Ukraine’s Puppet President Poroshenko Reportedly Readies To Flee Underground In Spain

Pro-Eastern Ukrainians recognize the Kiev Western Coup As An Act Against Ukraine’s Constitution, force Western Ukrainian Petro Poroshenko out of Crimea’s parliament building in Simferopol on Feb. 28, 2014

Former Ukrainian MP Vladimir Oleynik stated that pResident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko sent two airplanes full of money and valuable art items to Spain in January.
Poroshenko registered the shipment as a diplomatic cargo, Oleynik wrote on Facebook.

“The Ambassador to Spain is a friend of Petro’s, whom he appointed in 2006. His main diplomatic mission is to look after Poroshenko’s house [in Spain]. Afterwards, he [Poroshenko] will be explaining to everyone that he escaped from Ukraine with his hand luggage only,” Oleynik wrote.

  1. Donbass imposes trade blockade on Ukraine
  2. President Trump: “The People of Crimea Would Rather Be With Russia” & Have Reunified With Russia By Treaty!

Ukrainian media reported that pResident Poroshenko owns a Mediterranean-style two-storeyed 1,254-square-meter villa in Atalaya-Isdabe on the Mediterranean coast. The villa, of course, is not listed as Poroshenko’s property.

In January of this year, Poroshenko’s confectionery corporation Roshen announced plans to shut down its factory in Russia’s Lipetsk.

Noteworthy, Vladimir Oleynik has been living outside Ukraine since 2014 due to criminal proceedings. He is known as a critique of Poroshenko’s regime and intends to run for President of Ukraine.


Obama’s Killing Spree In Ukraine Started In Kiev ~ February 20, 2014.
Since then, it has reached Donbas on the Ukraine Russian Border.

Why Rothschild’s Black Frontman Obama Failed In Ukraine.

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