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Syrian Army Surrounds Israel’s ISIS Proxy Army: While Russian Choppers Provide Cover As Mahin Is Recaptured.

Syria ~ Battle Won In Homs Countryside ~ Mahin

Syria ~ Battle Won In Homs Countryside ~ Mahin ~ Syrian pro-government forces overtake Israeli U.S. proxy army ISIS positions from a hilltop overlooking the then Israeli/U.S. controlled town of Mahin in the Syrian province of Homs.

Syrian Government troops surrounded ISIS terrorists from strategic positions near the town of Mahin in the South-West of the country, in the province of Homs. The 20 kilometers of Damascus-Homs international highway also remained under the supervision of the Syrian military.

The Syrian army had also captured the strategically important heights at Al-Hazm Ab-Talit near Mahin. Several battles still continues few kilometers around Mahin.

  1. Russia Intensifies Bombing Of U.S. Israeli ISIS Targets In Syria 11/17/2015
  2. Breaking => Spain Issues Arrest Warrants For Netanyahu And Senior Israeli Officials!
  3. Breaking => France Declares State Of Emergency: Netanyahu Fulfills Threats Against France? Retribution Against Manhunt For Rothschild?

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Spain Issues Arrest Warrants For Netanyahu And Senior Israeli Officials!

Obama Gives Netanyahu $40 Billion Of U.S. Absconded Taxpayer Money For Israel To Purchase Military Equipment

Obama Gives Netanyahu $40 Billion Of U.S. Absconded Taxpayer Money For Israel To Purchase Military Equipment

A Spanish court has issued arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior Israeli officials for their role in the 2010 attack on the Freedom Flotilla heading to Gaza, local media reported on Friday.

If Americans Knew:

  1. Hamas is a Creation of Mossad
  2. Obama providing Israel with $10.2 million per day in military aid.
  3. Hamas Created By Israel’s Mossad: This Stranglehold Has Got to Be Broken!
  4. 2,065 Palestinian children have been killed by Netanyahu since September 29, 2000 ~ 2015.

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Finland Braces For End Of NWO Eurozone!

The Nordic state is battening down the hatches for a full-blown currency crisis as tensions in the eurozone mount and has said it will not tolerate further bail-out creep or fiscal union by stealth.

“We have to face openly the possibility of a euro-break up,” said Erkki Tuomioja, the country’s veteran foreign minister, one of six that make up the country’s coalition government.

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Four London Based Cartel Banks In The U.S. Hold A Staggering 95.9% Of The U.S. Counterfeit Money aka; ‘Derivatives’: The $600 Trillion Financial WMDs That Are Set To Explode!

The London Based Banking Cartel (Rothschild), Are Attempting To Hide Their Counterfeit Currency aka; (Derivatives) by A Scheme Called “New World Order”.  They have weekend countries with derivatives, only then to bail them out with more derivatives. In the U.S. Bill Clinton Repealed The Glass Steagall Act Giving The Green Light For Rothschild To Engorge America With Counterfeit aka; Derivative Mortgage Debt causing The Housing Bubble.

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Your Representatives Have Been Corrupted: Nigel Farage Message To The Europeans; “Get Your Money Out While You Can”


As With The War Of 1812, Rothschilds Are Fomenting War To Renew The Federal Reserve Charter Which Is Over This Year 2013 In The United States ~ Rothschild’s Fear Is Of U.S. Power Blowback By The U.S. Citizens! It Is Paramount To Keep The U.S. Citizens Sidetracked & Preoccupied With MSM Propaganda! Oh yes WWI was started for the same reasons, it finally commenced though in 1914 just a couple years over the 100 Year Charter Duration Of 1812-1912. How convenient __eh? And yes, The NWO Banking Cabal Did Try To Complete Their NWO Total Take Over Scheme With Hitler But It Failed. It Did However Allow Rothschilds To Create Israel To Control Since They Were Just Kicked Out Of India By Gandhi Who Was Also Murdered. Just Like Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, & Kennedy. Greed & Corruption Are Rothschild’s Mottos And They Are The ‘Real’ Family Mafia. They Live In The Background Of Deceptition.

In Nigel Farage‘s first TV appearance since the Cypriot wealth tax was announced, the Englishman pulls no punches. In all his years and all his experience of the desperation of the European Union’s leadership “never did [he] think they would resort to stealing money from people’s savings accounts.”

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Government Of Spain Sells Their Soul To Rothschild’s Banking Cabal. Imprison The Bankers ~ Follow Iceland

People Of Italy Fought Back Against Fascist Mussolini And Won!

People Of Italy Fought Back Against Fascist Mussolini And Won!

Spain Government Plunders 90% Of The People’s Social Security Fund To Buy Its Own Debt


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