Criminals Of Copenhagen Exposed By Climategate: Frantically Trying To Establish One World Government Of Self Appointed Assholes!

68% Americans Say Drill Here Drill Now For Oil!

The Fraudulent Peer Review Alliance Of Scientists (sic) At East Anglia, Penn State And The University Corporation For Atmospheric Research In Boulder, Colorado.

Climategate Intergovernmental Panel Chairman: Runs Out Of Building At Copenhagen – When Questioned About Conflict Of Interest!

Obama Scare-O-Rama – Perpetuating Fraudulent Climate Data: America’s Children Suffering Sleep Disturbances And Nightmares

Climategate Stop Organized Crime: CEI » Policy Peril: Straight Talk About Global Warming Fraud

Obama Organized Crime: Blasted With CEI Law Suit To Block EPA’s Felonious Endangerment Finding

Obama Soros Pilfering America’s Money By Climate Scam: In 1975 Our Government Pushed “The Coming Ice Age.”

Department Of Energy: Jimbo Carter’s Years Of Red Ruby Slippers

Conservatism On The Rise: Obama’s Willful Destruction Of America’s Economy!

Can Grass Roots America Lead Climategate, Obama’s Organized Crime, And Neo-Socialists ‘Out of the Valley of Evil?’

A Second Climategate Emerges: Organized Crime in Charge of EU Carbon Trade, Europol Says

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