Nancy ‘Nazi’ Pelosi Skating On Thin Ice: Want To See Her $156,225,000.00 Reasons In 2007 For Bilking The United States Economy To Meet Her Greed?


If you want to study Nanny P, she was a drunk floozy on the eastern seaboard before she was accepted by the west coast after her french divorce. Is she dumb? It doesn’t appear so if speaking of money, she knows how to play innocence in the pump/dump scheme of investments. One quick question for yourself – where’s the charity, does it come from her or does it come from the appearance of socialism (Government money on the backs of our children – can you say another PONZI scheme?) – at the cost of American Production? [THIS IS WHY PELOSI WANTED MORE ILLEGALS FROM MEXICO TO PUMP THE UNEMPLOYMENT FIGURES] – I bet Dick Durbin and Charles Schumer know!

They all play into the ID – The Lowest Common Denominator Of Pleasure – Keep idiots pacified and they walk off with the currency :O)

George Soros was convicted of Fraud In France And He Is Financing Obama for this New World Bullshit of expoilting

people for revenue.

See You In Dubai – Fastest Growing Las Vegas In The World For The Elite


When all our brothers and sisters wake up to the fact that the dark democrats are social usurpers, playing on human emotions of love and caring, they will put a stop to the absconding of their labor for bourgeoisie prosperity.


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