U.S. Fethullah Gulen Terrorists Arrested In Turkey Face 15-Year Imprisonment: Gulen Funds Hillary Clinton Foundation & HRC

Istanbul Police

A dozen of Amnesty International activists arrested in Turkey may be imprisoned for 15 years, the DHA news agency reported.

ANKARA (Sputnik) — Turkish prosecutor’s office requests an imprisonment of 15 years for the activists of Amnesty International human rights organization, who have been arrested in Turkey in July, local media reported Sunday.

As many as 11 Amnesty International activists, eight of whom remain in custody, were charged with “membership of a terrorist organization,” the DHA news agency reported.

  1. Turkish Coup Attempt: Gulen Leaders Fund HRC Campaign, Clinton Foundation

Amnesty International’s Turkey Director Idil Eser alongside other 10 activists of the human rights organization was detained on the island of Buyukada off Istanbul’s coast during a human rights conference on July 5. Ankara accused Amnesty International activists of plotting another coup attempt in the country and of being associated with the movement of Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, referred to as the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) by Turkey.

Hillary Clinton & Fethullah Gulen
  1. CIA’s Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Muslim Brotherhood’s Fethullah Gulen

In July 2016, a failed military coup took place in Turkey, leaving over 240 people killed and some 2,000 injured. After the incident, Ankara introduced a national state of emergency, facilitating waves of arrests across the country which targeted mostly officials, legal and educational workers over their alleged ties to the movement of the US-based Gulen, who nevertheless rejected the accusations of and condemned the coup attempt.

  1. Turkey Arrests 43 U.S. Deep State Bank Officials
  2. Fethullah Gulen Donated Heavily To Hillary’s Campaign And Family Charity
  3. Hillary Clinton has been paid by Gulen, to both her families foundation and presidential campaign, an estimated $1 million

Sputnik News International

U.S. Deep State CIA Plant ~ Fethullah Gulen ~ Muslim Brotherhood Script
  1. Mayors From Terrorist State Of Israel Encourage Deep State U.S. To Stop Funding Terrorism

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