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Obama Pulls $6.6 Billion For hiv aids Treatment Programs: Same Amount Was ‘Uh’ Lost In Iraq!

GLOBAL AIDS ADVOCATES SHOCKED BY DRASTIC FUNDING CUTS IN PRESIDENT OBAMA’S FIRST BUDGET Expect HIV Treatment Interruption for Thousands if Congress Doesn’t Restore $6.6 Billion Shortfall Washington, DC: Today, President Obama released the details of his 2010 budget for Global Health, and outlined a new six-year global health initiative. However, the only aspect of the plan that appears “new” is a…

Nazi [Goebbels] Was First to Manifest Pedophile Priests : To Attack The Roman Catholic Church!

What does it take to kill 160 million people? Four illegitimate Rothschilds Hitler murdered 22.5 million people – currently US $22.5 Trillion. Stalin murdered 68 million people – currently US $68 trillion. Mao murdered 66.66 people – currently US $66.66 trillion.1 Churchill murdered several million including 860,000 in 13 hours