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U.S. Sheriffs Prepare For Returning School Students: Deploy Armed Militia To Protect County Schools Against Further Federal Corporate Government False Flag Events!

All three thousand American county sheriff’s across the country has the sovereign authority to mobilize private citizens to fight crime and at anytime deploy armed volunteer militia members to protect school children. Sheriffs Arpaio requiring deputies to carry assault rifles 24 hours per day *Breaking: 30 Shots Fired At Georgia Elementary School; Shooter In Custody

Breaking -> Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Tons More Shocking Obama Ineligibility Info Released. Corporate Media Blackout On Ron Paul And Now Obama Vetting.

“America’s toughest sheriff” says there is “tons” more potentially shocking information on Barack Obama in connection with his probe into the president’s eligibility, and he calls the media’s suppression of his findings of a likely forged presidential birth certificate and Selective Service Card “probably the biggest censorship blackout in the history of the United States.”…

Breaking -> U.S. County Sheriff Arpaio’s Investigation Of Federal Employee: Probable Cause Obama Committed Constructive Fraud!

NOTE: In case you missed the news conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse,” WND plans to have the entire event available in 15-minute increments beginning Friday morning at this online location. PHOENIX – An investigative “Cold Case Posse” launched six months ago by “America’s toughest sheriff” – Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County –…