Charles Manson And Race Baiting Obama Czar Van Jones, Both Took Part in Race Wars:

Putative President Barry Soetoro's Black Rage
Putative President Barry Soetoro’s Black Rage

“We have long seen the close connections between the worldwide environmentalist movement and Marxism. They have long shared the same anti-business, anti-free market, anti-freedom agenda and methods of thuggish intimidation. Like many Marxists, Jones has recognized that the environmentalist movement makes a great vehicle to advance Marxism.”

John Holdren — the guy who wanted to put a sterilizing agent in our water supply and is now in charge of federal science policy — is hardly the only dangerous radical to attain “Czar” status in the Obama regime. NewsBusters reports:

National Socialist Van Jones
National Socialist Van Jones

The administration’s “Green Jobs” czar, Van Jones, has a “very checkered past” deep-rooted in radical politics, including black nationalism, anarchism, and communism. The broadcast network newscasts have mostly failed to report on Mr. Jones’s past political affiliations which are lock-step with the network’s downplay of coverage regarding President Obama’s associations with the former radical and terrorist William Ayers during the election.

Jones is a San Francisco extremist who admits to having been “radicalized in jail.” Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity draws the clear parallel between Jones’ communist and environmentalist advocacy:

I think it’s pretty instructive what his past is… it’s the same sort of philosophy, the idea that government ought to be reordering society in accordance with some utopian vision that failed with communism and socialism, and will fail with this green jobs idea.

Jones views environmental activism as a means to advance the ultra-left’s Orwellian notion of “justice.” He has referred to himself not only as a “communist,” but as a “rowdy black nationalist.”

What kind of “Czars” did you think would be appointed by someone whose worldview was molded by Frank Marshall DavisJeremiah Wright, and Bill Ayers?

Our country is now being run by people who have made a godless religion out of hating everything it stands for. Unsurprisingly, they are destroying it before our eyes.




He’s attempting to install ‘GREEN’ which has been completely discredited in Spain.

Turns out Van Jones, President Obama’s green jobs czar, is going to coordinate a vast radical/communist/black nationalist takeover of our sweet, virginal land of liberty. Most diabolical of all, he’s going to do it by organizing efforts to train and employ low-income people in private sector jobs. Don’t you understand? They’re going to take over from the inside! You know: them.

Admit it, it’s brilliant. Here Beck exposes the cabal of Big Labor, Big Green, Big Business, and Big Commie, orchestrated by the many-tentacled Apollo Alliance:

Can you talk me out of the crazy tree?! No. No, I’m afraid not. You’ve found them. Right in the last place they thought you’d look.

Jones was undercover for a while, collecting degrees from University of Tennessee at Martin and Yale Law. But then he became an advocate. A (shudder) community organizer. We all know what that means, right Sarah?

Recently he tried to throw tireless commie-hunters like Beck off his trail by writing a book—2008’s The Green Collar Economy—that argued for saving the US free-market economy from stagflation by investing in green innovation, infrastructure, and industries, creating millions of jobs in the private sector. But don’t be fooled. It was all in the name of bringing down The Man!

Here he is, talking about destroying capitalism by greening the economy:

Of course, the shadowy Apollo Alliance … are they Soros-funded? Probably! … wants the government to support the evolution of a clean energy economy.

Yeah, you heard right:

They want the government to provide incentives to businesses to invest in green technologies and services. Needless to say, this kind of Stalinistic, top-down central planning leads only to disasters like the internet, the Interstate Highway System, the polio vaccine, and velcro. And, my god, flouridation. Don’t forget flouridation.

  1. The sinister plan was going perfectly well until the radios in Glenn Beck’s teeth told him how much danger we’re in. And thank Reagan they did!
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