Anthony Bourdain: Weinstein, Clinton, & Palestine

Our hearts and condolences are with #AnthonyBourdain’s family, friends, and colleagues. He will be remembered for opening our palettes, minds, and hearts through food, dialogue, and compassion in our shared humanity. One such example was his Parts Unknown episode addressing the Israeli-Palestinian divide for which we recognized Anthony in 2014 as a “voice of courage and conscience.” He humbly considered his work to be of “very little courage” and an “ordinary amount of conscience.” Yet, his life and work reflect the exact opposite. Tony, you will be missed.

Anthony Bourdain was found dead in his French hotel room after reportedly hanging himself in an alleged suicide. This is the third suicide by hanging involving a high profile person this week; after designer Kate Spade allegedly hung herself with a scarf on a doorknob in her apartment, and this weeks death of Ines Zorregeiuta the sister of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands.

Anthony Bourdain ~ Hillary Clinton

Bourdain criticized Hillary Clinton late last year for her response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and posted about Weintein’s use of Isreali-intelligence linked Black Cube to follow his victims in a follow up message in May, 2018. steemit

Hillary Clinton’s campaign spokesman, Brian Fallon.  He tells Anthony Bourdain to “Go eat a scorpion or something.”

Asia Argento

Anthony Bourdain’s Girl Friend Asia Argento Brings Harvey Weinstein Down.

Harvey Weinstein, center, appears with his attorney Benjamin Brafman before a judge Friday morning in Manhattan, where he was charged with rape and other sex crimes. Harvey Weinstein CBE is an American film producer and co-founded the entertainment company Miramax. The Hollywood Mogul is a major financial contributor To Obama & Hillary. Malia Obama: Internship with Harvey Weinstein


Director, Actress, and Activist Asia Argento gave a powerful speech at the European Parliament just before International Women’s Day. Asia played a big role in bringing Harvey Weinstein down and in this speech she recounts the horror of what she dealt with after he raped her. “We are no longer victims, we are victorious.”

Asia Argento and Anthony Bourdain’s love story. “Like beams of light in the storm” (Argento)

Bourdain Tweets To Argento

Listen In On Weinstein’s M.O.

Harvey Weinstein is taking the hit for all the sexual harassment in Hollywood after the recording of his interaction with model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez surfaced. He has lost his company, his wife, and now his memberships throughout Hollywood are getting stripped from him. While there are many others just like him, he is the poster child for all that is wrong in the industry.

Anthony Bourdain was an ally to marginalized communities and called out powerful leaders for their hypocrisy

The Weinstein Israel Regime Connection

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