s text messages to his mistress, Lisa Page, are as Tucker Carlson notes, “devastating!”
  6. The FBI’s top investigators look like a bunch of little children texting each other back and forth with “OMG” text messages.
  7. New York Times once described Peter Strzok as “one of the most experienced and trusted FBI counter intelligence investigators.” More NYT fake news.

Tucker Carlson sums it up perfectly:

When you read his texts, Peter Strzok sounds a lot like like the sixth host of The View.

  1. The entire Russia election meddling story is an FBI cover up.
  2. The agency is trying to hide its partisan bias, and its plot to prevent a Trump election victory. The real election collusion is the FBI actively working to stop Trump.
  3. This all started with an FBI refusal to look into the DNC’s “hacked” server, and simply rely on the word of private contractor CrowdStrike.
  4. The entire surveillance and subsequent investigation into “Russia and Trump”, that has ruined the lives of Paul Manafort and General Flynn, is based on a debunked “dossier” compiled by a British spy, paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.
  5. The FBI has been actively working against Trump and against American democracy, fabricating false narratives to avoid scrutiny into its own partisan efforts to thwart a Trump presidency.

Ron Paul Institute

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