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Turkey ‘Neutralizes’ 4,600 U.S. Israeli ISIS Militants in Syria And Iraq

According to the Turkish prime minister, the country’s forces has “neutralized” 4,600 [U.S. Israeli international proxy army] terrorists in Syria and Iraq. MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Turkey has “neutralized” 4,600 ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq since the launch of its military operations in both countries, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said Monday. “So far, 3,800 in Syria, 800 in Iraq, in total 4,600 […]

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Turkey Exits NATO: President Erdogan Purchases Russia’s S-400 Advanced Missile-Defense System

Russia S-400 Triumf Missile System Turkey reached an agreement with Russia to purchase the most sophisticated missile-defense system, the S-400, a senior Turkish military official told Bloomberg last week. Under the $2.5 billion agreement Ankara would receive two batteries of the antiaircraft missile from Moscow within the coming year and then produce two more batteries in Turkey. […]

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Turkey Continues Bombing U.S. Terrorist Positions In Syria

It started two weeks ago, when Turkey warned publicly it was preparing for military intervention in Syria, while accusing the US of creating a “terrorist army” (it wasn’t referring to[U.S. Israeli backed] ISIS, but U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish militia YPG) [that have broken away from the dominant pro Assad Kurdish forces]. Turkey Warns U.S. Of Creating ISIS […]

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